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Friday Favorites 11/15/19

Welcome to another round of Friday Favorites! This post is mostly a recap of my so-called favorite outfits for the the week. And by so-called favorite, I just mean they were the only ones decent enough to post here! Aside from that I haven't had many other blog-worthy favorites lately. Maybe that will change as we inch closer to the holidays, maybe not. Only time will tell, but for now I'll just get started with the outfits of the week!

Style Challenge Style
I recently started digging up old Style Challenge prompts on Pinterest to give me some inspiration for getting dressed every day. It really helps me to have one idea to get started on an outfit instead of staring at my closet and feeling overwhelmed. For November I picked this Neutral November Style Challenge because sounds right up my alley. This week's outfit prompts are taken directly from that list, but I don't necessarily follow the order of the prompts. I just pick one that jumps out at me on any given day!

Grey Tones:
Similar Jacket (Exact- my color sold out) | Tee | Jeans | Similar Necklace | Shoes (c/o) | Nail Polish

Well, I didn't go all out with grey tones...just one grey tone. But I'd say I kept in the spirit of Neutral November all the same. I am more likely to layer with my white or black tops than with grey...I think I just like the contrast those colors provide a little better. But I was happy with how this turned out since the jacket is a lighter neutral so it still have me enough contrast for my taste!

White Bottom/Black Top*:

I currently have zero interest in wearing white pants or a white skirt, *so I reversed this and made it white top, black bottom. This is yet another variation of my Foolproof Outfit Formula of Black/White/Blue...whether it's denim or chambray it all works out just about the same in the context of putting an outfit together.

Similar Cami | Similar Cardi, Similar Cardi | Similar Grey Jeans | Shoes | Similar Necklace 

These jeans are grey, despite the fact that they don't really photograph as such at this angle! They are also a little under-used just because I don't have that many shoes I like with them besides my black pumps. But I actually liked them with these mules, so I'm glad this prompt gave me the push to do this!

Just Because:

This didn't fit any theme but I was in a hurry to get dressed on Saturday morning and was happy enough with how this came together that I'm sharing it anyway. It looks like my exact utility shirt is down to just a few sizes (only Large and above), but I did find a similar top from Goodthreads, another Amazon Private Label I've had good luck with. It broke 90° again last weekend so this was as Fall as I could get!

Also Just Because:

Another off the list outfit, totally unrelated to the style challenge. I'm on a roll here! I just felt like wearing this jacket and that was all the inspo I needed to put together this outfit. My jacket is long gone from Amazon but similar styles abound depending on what type of pink jacket you want. A utility jacket like this one from Amazon (with Prime) or LOFT would work here, or this Pink Denim Jacket from H&M

Fall Nails:
My nails in all of the photos above are CND Vinylux Married to the Mauve, except in the outfit with the olive shirt they are OPI Infinite Shine Linger Over Coffee. They look virtually identical in photos depending on the lighting, but in person the former is more plummy (mauve, I guess!) and the latter is more brown.

Fitness Favorite
Cathe Core Max on eBay (under $10) or New ($20)

Every week for Friday Favorites I'm highlighting just one home workout that I love, and this week it's one of my very favorite core workouts, Cathe Friedrich Core Max. Now, I'll say up front that I'm a believer that abs are made in the kitchen, not to mention hugely influenced by genetics, but I still think having a strong core is important for overall fitness. So I don't make any promises that it will give you a six pack, but it will thoroughly and completely work your abdominal muscles and entire core region in an effective and challenging way. This DVD has three complete core workouts on it, and each one is 20 minutes long. It also has three additional Premix workouts on it, which are just different mixed-and-matched segments of the three main workouts. Those are 20-22 minutes in length. Honestly you're getting incredible bang for your buck with this one. You can find this used on eBay for under $10 or brand new on Cathe's site for $20 plus shipping. I love it because it's challenging with a great variety of moves, so you're not bored by doing a thousand crunches in a row.

Equipment Required: Stability Ball, Mat (optional depending on your workout surface), and Cathe uses an 8 lb. Medicine Ball but I am able substitute a 10 lb dumbbell in its place. You can see on the DVD cover how she's holding the med ball between her knees, and that can be tricky, impossible or just unsafe depending on the type of dumbbell you have. Part of the reason I use a 10 lb. instead of 8 like she uses is because my 10 lb. dumbbell has a thicker head and is easier to hold between my knees. But even if you don't have a med ball or dumbbell, you can still get a thoroughly challenging workout without it.

Other Favorites:
Just a few other favorites this week of some random real life stuff!

Feedback...Thank you all for your feedback and support on Monday's post where I vented about my technology frustrations and self-imposed blogging schedule. I know it's completely my own issue and the world doesn't skip a beat if I miss a post, but I'm hard-wired to aim for consistency! I'm definitely working on taking breaks when I need them, but it always helps to hear from others who can relate!

Tradition...I'm planning a Blogger Holiday Dinner with Noelle next month! We have done this almost every year with a mix of different blogger friends who happen to be in town, so I'm calling it a tradition.  In a dream world we'd be getting together with this group of ladies every year just like we did last year, but here's a Flashback Friday of our last Holiday Dinner!

We will miss our non-local friends Charnele, Caryl, and Rachelle but we're making this an annual thing regardless of how many can make it! (By the way, Noelle has the best affordable cardigan styled two ways this week!)

Football...The longer we've lived away from Seattle (we moved here in 2013) the less closely I follow the Seahawks, but I still do keep up somewhat and had to watch their game with the 49ers on Monday night. What a game! This is old news by now but if you happened to watch the game, no matter who you were cheering for it was definitely a memorable one!

Finding...extra money in my Venmo account this week! Woo hoo! My sister-in-law sent me money for a group gift and I realized I had some other funds in there that I hadn't transferred to my bank account. I honestly cannot remember who paid me via Venmo or for what or when, but it's like the 2019 version of finding a $20 bill in your pocket! Ha!

That does it for me today! As usual I'm joining ErikaAndrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites, and on Monday I'll be back with a try-on session that Leopard Print Lovers won't want to miss!



  1. Hahahaha I love your found money in Venmo - it does sound like finding a $20 bill in a pocket! your blogger dinner sounds like fun! I really wish I had some Orlando based friends to get together with but I'll take what I can get with my group from all over the country.
    My favorite outfit is the last one you shared - I love the pink jacket of course. Hope you have a great weekend Gina!

  2. I'm glad the style challenge is inspirign you to create outfits again even without following the prompts!

    your blogger dinner sounds like so much fun - enjoy!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I love finding money, crazy to now find it in online accounts and not just in the laundry from pockets or my bathrobe or jeans, lol. I wish I was in Cali and could attend your blogger get together. What FUN!! You look gorgeous. Hope you have a super sweet weekend! xo

  4. Love that lace cami, pretty. I'll have to check out that workout video too. I went to the gym with Lauren this summer, but now that she's swimming again I find that I just don't go to the gym by myself and it's so much quicker to exercise at home.

  5. I know - I love when I find money. It is amazing how much that $20 means when it is "found". I am with you on white pants. I will wear white in the middle of winter (spring time) but fall feels odd to wear white. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  6. These are all such great looks and all look necklaces look so beautiful too!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  7. You do the best job of overhead selfies. I love your dark nail polish too. I wish I didn't chicken out every time I go to have mine done. Maybe I wouldn't if I had a better feel for the dip colors. How fun to have your blogger Thanksgiving. I love that. Yesterday I was just talking about finding $70 in the wash one time. Katie's babysitting money. She was forever sending $$$ through the laundry. I finally kept it and guess what...that never happened again. LOL (#meanmom #lifelesson) If I hadn't told her finally that I'd found it, she'd have never even realized it was gone...I think that was the worst part. Happy weekend. XOXO

  8. I love it when I forget I have money in my Venmo or Paypal accounts! Your blogger dinner sounds fun and a great tradition! Love all of these neutral outfits! I'm so jealous that you're still wearing shorts!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  9. Finding hidden money is the best! I often find some while doing Nate's laundry ;)

    I'm so excited to continue the tradition, even though we will miss our friends! I wish we could all get together more often. Thanks for the link to my posts too Gina, I appreciate the love :)

  10. oh so many good neutral looks, oh I will miss you guys this year. I had the best holiday last year, so much fun. I found some surprise money too today via RS commission, I wasn't expecting it lol


  11. Hi, Gina! I really like the cami on outfit 2. Thinking I need to get something like that to layer under pieces. Love that your linked the November Style Challenge to Pinterest. I'm going to have to try those out soon. It's been quiet on the blog because I've been cramming to write my first Fashion Ebook - a winter capsule with style advice for each body shape. Phew. Getting day by day. I look forward to back to posting more regularly. I totally get the pressure of a self imposed schedule! It's been crazy working two jobs, one as a professional stylist second as a blogger. Cheers to you!

  12. I'm so jealous of your weather! We went straight from summer to winter with about one day of fall so no cute layers or shorts with boots. I need to go and pin some of those style challenges. It's such a great idea!

  13. I love the idea of picking a challenge and dressing with what's in your closet based on that. I really need to start doing that. I've forgotten some of the things that are in my closet and maybe that would get them back into circulation. I love all of your choices and that jacket in your first one! I love the nail polish (especially the mauvey one). How fun it is to get together with friends and other bloggers during the holidays! I'm excited because my friend's high-school girls' party is coming up in a couple of weeks and I've been included for the past 15 years so it's gotten to the point where it's great to get to see everybody again for that once-a-year event. And I love finding out that I have more money in accounts than I knew I had (especially this time of year). Thanks so much for sharing that workout. I do go to the gym but I have a bunch of equipment at home that I never use :/



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