Outfits on the Daily 8/7/15

Just your typical Friday post here with a round-up of outfits I've worn and some other fashion-y discussion. It's not rocket science, but if it were you probably wouldn't be interested in reading it! (Feel free to correct me if you're out there, rocket scientists!)

1. Outfit Recap

If you're wondering how or why I'm wearing these sweaters in the heat, I normally just wear them indoors for the A/C. Once I'm outside, it comes right off. (After my selfie, of course!)
Cardigan: Express / Cami: Express (Exact color sold out, similar cami here) / Jeans: Express / Sandals: Forever 21 (Similar)/ Necklace: CCO, Gift from Rachelle (Exact Sold Out) / Watch: Fossil / RX Sunglasses: Firmoo (Exact Sold Out) / Bracelet: Purple Peridot

Outfit styling for this next one by Rachelle. She has this cami as well and I asked her how I should style it for a dressy daytime lunch. I had two votes on Instagram for styling this with olive shorts next, so I'm sure you'll see that soon!
Striped Cami: Express / Shorts: Express / Sandals: Macy's (Similar) / Necklace: Express / Bracelet: Banana Republic / Bag: Amazon

Thanks to Skye for the color pairing inspiration on this outfit. Her outfit here motivated me to try the fuchsia necklace (that word is so hard to spell!) with cobalt.
Cami: Express "Tile Blue" / Shorts: Target / Necklace: Purple Peridot / Bag: Amazon
/ Bracelet: Farrah c/o Zinnia West / Shoes: Nordstrom (Similar)

This type of ultra-casual outfit is honestly my least favorite type to post. I'd rather be a little more dressed up than this on any given day. But at the same time, it feels false to never share this stuff because I do need to dress this casually sometimes!
Tee: Target / Necklace: "Turquoise Pendant Necklace" c/o Zinnia West / Shorts: Old Navy (Similar) / Watch: Fossil / Shoes: Nordstrom

Front View:

2. 40% Off All Jeans
It's the hottest month of the year here and all I really want to wear are bathing suits, so naturally Express has all of their denim on a major 40% off sale. Why do retailers do this to us? Oh well. It is what it is, and it's tempting me to try on the Dark Mid Rise Slim Flares before my size sells out. A lot of my personal favorites are in-stock and on sale, so here's a round-up of my tried-and-true current favorites:

Most of the other pieces in the outfits are no longer in stock, so I'll just do a quick breakdown of which exact items (including color) are still in stock:

ONE:  Blazer: Express / Jeans: Express

TWO:  Shirt: Express / Jeans: Express

THREE: Cami: Express/ Jeans: Express

FOUR: Tee: Target / Necklace: Express / Jeans: Express

Currently Available Pieces in these outfits: 

ONE: Tee: Old Navy / Jeans: Express

TWO: Jeans: Express

THREE: Top: Express / Jeans: Express

FOUR: Tee: Old Navy / Jeans: Express / Necklace: Stella & Dot

3. My Winning* Outfit!

I was SO excited to get an Instagram Direct Message from Express this week letting me know that I won a contest and now I get to choose a free shirt from their One Eleven Collection! WOO HOO!!! I received an email about the contest the week prior and all I had to do to enter was add a San Diego-specific hashtag to one of my #OOTD pictures wearing Express Jeans. Easy enough, so I figured it didn't hurt to try. Well, after finding out that I won I did a hashtag search to see how I got so lucky against my competition. Well. Guess how many other San Diegans entered?  ZERO. Okay, so I can't be as proud of my "winning outfit" as I was for ten whole seconds, but I'll take the free shirt all the same, thank you very much!

For reference this was my winning*  outfit:
Cami: Express / Necklace: Express (Similar) / Shoes: DV Safia on clearance at Lord & Taylor / Bracelets: Express (Similar) / Bag: Express (Similar) /

*by default

I get to claim my prize Thursday night so by the time you read this my Snapchat followers (hint, hint...username ontheDailyX) will probably all know what I chose. But if you missed it I'm sure you'll see it in an upcoming #OOTD on Instagram soon or in a blog post coming next Tuesday or Friday. Have a great weekend!

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  1. trying so hard to ignore the jeans sale, I don't need any but I want your grey pair. I do love to see casual outfit, this one is so cute.


  2. Congrats on winning the Express contest! Your winning outfit is so cute! I recently tried on their jeans and love how they fit. Thanks for the tip on the jeans sale!

    Doused In Pink

  3. hahahaha you are hilarious. not a rocket scientist but i still enjoy all your posts ;) fuchsia is such a hard word to spell but gosh it looks good with cobalt! congrats on winning the express contest, by default who cares! i wonder if they had it in louisville as well, i totally would have won because i doubt any ville people would have done it! have a good weekend!
    ps. i don't need new jeans, i don't need new jeans, i don't need new jeans.
    pps. you should buy flare jeans, i have never seen you in flare jeans!

  4. I love the outfit you picked! That's kind of funny that no one else entered, but I think you would have won regardless. I really like the combination of that jewel-toned blue and fuchsia. It looks gorgeous and I'll have to try that out. I'm also looking for a new pair of jeans so I'll have to check out Express! I've never tried their jeans, but I've been loving everything I've picked up from your recommendation. Looks like I'll have to stop by this weekend :)

    I hope you have a terrific Friday and a fun weekend!

  5. Congrats on winning the prize!! ;) If it helps, I remember loving that outfit and I think you would have won anyway! Plus, for all the PR you give Express, you totally deserve it. I love your new cami and how you styled it. Also, BUY THE FLARES.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. How exciting for winning! Who cares if you were the only one!!! I love that pink and blue and on you! I also am madly in love with the striped cami! Get the flares! I tried them on recently and they were sooo dang long!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  7. How fun Gina that you won! Well deserved too :) You represent the brand so well, they need to hire you! I love all of your outfits. The first is probably my favorite because I love that color combination, but they are all beautiful. Happy Friday!

  8. Congrats on your win Gina!! You sure do deserve it. I love the stripe Cami and the pale pink outfit with the tan. Lovely looks all around.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  9. I need sweaters indoors during the summer too. Especially at the grocery store and in restaurants, brrr! Loving all of these looks and congrats on your win!


  10. Congrats on your win for Express, that is awesome! I can see why that look sealed the deal for you. I am becoming obsessed with camis. They really add such a classy and sexy appeal to any look!


  11. Congrats on winning the contest, Gina! That's awesome. I have the exact same tee from Target in the exact same color =) I love it. Have a wonderful week!

  12. The winning outfit is a great choice! I love that necklace! Congrats on winning!

    Nicole to the Nines

  13. Aww man! I missed the snap reveal! Can't wait to see what you pick! And I agree with Noelle that it's still well deserved regardless of the technicalities! :)
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  14. Congrats on the big win, girl!! WOO HOOOO!!! Stop posting that striped Barcelona, too much temptation, girl! It's SO adorable! XOXOXO


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