Celebrity Casual January

Last weekend was the SAG awards, and coming up in the next few weeks are more major awards shows like the Grammys (February 8) and the Oscars (February 22). So 'tis the season to be bombarded by images of celebrities in beautiful gowns with picture perfect hair and makeup, which sometimes makes my own life seem incredibly un-glamorous since the average number of formal events I attend each year is 0.5.

So today I want to highlight the flip side. I went through various celeb sites like MSN Celebrity and Zimbio looking for casual celebrity outfits from January 2015 to see what's on fleek. (Thank you, Rachelle and Charnele for teaching me the phrase du jour.) I picked up on three main trends:

Black & White:
Jennifer Aniston / Lea Michele / Kristen Stewart / Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty)

Derek Hough / Johnny Depp / Sofia Vergara / Brooke Shields

Fur(ish?) Coats:
Kate Moss / Jason Momoa / Gretchen Rossi

My favorite out of these trends and the only one I'm wearing a lot myself is Black & White:
ONE: London Sweater: Express (40% off) / Lace Cami: Express / Black Skinnies: ExpressBooties: Target

TWO: Portofino Shirt: Express/ White Skinnies: Express / Tassel Necklace: Purple Peridot / Red Clutch: Stella & Dot / Leopard Belt: Express / Strappy Sandals: Forever 21 (Similar)

THREE: Black Moto Jacket: Express / White Tee: Gap / Zip Pocket Jeans: Express (Similar) / Black Converse: Nordstrom / Necklace: Old Navy

FOUR: White Moto Jacket: Express / Black Cami: Express/ Black Skinnies: Express / Peep Toe Booties: Target / Necklace: Express

* * *

So which recent celebrity trend is your favorite? Scarves get second place from me, but I have to say I'm a little worried about Johnny Depp's scarf. It looks like someone's blanket scarf got mangled by their dog. And I'm not entirely sure if that's Jason Momoa's actual outfit or a costume for a movie? (He was at the Sundance film festival when that photo was taken). Either way, a very....entertaining fashion statement, and I think I'll pass on the fur coat trend for now!

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  1. Haha on fleek!
    You know I love my scarves. I have a new appreciation for black and white though and that second outfit of yours with the tassel necklace and nude sandals made me stare. I love it!!

  2. I see you featured my boyfriend Jason, if we were actually dating I would have given him a makeover lol. I looooove all your black and white outfits, I'm saving them for inspo.


  3. I live in scarves so I'm loving the scarf trend! Johnny's does look like his dog ate it but I guess that's whats so intriguing about his style- shall we call it dirty hot? It's nice seeing celebs casually dressed but I do live for the red carpets. Thanks for the dates of the Grammy's and the Emmys! I just added it to my calendar! xo

  4. Wow, those are some fur coats!!?? And like you, I think I'll be passing on that one for now. But I'm totally on board with the classic black and white and scarves...I live by both of those trends! :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  5. Johnny Depp's scarf does look a little odd, lol. I love scarves, but out of the 'trends' I'd definitely lean towards black & white. The coats are not for me!

  6. Johnny always has a hobo vibe so he probably stole that scarf from a homeless man haha. Black and white looks are always chick and you pull it off so well.

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  7. I feel like I've been wearing a lot of black and white lately too! And scarves of course....it's cold here! Only 12 degrees out there today. Yuck!

  8. I'm loving the black and white outfits lately. I especially like the one you have on with the tassel and the red bag. The scarves I have always loved, and I'm see them being worn a lot more here in Florida (well in my office anyway).

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  9. Ahhh I haven't seen Gretchen Rossi in forever! I wonder what she's up to and if she and Slade ever got married :-P

  10. Black and white is probably my favorite - and then, fur, but not a full length coat - a little overwhelming.

    Daily Style Finds

  11. awesome outfits


  12. Haha regarding mr. Pirate himself! I love Johnny but his look seems off now that he's getting older!

    I love this post because January is such a hard month for dressing her in socal. I don't know what to ever wear! It's hot then cold...so bipolar! I just bought a scarf from Nordstrom on sale that I plan on wearing soon. I'm also loving very casual styles. Black and white especially! And I love your red clutch!

    1. I'm typing from my phone so I apologize for the misspellings up there ^

  13. I'm all about the scarves! I love your black and white looks, you just can't go wrong with that combo, simple and chic. The second outfit is amazing!

  14. You can't never go wrong in black & white. Well put together as always, Gina!

  15. Love this! It's good to remember stars are real people too. I have been all about black and white lately too! I love how you are mixing it up with white jeans and a white jacket. I feel like I tend to wear black bottoms or jacket and a white shirt.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  16. The fur coats can be quite hobo=ish but I would wear them.. they look so cozy!

    Mrs C

  17. I love the black and white look. It's so simple yet classic and chic!

  18. Black and white is my favorite also followed by scarves. I really like your black and white outfits and the red clutch adds a great pop of color to that outfit!

    Also, who is Jason M and what is he wearing??!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. LOL,Jason Momoa was on Game of Thrones on HBO. He's probably done other stuff but that's what I know him from. As far as what he's wearing.....that is anyone's guess!

    2. From Hawaii and also married to Lisa Bonet.

  19. I'm totally with you on the black and white girl! That thing Jason M is wearing is NO BUENO! He needs to be arrested for simply wearing that monstrosity! Some things aren't meant to be even in the name of fashion LOL


  20. Black and white is my favorite too and scarves are a runner up! I love your b&w outfit with the pop of red and leopard!

    Doused In Pink

  21. Lea Michele's look is so cool- and Jen Aniston always looks amazing.
    I'm with you- a black + white palette is a my go-to these days!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. I cannot handle those hideous fur coats..only reminds me of all the animals that were killed for it..:(. But your black and white outfits are so on trend! Love the last two with the moto jacket the most!! My express moto jacket lasted me a good 6 years! Now that its falling apart, time to get a new one..heh.

  23. I love the black and white looks.

  24. I LOVE your second B/W look with the red clutch. Is that a new purchase? Celebs sure like to show skin - Lea's cleavage and Sofia's midriff! I think I'm feeling winter frumpy ha ha!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I think I got the clutch/crossbody in October or so? So not super recent, but still available. :)

  25. black and white has easily been what I lean towards lately. As I get older I find my style getting more monochromatic and classic. I can't help but love a black and white look!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  26. LOVE the black and white looks!

  27. Holy Cow! Jason Momoa! I love HBO's Game of Thrones, but I did not recognize him from this photo. All I can say is: Ladies, this photo does not do him justice. Just Google him and see for yourselves!

    1. Haha, your comment cracked me up, Mary! But you're right - that's part of why I had to include him. It was such to see him not looking quite like I'm used to from Game of Thrones!!

  28. I would have to say scarves are my favorite! I'm also way to excited for the Grammys coming up!

    Have a great weekend!
    pumps and push-ups

  29. I love the black porto with the nude strappy heels A LOT! It's my fav! Also, I'm pretty sure that J.Depp's (that's what us friends call him..haha), scarf costs like 2million bucks. He told me.


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