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Surprise! It's a Wednesday post. I enjoyed linking up with What's Up Wednesday last month (see it here) and sharing a few things beyond just outfits and you didn't seem to mind either, so I decided to do it again this month. I answered several of the questions from the prompts below so read on to see what's been going on in October.

What I'm eating this week:
I have been snacking on flavored Blue Diamond Almonds lately. I tried the Caramel ones and didn't care for them much, but the Wasabi & Soy Sauce and Salt 'n Vinegar flavors are winners for me. And the label isn't kidding about "Intense Taste." But that's what I like about them!
Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds

What I'm reminiscing about:
My recent experience chaperoning a school field trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I like animals well enough, but I wouldn't necessarily consider myself an "animal lover" the way some people are. But we had so many great up close views of so many animals I couldn't help but get into it. I may have gone over my daily Snapchat quota with pictures like this:
Giraffes at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

What I'm loving:
Back in August, Erin told me she was loving the new Tunic Tees from the Express One Eleven Collection. She also said they were just like the London Sweaters that we both loved last year, so I told her I would try them when the weather cooled down here. Now that it's under 90° most days, I finally gave them a chance and now I'm loving them too!

I also swear Express was spying on our text conversations because they are now starting to call this Tunic Tee the London Tee. The stock photos and reviews are the same for these two items, but they have it listed under two different names for the time being:
One Eleven Tunic Tee vs. London Tee

They also keep releasing tempting new colors and prints for this tee! Luckily it's under $20 so I don't feel too guilty collecting a few here and there.

What I'm excited about:
Weather under 90°!

What I'm working on:
Training myself to do the splits. Maybe that sounds like a crazy goal, but since two of my main hobbies (dance and martial arts) have a strong emphasis on flexibility, I'd like to improve mine. I am pretty flexible thanks to my daily stretch routine, but it's only enough for maintenance. I've been at the same level of flexibility forever and I feel like it's time to push myself to the next level. I spent some time this month reading articles about how train for the splits and this one was the most helpful and relevant to me. It's a long article but I've been incorporating some of the techniques for about a week and a half and have seen big improvements already. It's not easy at all, but it's working!

What I'm watching/reading:
Watching: Dancing with the Stars. I need to watch this week's episode, but other than that, this is the only show I'm keeping up with at all.  Reading: The Heist, by Janet Evanovich. I loved the Stephanie Plum Series so I decided to check this one out as well. It's entertaining so far (30% completed) and has the same pace as a Stephanie Plum book.

What I'm wearing:
I share my outfits (almost) daily on Instagram and recap them in my Friday blog posts, so I think my regulars already know what I'm wearing! That said, I always find it fascinating to see which outfits get "liked" more than others (it's rarely what I expect!), so I thought I'd share my top four "Most Liked" outfits on Instagram for October:

Sweater: Express / Cami: Express / Necklace: Express / Jeans: Express / Booties: Express / Bag: Express / Ring: Target / Nails: Chanel "Taboo" (gift from Rachelle)

Jacket: ExpressNecklace: ExpressTank: Old Navy / Jeans: Nordstrom / Shoes: Sole Society (Similar) / Ring: Kendra Scott (c/o) Bag: Amazon

Jacket: Express / Top: Express (Similar Print of same top) / Short Necklace: Kendra Scott (c/o) / Long Necklace: Express / Jeans: Express / Ring: Target / Bag: Aldo (Similar) / Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar)

Jacket: Express / Necklace: Express / Tank: Target / Skirt: Express (Similar) / Tights: Target / Booties: Target (Similar) / Bag: Amazon

The Top Four Front View:

What I'm doing this weekend:
This weekend is going to be crazy busy but in the best way. My parents are coming in town for a visit. Then there will be two Halloween parties to help out with at school, an adult Halloween party with friends, and a neighborhood Halloween party for kids. Add some baseball practices and games for the kids, a Black Belt test for my 8 year-old, some fitness classes for me and that should explain why I don't post on Mondays anymore! No time for blogging on the weekend!

What I'm dreading:
Exhaustion. As much as I'm excited for each of the individual events coming up, I definitely get exhausted when they are all lumped together in a short period of time like this!

Bonus Question: Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe?
I love to make homemade rolls for Thanksgiving. This recipe is an easy favorite. I typically make the dough and let it rise in my bread machine, then roll and shape the rolls before baking in the oven.

* * *

Thanks for stopping by for an extra post today and if all goes as planned I'll still be posting on Friday with my weekly outfit and fitness recap so I'll see you then!

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  1. OMG you are in my head, after trying aerial yoga and seeing how easy the instructor did a split I started practicing, totally checking out this article. This tee just like the london sweater for some reason just doesn't work for me, I blame my arms :/ Love all your jeans :)


  2. I just want all your closet, especially your tops!! I swear You have the best tops collection ever.
    Xox, Raysa

  3. I was never able to do the splits! That London tee looks so soft and comfy! Enjoy the fun weekend coming up!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Not going to lie, I feel like it's Christmas when we get an extra post from you! I think you are right that I tried the London sweater and didn't like the fit on me. Hmmph. But the tees really look good on you! And I think I'm the only one on the planet that does nothing for Halloween, perhaps because we don't have kids? I dunno! Have fun! I too am exhausted and looking forward to sleep maybe the weekend of Nov 7th! Haha
    Carylee | More Pieces of Me

  5. I love this idea for a blog post! I also am equally as obsessed with those almonds. Have you have the coconut ones, they are ridiculous!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  6. Ohh what a fun linkup! I've never heard of it but I'm definitely in for the next one :) I like the questions even better than the "currently" surveys! And I loved your safari snaps!

  7. Fun post! I'm starting to think that I need to switch up my posting schedule and content too sometimes to keep thing exciting!

    I'll be in SD this Saturday for an adult party (obviously, my best friends down there don't have kids either) so I'm excited too! But also dreading exhaustion, which I feel as I type this. That's awesome that you are working on fitness goals. I think you looked very limber at the show ;) Have you tried Pilates? I am asking Nate for a few sessions at a local studio for Christmas, so that's my goal right now. One of them anyway!

  8. Gina - sounds like a fun, busy week/weekend. I love that purple jacket. I am impressed about the splits - I haven't attempted those since my cheerleading days - probably shouldn't admit that - ha!

    Daily Style Finds

  9. Seriously love all of your fall outfits!! I wish I could wear jeans to work :)

    Chow Down USA

  10. I am so inflexible and I think doing Crossfit makes me less flexible and I need to do more stretching. BTW, you and Carylee got me convinced that I needed the knit moto jacket and I bought it. Thanks for the motivation, I love the jacket!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  11. Good for you working on those splits! I have never been flexible. It's nice to have a fitness type goal though. I am working on running at least 5 days a week and slowly increasing my distance. At least it's something. I love all types of nuts and can't believe I haven't bought the Blue Diamond flavored ones. Well, I can because I've seen them at the store and know that I would eat the entire can in one night. And love all of the wine color in your outfits lately. I am obessed with this color this fall.

  12. The zoo safari park seems so fun! I would be taking 100s of pictures, too!!

  13. oooooooh those tees are under $20? love them!! i love love love love love the length of the sleeves. i am not allowed to buy anything more this month (i might have just bought $80 shoes that i wasn't supposed to get but they were on sale!) so november 1st, i'm on it! or should i wait for black friday?
    good luck on the splits girl! i have done the splits once in my entire life. i was playing netball, the ball went down the hill (happened quite often, someone would throw it and because it's outside, it just kept going if no one caught it) so i went to get it, but it had been raining and i slipped, right into the perfect splits. i was so shocked. haha. i was like 13. haven't been able to do them since ;)
    i think i am on book 11 of the stephanie plum series - i read a few of them a couple years ago, but wanted to read them in order this time around. i get burned out easily on her books though, so i like to spread them out.

    1. LOL at your splits story! That's one of the things the article says is that the reason we can't do splits is fear! i.e. obviously you are able to do them, you've just tricked your body into thinking you can't or whatever!

      Also, the t-shirts are part of the One Eleven Collection at Express. Ever since its release, they have excluded that collection from ALL sales and promotions, and you can't even use coupons on them. I have yet to see them make any exceptions so I'm pretty sure they won't on Black Friday. They consider it low priced enough (even though they have released some stuff that I don't think is priced all that low....boo). So I'd say try it and go for it when the budget permits. It really is just like a t-shirt version of the London sweater, and I know that one worked for you, so this probably will too!

  14. Hi doll!
    I'm obsessed with almonds, so these salt 'n vinegar jams sound yummy! :)

    Happy Thursday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. First time visiting...LOVE your outfits and I LOVE that ring...I cannot believe those jeans are from Express...They look great on you! So much fun Fall inspiration.

  16. Enjoy your weekend with your parents in town! Sounds like it'll be a busy weekend. Good luck mastering the split! Trish - tales from trish

  17. The only thing I'm looking forward to splitting is from work tomorrow! Exhaustion is my middle name girl! I love stripped tees but can't seem to find one that doesn't hang on me funny. They are always too saggy/baggy for my taste. You just gave me some inspo with one of your looks the grid cami with the olive jacket. Thanks girl! Hope you enjoy your time with your parent's this weekend, that is always a good time!


  18. I love reading these! I've been to the San Diego Zoo and it's awesome but so much walking! I didn't know you were into dancing and martial arts! What kind of martial arts are you into? I did Tae Kwon Do in college and I loved it!


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