Outfits on the Daily: 10/16/15

TGIF! Just business as usual today with an outfit recap, fitness recap and a recent trend recap for a complete week-in-review.

Outfit Recap:

Top: Express / Necklace: ExpressJeans: Express / Shoes: Forever 21 (Similar) / Bag: Tory Burch (Similar) / Ring: Kendra Scott

Sweater: Express / Cami: Express / Jeans: ExpressNecklace: Kendra Scott / Sandals: Amazon

Sweater: ExpressTop: Express / Necklace: ExpressPants: Express (Similar) / Shoes: Target / Bag: Stella & Dot (Similar)

Tee: Target / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Shorts: Old Navy (Similar) / Sandals: Amazon / Watch: Fossil (Similar) / Bracelet: Sage K & Co (Exact sold out) / Bag: Amazon

Front View:

Workout Recap:
Here are the workouts I did this week (plus the one I'm schedule to do today):

Saturday: Cardio Kickboxing class (Local studio, one hour)
Sunday: Dance classes (Local studio, 2 hours)
Monday: Amy Bento Ross Drop Set Strength: Legs (2 rounds)
Tuesday: Cathe Friedrich Kick, Punch & Crunch: Cardio Conditioning Premix + Core Work
Wednesday: Amy Bento Ross:  Drop Set Strength: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (Custom Mix Selected from Chapter Menu)
Thursday: Eoin Finn Power Yoga For Happiness: Magically Hips Premix
Friday: Amy Bento Ross:  Drop Set Strength: Back & Biceps (Custom Mix Selected from Chapter Menu)

This week I based my weights around Amy Bento's Drop Set Strength DVD. This one would be great for someone who is an intermediate or advanced exerciser and wants to try working out at home because it doesn't require as much equipment as some of my other Cathe DVDs. But still has me feeling it the next day!

The Yoga DVD I did this week is my all time favorite: Eoin Finn's Power Yoga for Happiness. It has several different workout options depending on how much time you have that day, and the Magically Hips Mix on this is also my favorite mix. If you run or sit a lot or do any kind of activity that creates tightness in your glutes, hip flexors or IT Bands, this will stretch them like you've never felt before! Sometimes I pause the DVD and hold the stretch a little longer because it just feels so good!

What's Snappening:
I love observing trends, and my favorite way to do that lately is via Snapchat. So here are a few of things I've seen happening repeatedly on Snapchat recently. (a.k.a. snappening!)

Cold Season:
Chances are, you or someone you know (or follow on Snapchat!) has a cold right now. I'm boosting up my Vitamin C intake to avoid this trend!

Free Target Bags:
If not for Snapchat, I never would have known that as a Red Card holder I was entitled to a free, re-usable, (cute) red plaid shopping tote at Target if not for seeing a few people share theirs on Snapchat!
Red Plaid Target Shopping Tote for Red Card Holders

To be honest I have no idea why they are running this promotion or how long it lasts (probably while supplies last?), but I made sure to pick mine up at the Guest Services counter last time I was there. Who doesn't want a free bag? I also debated ironing my bag to make it look nicer for the picture...but since I can hardly bring myself to iron clothes that did not happen.

* * *

That's all for today! This seems like such a short post compared to last week's sale favorites! A couple of the items I purchased during the sale made it to my outfits this week (specifically the grey cardigan and distressed jeans), but I think I'll be returning the second pair of jeans I bought since they just don't seem different enough from what I already own to justify keeping them. Have a great weekend and see you back here on Tuesday for another Four Ways to Wear post!

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  1. Adding this yoga dvd to my list because I am so sore lately, but I have Cathe's yogamax and will do that for now. I may be trying aerial yoga this weekend if Charnele doesn't bail lol. As usual all very cute outfit.


  2. I didn't know Target was giving away those bags! I'll have to get one this weekend! I'm also going to have to get that yoga dvd. It sounds like a great at home workout!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Yay for avoiding the cold. My husband got it bad and I starting popping the extra vitamin C and Zicam and so far, my crossed fingers are working. I was kind of excited to see one of my favorite workouts on your list this week--Cathe's Kick Punch Crunch. I am enjoying seeing these exercise posts and it's making me want to buy more and heavier dumbbells. Have a great weekend.

    1. Yes!! Kick Punch Crunch is my favorite Cathe kickboxing DVD...maybe my all time favorite kickboxing DVD but I'm not ready to make that official yet. The abs section is also my favorite. Short and sweet but so intense. I have been working out at home for over 10 years now so I've kind of forgotten how expensive the initial investment is with all the weights etc., but it's been well worth it to me. I don't think you'd regret getting more dumbbells!

  4. i want a free target bag!
    So that Amy workout, what weights do you use with it? the yoga sounds interesting, but, um. it's $80. lol. i don't know how i feel about that.
    love all your outfits as usual :) have a good weekend!

    1. Yeah....$80 is a lot and I'm not sure why it's so expensive! I definitely did not pay that much for it but I might have found it used somewhere. I wouldn't want to pay more than $30 for it. As for the weights I use in the Amy DVD, I had to refer to my notes. :) I used 8s/10s/12s/15s/20s for that workout. So maybe I should rephrase "not a lot of equipment" because I wasn't taking the dumbbells into consideration. However I do think you could get by with 8s/10s and 12s or 15s depending on what you're used to lifting.

  5. I think I'm following the wrong people on Snapchat because I had no clue about the Target bag! I'll have to check that out..I'm always up for a Target trip! Great outfits this week as always, have a great weekend!

  6. i love the first and third outfit... absolutely fabulous!!!
    visit my new post darling:)
    a big kiss

  7. i love first and third look darling... u look amazing!
    visit my new post:)
    a big kiss

  8. Love all your outfits per usual!!! Happy weekend beautiful ❤️

  9. I'll have to check out that gray cardigan (but I really don't need any more sweaters. I still have a few with tags still attached!). I am so impressed with your daily dedication to exercise. I wish I could be more motivated. Don't you ever take a day off to rest? ;-)

    1. Ha, ha! I just like to be active! I don't feel great when I don't move my body during the day, and I also feel I make worse food choices when I feel lazy in general. When I travel I take those as rest days or of course when I'm sick I don't work out. Also, my dance classes are not a very intense workout. We do a lot of technique training so it's not like I'm actually dancing for 2 hours. My heart rate is probably only elevated for a total of 12 minutes of each class period!

  10. I love the first outfit you posted so much! I haven't bought a portofino in over a year I think, but the olive is really nice. They are always so tempting! See you tonight :)

  11. That 1st look has "me" written alllll over it! And I know this may sound cheesy, but you seriously inspire me to re-work my wardrobe. I just made a huge move to a new town, and I really want it to be like a fresh start. Though Im not quite sure what my hubby would think of a wardrobe dump and shopping spree! ;)

    1. Well thank you! I'm very flattered that I've given you some motivation! A new town is definitely a good time for a fresh start. Especially when it comes with a new climate it's practically a necessity. If you're interested I wrote this post not long ago about how I built my wardrobe during a transition period in my life!

  12. I am still cracking up at the fact that you can hardly bring yourself to iron clothes let alone the bag! I so feel you on that, I despise ironing. That bag is super cute though! Far as your looks for the week, I'm always partial to the olive!


  13. You're tempting me with the Stella dupe jeans! I wore the Stellas today and it made me feel like I need another pair! And yes- stay healthy! Luckily my cold only last 4 days or so, but it was still not pretty! Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  14. Gorgeous outfits! My favorite is the first one, I love its colors so much! Thank you for the workout tips!
    Have a great weekend!

    xo, Esther


  15. Such a fun outfit recap. I love the olive and leopard combo. Your exercise routine makes me tired! I have a special request, will you share a dancing post?! I loved your snaps this weekend and want to know/see more since its a big pet of you!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. I do love to dance for fun. But I don't think it's something I would do a blog post about (I don't have much else to say about it!). But I am trying to find a way to put something on Snapchat. I obviously can't film myself though and I just haven't had an opportunity to give my phone to someone else to record during class. (No phones are allowed during actual performances.) But I'll keep trying so stay tuned.

  16. Your workout schedule is impressive!! I'm lucky if I get on the elliptical twice a week, lol. I really love that grey cardigan too and haha, I wanted to iron out my Target bag too, but know that won't actually happen ;-) Hope you enjoyed your weekend Gina :)


  17. I am probably the only person that does not have a Target card, I have just been too lazy to sign up. Hope you had a great weekend!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  18. I'm just loving that olive portfolio shirt! Such a great color. Both my husband and I actually have a stubborn cold right now. It really seems like pretty much everyone I know is sick at the moment. I'm not surprised since the weather is changing so much here in Jersey; one day it's 40 degrees, the next it's 70 haha :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  19. Awesome post dear! Have a nice day:)


  20. Oh man I am so late to the party about the free Target bags! Loving you outfit round up.



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