Top Three Grey Jeans Outfits

I recently added a new pair of grey jeans to my closet and after wearing them once with a basic white tee (seen here), I went Pinterest-hunting for some additional outfit ideas. While there were plenty of options and a lot of variety, I noticed three outfit formulas that seemed the most popular. And best of all they include a lot of wardrobe basics so they're pretty easy to re-create.

1. Option One: Black Jacket or Cardigan + White Top + Grey Jeans

2. Option Two: All Black on Top + Grey Jeans

3. Option Three: White Top + Grey Jeans
One / Two / Three / Four

I tried out each of these options with pieces I own, and option one was my personal favorite, but I could see myself wearing any one of these at different times.
ONE: Moto Jacket: Express / Barcelona Cami: Express / Grey Jeans: Express / Shoes: Sole Society (Similar) / Necklace: Forever 21 (Similar)

TWO: Portofino Shirt: Express / Grey Jeans: Express / Necklace: Old Navy (Similar) / Shoes: Sole Society (Similar)

THREE: Portofino Shirt: ExpressGrey Jeans: Express / Necklace: Old Navy / Shoes: Sole Society (Similar)

Gap vs. Express Grey Jeans

Before I settled on this pair of grey jeans from Express, I also tried a pair from the Gap. I wanted to share the comparison and details for them in case anyone else has their eyes on them. The Gap pair is online only (and return by mail only) so sometimes  little extra info is helpful when you can't try in store.
Left Two Images: Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans / Right Two Images: Express Mid Rise Extreme Stretch Jean Legging

I liked the lighter wash of the Gap jeans (even though they looked darker than the stock photo) and wanted them to work, but I ended up returning them for several reasons:

  • The Gap jeans have basically no stretch. For me, they were kind of uncomfortable. The Express jeans do have stretch (hence the name) and they were much more comfortable to move in and get on/off.
  • The back pockets on the Gap jeans sit lower than the back pockets on the Express jeans.  I always feel like this gives the impression of a saggy butt, and nobody wants that. (I think....)
  • In my outfit picture, I have the Gap jeans tucked under at the ankle hem. They are a little longer than the Express jeans and not as narrow at the ankle. I could easily get them hemmed, but considering the first two issues it wasn't worth it.

* * *
I'll probably keep looking for a second pair of lighter grey jeans so I hope you all will keep me posted if you find a great option! And just in case you missed the announcements, I have a couple of Giveaways going on right now:

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  1. I know I don't want a saggy butt lol, I got a pair of grey jeans a while ago at Loft and I've worn them so many times. So that was a great buy. ps: I did get the black distressed jeans from Gap and they are really stretchy. This material is awesome and I'm looking at other jeans they have in it. find them here http://www.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=1026936&departmentRedirect=true#department=136


  2. Thank you for this post! I have a grey pair of jeans and I don't feel they always get the love they deserve because I am never sure what to pair them with. I tend toward white, black, and grey, but I think I need to get more creative. Then again, most of my wardrobe is white, black, and grey. ;) I love the pair you found!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. I recently bought myself a pair of gray jeans and I've been wearing them many times. They are so versatile and work for an office setting with a white blouse and black blazer. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing!
    Red Reticule
    Red Reticule Collection
    Red Reticule | YouTube

  4. I bought my pair of grey jeans at Target for $3.99 at the end of last season, and they are probably my favorite pair of pants. They are so soft, comfortable, and they stretch. It was a great deal. I really love option one the best two, and will have to try that look out next time I wear my grey jeans.

  5. I have worn the Gap always skinny for years and I feel like they changed them recently because they no longer fit that well. I still need to get into Express to try their jeans and I agree no one likes the saggy butt look! I'm loving all of this inspiration!

    Doused In Pink

  6. Hello,

    Very nice jeans ! Love the color ! :D

    Sarah, http://sarahmodeee.blogspot.fr/

  7. Loving the options here....I like that all 3 pinterest looks are working off of basic pieces. Makes it more doable for sure! Glad to see your comparison of the Gap and Express Jeans. I liked the coloring on the Gap pair, but I've really gotten used to have some stretch in my jeans, so I completely understand your negative points there. Darn it Gina, I'm not supposed to want any more jeans!!! :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  8. This post is timely as I was just looking for other ways to pair my grey jeans! I also like grey with pink, yellow and red. Thanks for the inspo!


  9. So many chic options for gray jeans! I used to have a pair but they wore out - I think it is time to purchase a new pair!

    Rachel's Lookbook

  10. I love all three of these options and could see myself wearing them all. I own 3 pairs of grey jeans...if it makes it any better they are slightly different shades. lol!

  11. Yay! Outfit ideas for my grey jeans! I don't think I've done any of these looks and I love all of them. I agree with you on Gap jeans... most don't stretch. My grey jeans are actually from Gap but they are then legging jeans which I don't think they carry anymore in grey, but they have ALOT more stretch lol

  12. So I am definitely loving all three, and I thought I would love the all black with grey the most, but I don't. I love the first and third options on you the best. I think the black & grey almost washes people out a bit, a bit too lackluster. I always love how you find pinterest inspired looks and recreate them!


  13. Love this! I like each option but the one with the white shirt might be my favorite. Thanks for the outfit inspiration! Now following :)

    Sierra xo
    Sierra Elizabeth

  14. I am seeing grey jeans everywhere (I almost wrote every wear which would have been accurate as well) lately and I SO want a pair. I love them with a white tee. I want to wait until my current jeans fit again before I buy any more, lol. But when I do, I'll be all over the grey jeans. I like the gap ones better on you than in the stock photo for sure, but I understand why you sent them back. I definitely need stretch in my jeans.

  15. Those jeans look amazing you. I used to only wear blue denim. I then ventured out and bought a pair of black jeans and love them. Love all 3 variations, Gina!

  16. Great reviews between gap and express! I have yet to try either! You know I'm a loft girl with jeans but that's because their petite line fits so well on me. I love your grey jeans! I forgot to include getting a pair on my wishlist.

  17. fun looks! I love simple and cute outfits!


  18. First of all, you will be happy to know that I am writing this in the comfort of my own home. YES.
    Second of all - I have a casual work dinner to go to tonight, and I think I may use this grey jeans formula, so once again, thank you for the timely style inspiration!
    Carylee | more pieces of me

  19. I'm actually wearing gray jeans today :-) Mine are from Henry & Belle and are SUPER comfy. I have mine on with a white tee and a lighter gray cardigan with a bling-y necklace. I also brought my plaid scarf to wear but haven't put it on since for once I'm actually not cold in my office.

    1. Thanks for the tip on these, Erin! I will check them out!

  20. Love the options that you showed!

  21. Well from this post...I need a pair of grey jeans now LOL. Try to help me out here a little Gina. I can't keep buying stuff only from Express lol. Love your features here!!

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  22. Definitely don't want that saggy butt look! Loving the look with the white top, so crisp and fresh looking :)

  23. I love grey skinnies they are so versatile. All three options are really chic! I think the first one is my fave on you also but you really can't go wrong with any of those looks!! The pop of colour with your necklaces is a perfect finishing touch.

  24. Grey jeans are a great wardrobe piece! I find they look best with light colors on top, such as blush. I just don't own anything blush so I haven't been able to try that combo as of late. I have worn mine with several colors. They're just a great basic!

  25. Man, I love gray jeans- these 3 looks are super chic, too. I would wear each one!
    And I agree- my jeans need to have a little bit of stretch. No stretch is uncomfortable!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. I love the looks with the pops of color...especially the pastels!!! Looking great!!

    Stacie @ www.ie-style.com

  27. I recently bought a pair of medium gray jeans but have yet to get them on the blog. I love the red shoes on Allesandra. I may have to try this with my Express MTL jacket. Great inspiration again!

  28. I cannot find my true gray skinny jeans. Having too many clothes and very little space problem. Do you have the same problem? So many inspirations to style Gray Jeans, in this post. Thanks, Gina.

  29. Can you give us a size comparison between the Gap and Express jeans. I wear Gap jeans, but have been wanting to try Express jeans. I'd have to order them by mail, and without sizing experience, I hesitate. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary!

      The gap jeans I was wearing were a size 24. The Express jeans were a 00. So their sizes are numbered differently, but usually those two sizes correlate and in this case it was accurate for me. So 24/00, 25/0, 26/2 and so on. Mail orders/returns are such a gamble! (As I learned with the gap jeans!) Hope that helps a little and good luck!

    2. Thanks Gina ~ that really helps!

  30. You look very nice in the jeans. Thanks for sharing.

  31. After seeing this post, I really need to pick up some of the Express portofino shirts. They seem perfect for work and weekend!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  32. I rarely wear my grey jeans but I am so inspired now. These are such great looks.

  33. I don't have any pair of great pants. GAP1969 always skinny jeans are gorgeous!

  34. I haven't been wearing my grey jeans much...I guess blue is much easier for me to wear...but I definitely like the black jacket pairing! My personal favorite way to wear grey jeans is with light purple on top...don't know why :-)

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥

  35. I love all the options but yes option one looks great. What a great trend!

  36. Great jeans are so versatile, I don't wear mine much and feel like I need to give them some love after seeing your post. Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!



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