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Today two of my blogging friends Gretchen and Kristen are kicking off a new monthly linkup series so I wanted to support their launch with a post to their theme of "What's New With You." It's all about what's going on in your life, what new things you're up to, what you're loving...all that fun stuff that bloggers like to blog about!

What's New With You

I covered a lot of this ground last last week, but I thought of just a few more things to share today:

2016 Goal Review:
I can't speak for other bloggers, but I find that anytime I post a goal or resolution here on the blog my accountability goes way up and I'm a lot more likely to keep it up! I shared just a few simple goals for 2016 in this post, and I have a few I'm carrying over from 2015 so I thought I would give a progress report today.

2016 Goals:

1. Cut Soda to Once a Week. This one is going really well. I think I drank a soda 3 times total in January. It's almost easier to just stop it completely because once I have it one day I want it the next. But if I go a week without it I don't really miss it. It's weird.

2. Family Time. I made a plan to have dedicated family time (disconnected from screens but doing some activity together like a board game or hike) at least once per week. We did this every weekend in January except for one, so even though it's not 100% it's still an improvement over 2015 and on the way to becoming a habit.

3. Read Four Books this Year. I'm planning to do this in the summer when there's no homework and hopefully less after school activities for the kids, so no progress thus far.

Rollover Goals:

1. Photo Books. Every year I make a photo album for our family with the highlights of the year.  I used to wait until all the pictures were taken and make the book for the previous year at the start of the new year. That was totally overwhelming and it was getting to a point where I was nine months into the new year before I had the book done because I dreaded doing it so much! 2015 was the first year on my new system, which involves going through/uploading the pictures at the end of each month and placing them in the photo book, so that by the end of the year I add December like I would any other month and then I'm done with the book! This method is SO much better and far less overwhelming as long as I stay on top of it. I have to continue to make it a goal to finish the previous month before the first weekend of the new month or I start to feel behind and overwhelmed. I'm happy to say that last weekend I completed my 2015 album as well as my January 2016 pictures so I'm off to a good start.

2. Splits Training. Yeah, this again. This goal has turned out to be so much harder than I thought! I was pretty close to being able to do the splits when I first posted about it (in October), but improving flexibility is an INCREDIBLY slow and uncomfortable process! I'm still very close but not where I want to be. For the past few months I've added a couple of extended stretching sessions to my schedule each week. While it's helped a little, after this much time I can see that it's not going to be enough to get me there. So I've modified my training plan a little for February and I'll share more about it when I update again in March, hopefully with some progress news.

New February 2016 Goal:

1. De-clutter my shoes. Cleaning out my whole closet/house etc. at once is overwhelming so I've decided to work on just smaller areas each month. I was inspired by Gretchen's goal to de-clutter ten items each month. It just seems more reasonable and finite than the de-cluttering everything at once à la The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I sort of attempted last summer. I'm not aiming to get rid of a certain number of shoes, but I know I can streamline that area of my closet if I just spend a good 30 minutes there.

New Bargain Beauty Favorites: BH Cosmetics
It figures that after I share a post of beauty favorites (here) saying that I don't like to experiment with new products much...I start experimenting with some new products. Woops. I first found BH Cosmetics in the summer when I was in a few productions with my dance class and had to get the hang of applying false eyelashes. I found their False Eyelash Applicator through some web searching and it was a winner for me:

Fast forward a few months later, and Tracy Hensel was raving about their Glamorous Blush Palette on Snapchat. I really didn't need any new blush at all, but I justified it as a birthday gift to myself. And it's only $10 for ten shades!

I'm really happy with this palette. The color selection is great and the quality is pretty amazing for $10! I've previously been purchasing MAC blushes at $22 a pop, and these are effectively $1 a piece, so I'm thinking this will save me money in the long run.

Last but not least, when I purchased the blush palette they had a coupon code where I could spend a few bucks more and get free shipping, so I added a couple of lip liners to my shopping cart since they were basically free:

I think these are my favorite purchase from BH Cosmetics so far! I cannot believe how creamy and smooth they are to apply and yet incredibly long-lasting. I found this YouTube Review helpful for showing color swatches. I do wish they were automatic pencils, but for the price and quality I think I can deal with sharpening them. Rachelle has also been loving their lipstick (see it on her here) so I may have to try that next.

Right now there's free shipping on orders of $25 with the code CHIC. I placed an order for a few more lip liner colors and their Lengthening Mascara. It's $5.50 and has amazing reviews so I can't wait to try it!

* * *

Thanks for stopping by today! I'll be back tomorrow with my usual outfits and fitness recap plus some recent Express shopping notes so I hope you'll be back to check it out. And if you're a blogger head on over to Gretchen or Kristen's page to link up a "new" post or just about anything that's new with you!

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  1. such a fun read, I do hope you share your new split training because I so failed. Also I now have to try these liners, when they get my lipsticks back in stock I'll make one big order.


  2. Love your goals and that you are still working on the splits. I've never been able to do one, even in my cheerleader days!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  3. I loved reading this and getting updated on what's going on with you! Your idea to manage the photo book is genius! I'm going to start doing that! I was a Diet Pepsi addict and went cold turkey almost two years ago and switched to tea. Now I don't miss it. Keep up the work on the splits training! You'll get there!

    Doused In Pink

  4. This was such a fun post and I enjoyed reading it. I cut soda too and I am feeling better. I now drink lime flavored sparkling water in the afternoon. You've reminded me about the photo album. I need to get on 2015 Volume II. It's hard. Time does fly by. I've always wanted to try false eyelashes. The contraption does look cool.

  5. I need to cut soda out completely. Its a goal! I never ever used to drink it so im not sure why i do now!

  6. Love this post so much... So many good ideas! I'm way behind on my photo books & I think breaking it down will help. Also like the mini decluttering! Finally, I want to try the blush palette...I see it on Tracy's snapchat too and it looks so pigmented & pretty!

  7. thanks for linking up with us lovely :) you are the best.

    i agree about soda. i mean, we talked about this, but for sure.. i have zero sense of moderation. plus, i would drink a 42 oz soda as my 'once a week' and really, no one should ever need a 42 oz cup of soda. the more i drink it, the more i want it.

    i really like the idea of 10 things a month. i have so much stuff i want to get rid of, everyone was all 'i went on a decluttering rampage after reading that book' and i didn't, because it was too overwhelming. 10 things a month is totally do-able.

    oooh i need that false lashes thingy, but it's out of stock. i pinned it, hopefully i remember to get it down the line because i have never successfully applied falsies on my own. and i hope you'll update on that mascara, $5 is amazing so if you like it i will get it haha.

  8. Good luck on your shoe de-cluttering goal! I'm always terrified to get rid of a perfectly good pair of shoes. What if I need them for something random in the future??

  9. I love your photo book idea. I tried to do the same thing in 2014 and failed so hard! I just got so behind and it was totally overwhelming. I think I had too many moving parts in mine - I did the book manually, so I had to send off the photos to be printed and then stick them in myself. Sounds ridiculous but apparently even that was too much! So this year I'm using an instant polaroid type camera and taking one shot a week and sticking it in a pretty diary. So far so good!

  10. Thank you so much for all the support with this Gina! You are seriously the best. Love all of your picks, and your goals are great! I know you can do it and I'll keep you accountable. Step away from the pop!

  11. Good for you on your goals! I go back and forth with soda. I go for a long time without and then go back. I'm currently back on the stuff. And I love makeup reviews. I am not a makeup person and hate spending if it isn't worth it.

  12. Great goals, lady! I’ve been trying to drink less soda this month too and am loving how little I do now!

  13. I've heard a few people talk about photo books lately. Sounds like a great idea that I should tackle myself.


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