Features & Favorites 5/16/14

This week I had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance (let's call her "Blair") about fashion blogs. She told me I should start a blog. I was like...ohhhh....Then I debated in my head whether to tell her about this little space, but first I decided to ask her what kinds of blogs she likes.  She named a few of her favorites and they were all Big Name Fashion Blogs, the girls that wear head-to-toe designer fashions every day, no repeats, no re-mixing. So...basically nothing like this blog. Her reason for this preference: she only wants to look at pictures. No text, just pictures.

So for this week's Features and Favorites from Express, for all of the Blairs out there, I offer more pictures, less words. (Irony: using 125 words to say I'm not going to use a lot of words.)

Linen-Cotton Two Pocket Shirt on Marianne:

Short Sleeve Baroque Lace Tee on Noelle:

Floral Portofino on Carylee:

Two-Tone Portofino on Tracy


The Portofino as a tie-front shirt, as shown on Carylee and Tracy:


Mia, Stella and Zelda. These are now Mid-Rise Jeans (formerly Mia) and Low-Rise Jeans (formerly Stella).
New jean names
The exact styles and stock photos are the same, they've just changed the names. In case you missed it, I explained the difference between the various white denim options at Express here.

Just a short and sweet post for this Friday. The Southern California wildfires are affecting life for me and everyone in my community, and I apologize for getting a little behind on comments and a little light on content here. I blame Mother Nature for this one, and hope to get back to normal when the weather does!

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  1. Did you just apologize bc you couldn't blog bc of wildfires???!?
    I love you but a) don't be silly and b) now I'm worried!! Be safe!
    And why would they rename their stuff! Grrrr!

  2. Oh my goodness, I hope everything is ok for you with the Wildfires...hang in there!! It may be "light on words" but this is still a great post! Can I tell you have I have yet to purchase a Portofino shirt! I see them featured here and they look SO great every time, I'm like "I need one"! Then I get to the store, and maybe I'm overwhelmed by the selection, and I see them there on the hangars, and I think "that's just a shirt...I don't need one"....but then the cycle starts again when I see them styled here on your blog....
    ...I think I may be crazy, LOL!!
    Anyway, take care and be safe!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  3. LOL - I like the words..... I have to say I don't get the bloggers who only post pictures. I mean HOW DO THEY afford it???? I had to save, aka not shop, and wait for a sale to purchase a Tory Burch bag. I will use it ALL summer and into Fall. I am sure I will keep it to pass down to some girl sometime. That's how big a deal it was for me. Anyhow, your picture's are nice.....I love your writing though. So tell Blair thanks but us "real" girls write on our blogs and we often repeat items.
    xo, Lee

  4. oh pfffft i love the words! haha.
    and boo to designer only duds. girl i can barely afford the clothes you post!
    also, a friend of mine told me that once, after i sent her a couple of outfit pics (back in the day when i was taking them, like last month) and i was like.. er..... and she said i should call it the 'accidental fashionista' and i was like, that is awfully assuming to call myself a fashionista haha. anyway, i didnt tell her. cause she's kinda like Blair as well.

  5. Great post! It's OK to write long posts. Sometimes, I wish I only have to post pictures (that's easy!), but I want to share a bit more than just clothing. I enjoy reading your posts, I can tell how stylish and amazing person you are. <3

  6. Hope you are staying safe!! So scary what is happening there. The blogging world will understand if you take a break, haha! Great post, as always Gina! Hope you have a good weekend!!

  7. Lol that's funny, the "irony."
    And goodness, my buddy just got evacuated, be safe >.<


  8. Stay safe my friend!! Nothing wrong with just looking at pictures but it's nice to get a little background information about the person your looking at time to time. I however love to remix clothing in my closet. I find it to be fun to create new looks as well as inspiring since most of us can't afford 365 new outfits!

    Have a great weekend love!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  9. Please be safe! I've been thinking about you. And please continue your "wordy" posts. You are so smart, clever, and funny. I look forward to your writings.

  10. Thanks for this fun post and for the linking to "Fashion item Friday" Gina! Chemo was grueling, took too long today. But grateful HM was with me each minute. We had a couple of movies we brought to laugh our way through but when the movies were done we weren't'. urgh. The had a new computer system that was driving them nuts and then some of the meds had to be IV form instead of pills. So that is why I am awake now because I had a big nap then HAD TO WAKE up and take some anti-swelling pills. Thanks for your support for all summer, I will need it, man!!!! Thanks for linking to "Fashion item Friday". soooo appreciate you! ♥, Renae

  11. Stay safe out there first of all. I heard about the awful fires. Hope no more. Mother nature has become a beast lately mixing around the seasons (I am back in boots and coats, here), with all the global warming and such.

    Secondly, I love it that despite all of that bad natural stuff, happening in CA you still have such a fun spirit and awesome sense of humor. I too cannot relate at all to the Blairs out there who love all the big-name fashion blogs or I cannot relate to the big-name fashion bloggers who even have their own photographers snap their perfect head-to-toe designer outfits with their perfectly coiffed hair and perfect makeup. I like you, keep it real. I don't have a fancy camera (which is OK). But worse of all I don't have time or even see it feasible (as I live in a huge capital city) to take photos outside. I take my own pictures at the comfort of my home, usually before going out for the day and that is that. =D

    Hope your weekend is splendid. =) Ada.

  12. Wow, from what I've seen on the news, you have NOTHING to apologize about!! The fires look so scary, I can't even imagine how it must feel to see that happening so close to your community.

    On a more positive note, I love the round up of blogger outfits in this post. Everyone's looks are so bright and fun for this time of year.

    Stay safe,
    Something About That

  13. I don't have TV, so I get all my news from fellow bloggers...sorry to hear about the wildfires...hope your life returns to normal soon. :( Regarding pictures vs. words...when I first started looking at blogs i NEVER read the words...I only wanted to see pictures...i NEVER commented, bc I didn't feel like I had anything to add. When I first started blogging, I had mostly pictures until a friend told me that she wanted to hear what I had to say. I guess this proves that the world is full of different people...I still always look at the pictures first and my friend still comments more on what I say than what I wore, so I guess that's why it's great to have both. Besides...you are hilarious and a good writer and it looks like your "public" loves that. :)

  14. I loved that outfit when Carylee posted it. I'm going to check out some of the other blogs too (all new to me). Before I really started blogging about fashion, I mainly followed the bigger blogs too. Now that I'm more in this world, I am finding more inspiration here! You are right, it's so much easier to see people wearing (and rewiring) normal clothes! Hope you are safe. Sorry about the fires!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  15. I love your posts and aren't words kind of necessary for us bloggers? lol I hope you are safe with the fires. I totally understand how scary it is. I was evacuated once when I lived in Cali and I had family evacuated just last week. Scary stuff. Stay safe. I have a feeling summer is going to be scary down there in So Cal. xo ~ The Fashionista Momma

  16. But I love your blog, we all do! Can I let you in on a secret? I'm tired of the big name fashion blogs. All of them are backed by PR companies and they get paid to blog. What's organic about that? Now don't get me wrong, everyone has a place for their blog but I miss being able to read blogs without seeing courtesy of after every piece of clothing they are wearing. I miss the "regular girl" aspect of it!

    And thank you for featuring me again Gina :) I hope this week has been better than the last! The fires were scary.


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