Outfits on the Daily 4/8/16

It's time for another Friday Outfit and Fitness Recap! I'm also linking up for Friday Favorites with Erika so I'm also highlighting a couple of favorite pieces/items on repeat this week!

Outfit Recap

Sweater: LOFT / Jeans: Express / Necklace: F21 / Shoes: Sole Society (Similar Color) / Bag: Amazon (Pink Sold Out, Similar) / Watch: Fossil / Bracelets: Express / Ring: Stella & Dot (Gift)

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Top: Express / Jeans: Express (Similar) / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Bag: Amazon / Sandals: Sam Edelman / Bracelets: Express / Ring: Stella Dot (Gift) / Watch: Fossil

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Tee: Express / Jeans: Express / Necklace: CCO (Gift, Sold Out, Similar) / Bag: Amazon (Sold Out, Similar) / Sandals: Nordstrom / Ring: Rebecca Minkoff (Gift) / Bracelets: Express / Watch: c/o Fossil

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Top: Express / Jeans: ExpressShoes: Sam Edelman / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Bag: Amazon
Ring: Rebecca Minkoff (Gift) / Bracelets: Express

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Front View
Individual front-view outfits available here

Favorites this Week:

You might have noticed from the outfits above that there were two items I repeated in three of my outfits this week.

1. Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals

I put my entire collection of these sandals on display this week, but they really are my favorite sandals for spring and summer. Very comfortable (nice, padded footbeds), easy to get on and off, and so many great color options from very neutral to very bright. The glitter pair is my most recent purchase, but there's an excellent chance I'll add one or two more colors of these to my closet before the summer is over. The Pop Fucshia and Bright White are both calling my name!

Sandals: Nordstrom

2. Stretch Bracelet Sets

I also wore this beaded bracelet set in three of my outfits this week:
Bracelets: Express

My wrists are on the small side and it can be hard to find bracelets that are fitted. Also, for convenience I prefer bracelets that just slide on like this and don't require any kind of hook or clasp. This set is a winner on both counts. Plus, the multi-colors make it match with just about every outfit. One note: this does come as a set of four and I only wear it as a set of three. The brown band with gold studs is not stretchy and not fitted. It's adjustable but it was too much effort to make it fit so I just don't use it.

I only wore this set once this past week but another bracelet set I'm loving for the same reasons as the first one is this one:
Bracelets: Express

It's fitted even for small wrists and the neutral color scheme works well with a lot of my watches.

Favorite Jeans 40% Off:

If you happened to miss the Easter weekend 40% off sale, you have a second chance to get jeans for the same price right now!

Here's a quick look at a few of my favorites in this category, and for a more detailed breakdown of the differences in fit and sizing for several of the types of jeans at Express (e.g. Jean Leggings vs. Supersoft vs. Performance Stretch) be sure to check out this post.

Current Favorite Blue Jeans: 

On the Model (Or click through to shop the same jeans):

Black/White/Grey Jeans: 

On the Model (Or click through to shop the same jeans):

Also, for reference I'm 5'4" and prefer the Short length in all of my jeans.

Fitness Recap

Here's a look at my workouts I did this week:

Dance Class, Local Studio

Dance Class, Local Studio

Legs: Amy Bento Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

Cardio: Cathe Intensity (Step Premix, 36 minutes)
Abs: Amy Bento Drop Set Strength (Core Chapter) | More reviews here

Chest, Biceps, Triceps: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

Stretch: Advanced Lastics

Back, Shoulders: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

Some of you asked for more reviews on my DVD workouts and when I purchase something new (as I did this week), I will share a review here. Advanced Lastics is my first non-yoga stretching workout purchase (ever!) and I'm pleased with it so far. I'd give it 4 stars out of 5. My critiques are as follows:

  • The full workout is one hour, 17 minutes. I'd prefer 45-minutes to an hour. It does have a chapter menu so you can focus on certain body parts and create your own workout, but...
  • When I hit "Menu" it doesn't take me back to the Chapter Menu. I have to watch the Copyright/Safety Warning every.single.time I want to view to the Chapter Menu.
  • The instructor doesn't mirror me with her directions.

Aside from those things, the stretching is thorough and advanced, which is exactly what I wanted.

Shop the Workouts:

Other Reviews: 
For more detailed workout reviews, here are a couple of great resources that I often use before making a purchase:

1. Collage Video
2. Video Fitness Forum (A message board community for home workout enthusiasts)

* * *
Next week I'm supposed to head out on a Spring Break trip with my family but unfortunately we are considering canceling/postponing our plans due to weather. (Going to a water park in a thunderstorm doesn't sound that fun to us!) But regardless of whether we make it or not, I do have some content ready to go for next week so I hope you'll stop in and check it out!

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  1. I got my glitter SE sandals yesterday too and I don't need any more sandals for summer but I am itching for all the other colors. The white and the patent black, they are all so cute. Love your outfits this week.


  2. I love the outfit with the striped sweater and those bracelets are so cute! That stretching workout sounds great! Hope the weather forecast changes for the better and you are able to go on your spring break trip!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I really love those Express bracelets. I never look at their jewelry, but now I'll have to stop by. I go for the slip on kind too and I'm loving all of these stretchy bracelets that don't look it that are out right now. Easy navigation of a fitness DVDs chapters is a huge part of the deal and it always surprises me that more producers don't understand that. I had one that made you watch a 5 minute introduction every single time without being able to skip. I could fast forward, but who has time for that?

  4. Cute outfits! I especially love the pink and yellow :) I wish that I could wear that style of sandal..but I have super long toes so anything open like that looks so stupid on my feet haha! I prefer to have them covered up. I'm so sorry about your vacation and hope you can still have fun having a staycation!

  5. love all these outfits girl! you put everything together so nicely and those stretchy bracelets are the best!

  6. Love outfits 1 and 3! And the stretch bracelets are great because I also have small wrists! I may look into those even though I have some in my collection from a long time ago. I hope you are able to make your trip! Either way, I hope you do something fun in its place ;)

  7. Oh, and just read your comment on my blog! I do have fine hair. But, I have a ton of it! Just the actual texture is very fine and it gets weighed down easily by products. I always considered my hair thick too, until stylists told me I just have a lot of it!

  8. I'm so glad the Gigi sandals continue to be our favorite! Sandals like these don't normally look good on my feet but these really are great in every way- looks, comfort, fit! And I haven't shopped at Loft in awhile! I need to take a look!! Your stripes are so good!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  9. This was super helpful. I feel like I'm always on the hunt for the perfect tshirt!! xx-S

  10. Those sandals are SO cute! I have a couple things I want from express but I'm waiting for the memorial day sale right now!

  11. You have the best handbags! Love every look and I always forget about checking out the jewelry at Express, I'll def pick up those bracelets, thanks or the reminder. Have a great weekend, even if it is raining (which I'm actually looking forward to :)


  12. Outfit #2 is my absolute FAVE. Ok, I just pinned those sandals... I love anything gold and they DO look comfortable... plus, I usually buy most of my shoes from Nordstrom. I may have to splurge and get these!


  13. Gina, you have one of the loveliest collections of bags I've seen!! Blush. Neon Yellow. You're my new bag wonderwoman :)

    So my link-up is currently live, and I really hope you'll come over, Gina. And show some of those amazing bags of yours :) I really hope to see you there xoxo


  14. Your style so simple but chic!


  15. I love the bold color combo with the pink and yellow. That bracelet set from express is super cute too. xo~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  16. love your cute handbags with your outfits! very darling!


  17. Love the navy and white stripe top! So cute!

  18. i know i'm late but it looks like you went on your vacation so i'm glad it wasn't cancelled! i love the loft sweater so much and i want to buy it but it looks like it would be way too short on me. stupid loft. i always have to buy tall in their tops, and sometimes they hate tall people and don't offer tall tops at all, can you believe that? ridiculous. rude. anyway. i really love those sandals as well, gonna buy a pair when april is over, maybe haha. and omg the supersoft jeans are legit my favourite jeans ever. i wish they came in plain black, i don't like the distressing on the ones they have online. the faded blue ones are cute though... anyway!


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