Coffee Date

When Carylee and I "met" through blogging and our shared Express shopping addiction last year, we instantly clicked. We always wish we lived closer so we could get together in person, but since that hasn't happened yet, we're settling for some virtual coffee talk today. So grab a cup of your own favorite beverage and share some shopping, pop culture and random chit chat with us today.

Since it's a virtual coffee date, what's your go-to order at Starbucks?
Image Source: Business Insider

Carylee: This is a loaded question because I have a couple! For my hot drink, I do a skinny vanilla latte. Sometimes a Caramel Macchiato if I want to splurge. For my cold drink, I'll either do a java chip Frappuccino or a Caramel frap! No whip cream on either. You know, because of the calories.

Gina: Before noon I always drink hot beverages, either a Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Latte or a White Mocha. After noon I get Iced Coffee with 2% milk and whatever syrup in I'm the mood for, like Toffee Nut, Vanilla, Caramel, or White Mocha.

Pretend it's Friday night instead of Monday morning: what drink are you ordering?
Favorite Drinks

Grey Goose: Source /Sauvignon Blanc: Source /  Pear Sake: Source / Vodka Soda: Source

Carylee: If I'm lucky, I will be getting sushi, so I'll have some cold pear Sake. Otherwise, it's a Grey Goose Cosmo! Honestly, anything + Grey Goose = good.

Gina: I'm in the mood for white wine lately, either Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. If I'm getting a cocktail I order a vodka soda with extra lime. 

Express shopping is what connected us, so name a current favorite item in your wardrobe from Express.
Outfit Details: OneTwo / Three / Four

Carylee: So many favorites, but the most recent fave are the Denim Shorts. They're perfect for summer!!

Gina: Definitely the Baroque Tiered Lace Tank. I can't shut up about it. Sometimes Express gets a piece exactly right and this is one of those times!

We can't have girl talk without sharing Your Number. So let's just do this and tally up. I'll give you a minute...

Carylee: Okay, the official total is 15.

Carylee's Portofino Family Photo

Gina: Phew. That makes me feel much better. I'm at 18...
My Portofino Family Photo

When you cheat on Express, name a place you're likely to shop.

Nordstrom & J Crew storefront

Carylee: Nordstrom and J. Crew Factory

Gina: Everywhere. Nordstrom, Macy's, J. Crew. J. Crew Factory, Target, Forever 21, Old Navy...you name it.

Name a current favorite product from one of the "Other Stores."
Outfit Details: One / Two

Carylee: This maxi dress (above left). It's so great, I ordered the "short" version of the dress here. And as we speak - this maxi dress is on its way to me. The fit is just amazing.

Gina: The 3" Chino Shorts from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory are my summer staples. They do have other inseam lengths (like the 4" version and 5" version) if you like something a little longer. But for my height (5'4") I feel like the 3" version makes my legs look longer without being scandalously short.

Name a fashion trend you won't or haven't tried.
Two trends

Carylee: I can't do crop tops. That would focus on the worst part of my body. And I just can't quite jump on the overalls train. But that's what I said about rompers, so perhaps ask me again in 3 years...

Gina: So many, like maxi skirts or dresses, floral prints, and vests. They're just not "me."

What nail polish color are you loving right now?
Carylee wearing Orange Fizz / My favorites: Find Me an Oasis and Flip Flop Fantasy

Carylee: Chanel 307 Orange Fizz is pretty amazing and perfect for summer. Butter London Sprog is a close second right now!

Gina: In July and August, I have to wear China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy on my toes. On my fingers I'll be wearing Essie Find me an Oasis and Mint Candy Apple a lot until Fall. (And BTW, Mint Candy Apple was Essie's top selling color of 2013!)

Favorite Fragrance(s) of the moment?

Fragrances du jour

Carylee: Don't laugh. I wear Victoria's Secret Love Spell. I honestly love the smell, and it's the only scent/fragrance that doesn't give me a migraine. Second would be Philosophy Amazing Grace.

Gina: I can't laugh, because I wear Express Glam a lot. Prada Candy is another favorite.

What song are you loving on the radio right now?
Current music

Carylee: John Legend - All of Me. I actually like the remix version, though I know some don't care for it.

Gina: I listen to the entire HAIM album pretty much every day. Their current single is Forever, but there are some other songs on the album I like better. (e.g. Don't Save Me, Days are Gone, Falling.)

Name a current and/or all time favorite TV Show.
TV Shows

Carylee: Friends. Always and forever. I watch it on Nick at Nite everyday starting at 10 pm!

Gina: All time favorites include Dexter and Breaking Bad. And Jimmy Fallon is killing it on the Tonight Show.Would Jay Leno have done this with Justin Timberlake? I think not.

What movie can you quote extensively:

Carylee: Baby Mama! Haha! So many good one liners, but I always say "That happened two times!" 
(Around 1:45)

Gina: I'm stuck in the past with this, but I never get tired of quoting Napoleon Dynamite ("My lips hurt real bad!") or Romy & Michele's High School Reunion. ("I feel very fulfilled!")

Speaking of quotes, do you have a favorite inspirational quote to get us off to a good start this week:

Image: Source

Image: Source

* * *

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed our virtual coffee date today!

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  1. Love Carylee! What a great interview! Awesome choices on the beverages! :)

    <3 Shannon

  2. You two are the best, and definitely hilarious! Cracked up at your "numbers" lol! Would love to have coffee (tea in my case) if we were ever in the same state at the same time!

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. Love this post, Gina! My ultimate drink from Starbucks for the summer is the Javachip frap =) It's so freaking delicious. You have quite a collection of the Portofino shirt. I can see why tho. They look so good on you. Hope you're having great Monday~

  4. So getting to know you both better, you gals are awesome :) I don't feel bad about my portofino collection anymore.


  5. Awww!!!! I love this post! I feel bad I didn't get you anything today! I shall be sharing this on my social media channels thank you very much! Such a great date! Oh but what did we wear?! ;) http://morepiecesofme.com

  6. oooh, I love this post!! Love getting to know more about you two girls and your Portofino addiction!! Awesome!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  7. Loved reading this post! Love the drink choices and the nail colors. I always think how fun it would be to have a fashion blogger meet-up in my area. Who knows? Maybe one day. Have a great week, Gina! ~Cynthia

  8. I would love to grab some Express chino shorts soon....it's so classic & the fit looks great!


  9. Loved reading this post! Your "number" is too funny! I think I'm the last one on the planet that does not have a portofino shirt. I'll have to get one this fall!


  10. This is SUCH a fun post/idea! Thank you for sharing, I always love learning more about people!

  11. This is seriously so fun!! Isn't it awesome the friends you can make from blogging!? Your portofino pictures made me laugh and then a little jealous! I have six... looks like I need to add some more to the wardrobe to keep up with you ladies ;)

  12. Such a cute post! Apparently I need to step my game up and buy a few portofino shirts!

  13. My go to coffee order is A Chai Tea Latte (iced). Also love the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher
    xo, Lee

  14. Coffee dates are fun. Loved this post!


  15. Love this! I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys colorful multiples of things I love! Plus, I totally forgot how great Baby Mama is - will be rewatching it tonight!

  16. I love this post! It is so fun getting to know you guys better! Your number question was too funny! i don't own any Portofino shirts, but I might have to check them out.

    Nicole to the Nines

  17. Awesome coffee date! What a great way to meet you guys a tittle bit more.

  18. this is too cute! thanks Gina for the link-up, I still owe you a reply! :)


  19. You girls are too cute! I love both of your responses and feel like we all have so much in common! I agree with Carylee on Grey Goose...it's my favorite too. But I also love my white wine :) Hopefully one day we can all meet in person!

  20. What a fun post, I definitely need that baroque top, it looks great and I need to get past season 3 of Dexter, I am so stuck :( Everyone keeps saying that was the worst one and it does get better.


  21. This is a great post-it's nice learning more about you both in such a fun way too! Napolean Dynamite is one of my all-time favourite comedies as far as I'm concerned its genius!! People often look at me weird when I say that (lol) so I'm happy I'm not alone;) Thanks for hosting.
    Marta, xo

  22. This was such a fun post! I need to check out all of the shorts mentioned here!

  23. what a fun post! i love your collections of portofino shirts haha

  24. This is so fun! I love Napoleon Dynamite. We were watching that it the other night and our kids didn't get it. I think it's hilarious. And I loved Dexter. I was so sad when it ended. I liked the earlier seasons though. It got a little too "unbelievable" at the end if that's even possible for that show.

  25. I LOVED reading this :) Both of you are just so great and I have loved both your blogs so much--felt fun to sit down and "have coffee" and learn more about you guys! Keep up the great work ladies!


  26. Hi Gals!
    Your blogs are very funny!!!
    Thanks for letting me join in your Manic Monday!
    Hope to read/see more of you soon.
    Love Lauren xx

  27. I love this! So fun to hear from both of you. I cracked up at your "family photo."

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  28. Love Carylee! And I love that you guys both "cheat" on Express sometimes.... too cute!

  29. Ooooh - i want to come to this coffee date too - I'll take a green tea lemonade ;-) I checked out the lace tank in store the other day, because it looks so pretty on you! It's definitely on my wishlist but I'm going to wait for a good sale.

    Love your inspirational quotes! And thanks to your fitness post from a while back - I've started taking advantage of my elliptical machine and working out at home again - fingers crossed I can keep it up ;-) I've found myself loving the energy boost I get from it - and enjoying the experience rather than dreading it.

    1. This is awesome!! I'm so happy to hear this. :) :)

  30. You two are a few of my fave bloggers! :) Loved reading more about you both.


  31. You two are too cute!!!! Love this little virtual coffee sesh.

  32. Despite realizing just how unfashionable I am half the time (lol), I absolutely love reading your blog for fashion inspiration!! If only I could get my act together every day instead of twice a week (if I'm lucky haha) Thanks for joinin up with the club!

  33. this is too cute!!! :)

    <3 rhea @ rheaetcetera.com

  34. Hey, so fun! I love how this whole blogging thing introduces us to tons of really neat people.
    Happy Summer!


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