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At first glance an Astrology Style post doesn't seem particularly relevant to the holiday season. But after looking through the outfits of some famous Capricorn ladies, I decided I could do a little Holiday/Astrology fashion fusion. We are just kicking off Capricorn season ( December 22 - January 20), and in my "research" for this post I was surprised to find out that a couple of my recent outfits are quite similar to a rather famous and fashionable Capricorn, Kate Middleton.

Exhibit A:
Blazer: H&M (Current Version) / Cami: Express / Jeans: Nordstrom / Booties: Express (Similar) / Bag: Amazon / Ring: Kendra Scott (c/o) / Necklace: Kendra Scott (c/o)

Exhibit B:
Sweater: Target / Jeans: Express / Boots: Target (Similar) / Long Necklace: Express / Short Necklace: Kendra Scott (c/o) / Ring: Express / Bag: Stella & Dot (Similar)

Side-by-Side with the Duchess of Cambridge:

For every sign of the Zodiac, I look for a signature item, color, or style that women of that sign seem to favor. For Capricorn women like Kate, they are all about a structured blazer:

Kate Middleton (January 9, 1982) favors a navy blue blazer:

Kate Moss (January 16, 1974) prefers black, particularly the tuxedo style in three of these looks:

Michelle Obama (January 17, 1964) sports blazers in every color of the rainbow:

I promised some holiday style inspiration in this post too, so I also found a few bold and sparkly looks from these three Capricorns that look very New-Year's-Eve-worthy to me:

Now, no offense to either of the Kates here (and I swear I'm not biased based on Nationality), but I think if I were hosting a New Year's Eve party, Michelle would be my guest of choice. Based on her past dance performances, she seems like she'll be the first one out on the dance floor getting everyone else up and going, and every party needs someone like that:

Thanks for reading and learning about Capricorn style with me today! And just in case you missed the last post about your sign, you can check out the last post about it here!

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  1. Either time you can relate to The Dutchess is a good thing to me! Such a fun post and the First Lady has some moves!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Oh I totally agree that Michele would be my party guest of choice. I love her. And then she could show me her arm workout. She always knows how to rock a sheath dress. You did capture some of Kate M's looks though. I love her.

  3. Kate Moss and Kate Middleton - can I be a capricorn?! Seems like the style maven month. I love the similar outfits you wore. I think it is fun to see what Michelle Obama wears. These are all high profile ladies!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Kate is just so beautiful and stylish, but I agree that Michelle is the best! I may not be the hugest fan of her husband, but that woman is amazing! That's how you do first lady style right!

  5. Love all their timeless styles - Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!


  6. You and Kate are twins! You nailed her style without probably even trying! You can never go wrong with a classic blazer or cozy sweater. They are closet essentials!

  7. Michelle Obama does really have great style! All three do, but she was the most unsuspecting to me and I got a little giddy picturing her suits organized in her closet by color. How pretty would that be??!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  8. Michelle definitely looks pretty cool, but Kate is my favourite... gahhh if i could just be her, that would be fabulous.

  9. Love all of the Capricorn style! Michelle would definitely be a fun party guest!

    Doused In Pink

  10. Great post dear!
    so inspyring.
    Merry Christmas,

  11. I had no idea that Kate was almost exactly 2 years younger than me! (My b-day is January 12th). This makes me stupidly happy to know we're the same sign because I'm pretty sure she's my style icon.

  12. This is a fun post!! As a Capricorn I especially appreciate it haha :)


  13. Most definitely Michelle Obama would be my favored party guest of the three as well. She is so fantastic.

    I hadn't realized Kate Middleton was a Capricorn. I often think of her style as conservative, yet not fussy. Goldschneider in The Secret Language of Birthdays says the buzzword for Capricorn is "masterful." Totally evident in this style post. Fantastic!

  14. These looks are fab. I love their classic style. I agreed, Michele seems like a fun person to hang out with. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Gina!

  15. Love this post! I love their style & Yours too Gina.
    Hope you had a wonderful time.
    Merry Xmas.
    Xo, Raysa


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