Fitting Room Reviews and What I Wore

I recently went to Express and tried on several new things so here's a quick review of those items, along with details and the standard front view of some outfits I've shared recently on Instagram.

Fitting Room Reviews:

Oversized Plaid Shirt- Black and White- get it here:
Fit Notes: I'm wearing an XS in this shirt and just like the other color options of this shirt (see here), it runs huge. When they say oversized, they mean it. It's also really soft, cozy and comfortable, definitely long enough to wear with leggings and have everything covered.

Dolman Sleeve Tunic Top - get it here:
Fit Notes: I'm wearing an XS in this top, and I primarily wanted to see if this tunic tee was long enough to wear with leggings and I think it is. I also tested it out with my own sweater (from Piperlime, no longer available) in the photo on the right and I think the only drawback it didn't lay as smooth and relaxed with a layer over it as it did on its own.

Silky V Neck Tee: Buy it here:
Fit Notes: (I have no idea why I didn't take a picture of this top without my sweater - sorry about that!) At any rate, this top has really great reviews on the Express website so I wanted to see if I was missing a great staple piece here. I am wearing an XS in this and I found it to be more of a relaxed fit rather than "runs big," which is what a lot of reviews said. I also noticed that the V Neck looks much wider on the model and more narrow on me. That could be how they placed it for the photo rather than a different cut, but it's hard to tell. In terms of length, for me it wouldn't be long enough to wear with leggings. It's not a hi-lo hem so it wouldn't give enough coverage in the back. If you have a short torso it might work though.

EXP Core Double Layer Burnout Tank - buy it here
Fit Notes: I'm wearing an XS in this, and the black under layer (visible at the waistband) was definitely very snug. I would personally want to try on one size up for comparison before purchasing because I think the under layer could potentially ride up during activities and that might get annoying. (Note to self: try this on with workout pants next time....)

What I bought: Surprisingly, I didn't end up taking any of these pieces home with me since I've already done enough "one for them, one for me" this season. I can't say I'm too proud of my self control though since I did get something else that day. I'll be sharing it in a future post since it involves breaking one of my past New Year's Resolutions (posted here). Ah....falling short so close to the end of 2014!

What I Wore:

For the most part I'm only linking currently available items, with a just a few similar pieces if I happen to know them:

Tee: Nordstrom / Jeans: Express / Booties: Express / Necklace: Forever 21

Blazer: Express / Top: Express (Same Print) / Jeans: Gap / Booties: Express / Bracelet: Express

Jacket: Express / Tee: Gap / Jeans: Express (Identical Pair but $$) / Converse: Nordstrom

Blazer: Piperlime (Similar) / Tee: Old Navy / Olive Cargo Skinnies: Guess (Similar) / Booties: Forever 21 / Bracelet, Necklace, Belt: Express

* * *
And that's it for today! Thanks again to everyone for your kind, heartfelt comments on Monday's post. I was truly touched by your sincerity. This community has truly been life changing for me and I'm so grateful to be part of it! 

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  1. I think I should have the blue and the white oversized plaid tops waiting for me when I get home. Eee! I still like it on you! And those F21 booties are a great find! I love them and am glad you see their versatility. I'm totally copying the black/olive/cognac combo!

  2. I need to check ups I need the B&W plaid shirt to get here already, I love it so much and I didn't get the blue because I feel meh about the color on me. Thanks for all the outfit inspo, ditto to what Caryl said.


  3. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I too was doing great with self control this past week, but you threw in that fabulous black and white oversized shirt. I don't know if it's the cold weather we are finally experiencing in Colorado, but that shirt!!.... no I don't....yes I do....YIKES. :-D. Great post.

    Stacie @ www"ie-style.com

  4. I actually think that tank looks great on you! I personally think dolman sleeves are tricky to wear. I always end up feeling like they make me look broad in the shoulders. Still love that Nordstrom striped tee. Those Gap zipper jeans are too good with your converse!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. I always like reading your reviews! I love all of your looks, especially the middle one with the zipper jeans and converse!

    Doused In Pink

  6. I love that black and white oversized top and my Express has sold out of the red one (wahhh) so I am excited they came out with a new one! These reviews are great because it saves me time when I go into Express, because of you I always know what to look for, try on, or hunt for if it's not available. So great!

  7. great looks! I love how you give fit reviews, that's very helpful!

    Tara Belle

  8. Oh where to start?!? Ok, adore the color of the Dolman tunic you tried on!! I've never tried any of Express's workout gear...you like it? You make a strong case for the striped long-sleeved tee's, especially the turquoise necklace with the marsala stripe! :-) And couldn't agree with Carylee more - love the black, olive, cognac combo!!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  9. I never think to go to Express for workout clothes but I'm glad you reviewed that top! I keep finding lately that a lot of their clothes look way different online than they do in person!

  10. Love reading your reviews on the fit on your items when you go to express. It makes it easier to pick the size online. I like the Doleman top, and I'm thinking of maybe getting that.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  11. So many great looks, I'm especially loving the ones with the kicks! Chic and cute, and something I want to wear, right now :)

  12. I actually bought that dolman sleeve tunic in that exact color! haha! I absolutely love it! So comfortable!

  13. I have not shopped at Express in forever! I keep browsing online but the reviews for things I want have mixed reviews about how they fit so I haven't been confidnet enough to push purchase. I need to just go brave the stores haha, but that may wait until after holiday season :)

  14. Shopping at express has not even crossed my mind in years! I guess I will have to check it out now!

    Ginger Side of Life

  15. Gina, you look great in anything! Seriously. I am trying very hard not to buy anything for a while, but I don't know if I am going to make it. We are going to Florida this weekend and I'm sure we'll stop in the mall because there is one right by our hotel. I really, really want that flowered Portofino.... And my black MTL jacket should arrive today. Yay - perfect for Florida.

  16. That oversized plaid shirt is amazing on you! Such a classic piece!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  17. I want that plaid shirt! I will have to go look!

  18. I need to go check out the Express because all of these pieces are fabulous!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  19. Thanks for the review, I'm loving the tunic and plaid shirt. I always love all of your looks and the converse moto jacket one is amazing, super cute and stylish!! Hope you are having a great week Gina:) Sorry about being MIA lately with being back at work it's harder to balance the blog, commenting, etc.

  20. I love when you hit the dressing room Gina, I hate psychically going to the mall so it really helps to see things on you. I really like the striped shirt! I also love the zippered black jeans..do they still have them at Express!


    1. Unfortunately they do not.:( Madewell has an identical pair (I linked them above) but they are a bit more pricey!

  21. I admired your will power! I need some more of that in my life. I really like your blazer and Converse combo! It is perfectly casually chic!

    Nicole to the Nines

  22. that plaid shirt looks way better in person / on you than online. interesting... i like that pink tunic too but yeah it looks a bit odd with the sweater / jacket - like not smooth. can't wait to see what resolution you broke!

  23. I really love that b&w plaid top- I think I neeeeeed it! :)
    Looking great, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  24. I love everything that Express has right now, and I love that cobalt blue top!

    xo Jessica

  25. Great finds, I love that cobalt blue V-neck shirt on you. I love all the recap photos in the end showing off the many different shoes and blazer/jacket choices. Each outfit choice I think was a thumbs up. Rachel xo

  26. Sorry, I cannot get over my girl crush on your super toned arms and shoulders. Dang!!! The olive and navy blazer outfit is my fav!! I have never been able to pull off olive without looking like an olive myself. sigh

  27. I love that black and white oversized top! I want it in my closet, but I may have already gone a little crazy this month!


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