20 Ways to wear a Sleeveless Blouse

I love when other people give me post ideas. It makes blogging that much easier. So even though I'm pretty sure Kristen wasn't serious (ahem, notice the wink emoticon) when she commented on this post with, "I need some sleeveless blouses in my life, but I don't know how to wear them. Perhaps you could do a post and teach me how. ;)" I am taking the suggestion and running with it anyway.

Since this is actually the first year I've ever owned a sleeveless blouse, I am way too much of a newb to consider this "teaching." So let's just call this "getting some sleeveless style inspiration together" and we're good to go!

After Google-Imaging and Pinterest-ing it seems like sleeveless blouses go with any type of bottoms:

Sleeveless Blouses with Pants and Jeans:
 One / Two / Three /Four 

White / Two / Three / Four 

Sleeveless Blouses with Skirts:
 One / Two / Three /Four 

Sleeveless Blouses with Jean Shorts:
One / Two /Three / Four

Sleeveless Blouses with Other Shorts:
One / Two / Three / Four

Out of those 20 options for styling a sleeveless blouse, I noticed that over half of them used a white blouse like these:

So white seems like the safest place to start for versatility, and coincidentally that's the first one I bought. I've kept my own styling pretty basic since that's usually what I like best for myself:
Left:  TankTarget / ShortsJ Crew  (J. Crew Factory Option) / SandalsNordstrom / Necklace: Old Navy / Bracelet: Express Belt: Express (Similar)

Right: TankTarget / ShortsJ. Crew Factory / Sandals: Macy's / Necklace: Express / Belt: Express / Spike Bracelet: Sage K & Co / Watch: Fossil

Before summer started I thought I'd be collecting Sleeveless Portofino shirts from Express in the same way I collect the convertible sleeve version. I first tried one on here, but still haven't made a purchase:
Sleeveless Portofino (More colors here) / Sam Edelman Sandals / Shorts (Sold Out, Similar)

I didn't want to spend a lot on this new-to-me style since I wasn't sure how much I would wear it, so I settled on the white one above from Target for now. But I pulled some options below from a variety of price points if you're still on the hunt for a sleeveless blouse to have your guns out while the sun's out this summer:

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  1. I love my classic portofino shirts, but I am in love with the sleeveless. I hope they eventually make as many colors in the sleeveless style. I usually just pair them with a cardi for work and they are great for a night out to. Love the inspo!


  2. haha yayyyyy thanks lady! and I was totally serious! i tried to look back (stalk) through your old posts to find any inspiration, and then when i realised i couldn't find any, i figured you didnt respond because of that (sobs). i love that the one you got is from target! is it see through? i just dont want a see through one. i was absolutely going to get a white one, they seem the most versatile and perfect for summer!

    1. Lol, I was secretly plotting this whole time :) As far as the Target top- I would call it semi-sheer. If you are concerned about that being an issue then it's probably too sheer. It's very light weight, t-shirt material in parts. It's comfortable and soft which I love but def too casual for a work setting. :)

  3. Oh man! You make this look so easy! I just can't get these shirts to work for me but maybe I will give it another go! Http://morepiecesofme.com

  4. I live in sleeveless tops! Love what you showed and selected!
    xo, Lee

  5. I didn't start wearing sleeveless tops until the past few years. I think the Florida living forced me to. I do already have an off-white sleeveless top and now I have tons of inspiration. Thanks!

  6. I actually have never purchased the sleeveless portofino either! I have tried it on multiple times but have never made the purchase!

  7. Great post! I love the versatility of these tops! Great inspirations!

  8. I've been hearing a lot about these Portofino shirts. Hmm... I'm digressing but I love sleeveless shirts. White is the perfect starter sleeveless shirt!


  9. I'm loving their Portofino shirts this summer! I've purchased them in two colors and now I just need the polka dot sleeveless one and I think I'll be set. :) Great looks! I styled mine like this on our blog earlier this spring.

    XO, Jaime
    <a href="http://www.regallysoled.com</a>RegallySoled.com</a>

  10. I just bought my first sleeveless blouse too! What a timely post! Great inspiration here. I got mine at Forever21 because I didn't want to spend too much either. I think I'm going to love it though. I might need to look into that Target one...

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  11. Great post, Gina! I haven't found a sleeveless blouse that works for me. My biggest issue is the armholes are too big. I will keep this post in mind for future reference =)

  12. I love sleeveless blouses! They are so comfy in the summer, but I like them best for layering under sweaters in the winter (if I layer with sleeves I feel so constricted!)!

  13. I just bought a cobalt sleeveless blouse at the JCrew outlet. This is a great post for inspiration on how to wear it! I really like the Express blouse in white too!


  14. I love a good sleeveless blouse in the summer- so light and fresh! Great styling tips. :)


  15. Lol, I think you provided a lot of inspiration for your friend here! I really like the sleeveless top skirt pairs inspiration outfits!

    Nicole to the Nines

  16. Cute options! I love them with jeans for a casual but cool look. I don't own as many as I thought I would! I only have one from express and a couple from h&m. I mainly wear them to work. I still prefer my long sleeved ones more!

  17. I really love the sleeveless blouses I have. It's just too hot for sleeves sometimes, and the blouse material makes it feel more appropriate for work than a cotton tank!


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