The Next Bag Thing

Well, you all were definitely right that entering the world of colored bags with my hot pink bag would be a game changer. This bag has matched with a lot more of my outfits than I expected, and when it doesn't, I find myself wishing I had another fun color to wear rather than going back to basic black and gray.

Handbag: Express /  Camis: Express (Royal Purple, White, and Black) All Other Details: Here

I asked for suggestions on what color to get next (in this post), and the top responses were red, yellow, blue and green.  So I did some browsing and Pinning to help me decide which color to get next and hopefully give you all a little colored bag inspiration in the process.

One /  Two / Three / Four

Red bags under $100:
Red Bags under 100

One / Two / Three / Four

Yellow Bags Under $100:
Yellow handbags under 100

Kenneth Cole $60 / Fossil $72 / Nine West $79

One / Two / Three / Four

Blue Bags Under $100:
Blue handbags

OneTwo / Three  / Four

Green Bags Under $100:
Green handbags under $100

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I think a red bag tops my list right now because it can work year round and it goes so well with my favorite black and white color combo. But a rich green bag is running a close second as a fun color to use through fall and winter. The good thing about creating this post is that it sold me on the world of colored handbags and how much they add to any outfit. The bad news is now I feel like I need one in every color! 

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  1. A red bag is perfect and a neutral for me because it matches way more than you think. I've been wearing mine all year and now I want a small red crossbody, next for me would be the blue.


  2. Loving the red and green bags! I'm such a bag lady, lol!


  3. All great color choices here!!! I'm definitely stuck on still yearning for a pink one...I just love them!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  4. Ahahaha!! And here I just thought it was a comment on my blog! And now I realized it's not just our cycles syncing :) yeah I just went there! Anyhoo! Yes my vote is still red! I do have a "Kate spade green" crossbody that you are inspiring me to wear now seeing the green bags. I always get compliments wearing it and it does actually go with a lot. But yes, red would still be my first choice! Http://morepiecesofme.com

  5. Great choices! I'm loving the red bags you picked out. I might need to add one to my list!

    Nicole to the Nines

  6. Love! I used to have a red purse I wore with seriously everything. (It had studs on it that all started to Fall off so sadly the bag is no more, haha.) I carry a navy bag now that goes with everything but this definitely makes me want another! I am currently stalking eBay for a black Tory Burch... but I may need to switch that up!

  7. Im on the hunt for nice red bag, some lovely ones there!! great hot pink bag too xx

  8. Love your bag picks, especially the green for fall! Still loving your pink bag too!


  9. oooh love the red! i have a yellow (mustard) bag and i love it. i have also seen some cute mint and purple ones... love!

  10. Gina that is quite a selection of gorgeous bags, that cobalt blue is to die for, and I must admit that I was very hesitant to get a red bag, but after seeing Angela from "head to toe chic" rock hers I was sold and I love it, plus is such a great color for fall. I told you, you would be wanting one in every color.


    1. You totally called it! Colored bags are a verrrry slippery slope :)

  11. You've been converted! I'm so happy! Colored bags are so fun, and I think they can really elevate an outfit. I think red would be a beautiful choice for fall and winter. That's def on my list aside from tan too :) and emerald is so pretty! I love it on a clutch with a black outfit.

  12. This is how I felt when I finally bought colored shoes! How did I not know they would go with everything?! It's like I had been living in a fashion cave. I love having colored purses to change things up. I have three from Forever21 that I rotate: red, green, and black and white polka dot. I don't feel bad about having multiple because they were all under $20. I have gotten a lot of use out of red and green, but I don't have a blue one...

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  13. I have had a bright green bag on my list forever but I really don't need another colored bag. Like Amy, I have a few from Forever 21 that were pretty low cost so I don't feel too bad about having multiples. You are so right though. Sometimes a colored bag makes the whole outfit. And as you already know, I made a trip to Express today and picked up a few goodies which I'll be showing soon hehe :-)

  14. I find myself gravitating toward bright bags, too. There's something about super saturated leather that gets me going! :)


  15. I really am more of a neutral bag person... however, I do love that pop of colour from the blue bag.

    On another note, feel free to join Style Confessions linkup again, over at http://sequinsandstyle.com/week-10-linkup/ :) I really loved discovering your blog. :)


  16. I absolutely want a red bag. Am liking the Sole Society one you are showing here, as well as the blue one from Danielle Nichols and the green from Miele Bianco.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  17. I'm bag crazy so I had fun looking through the celeb pics you posted - found myself loving the birkins and the Michael Kors Hamilton (which is inspired by the birkin) the most!


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