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Friday Favorites 10/4/19

For the last couple of Fridays I've done a Flashback Friday segment with a re-creation of a past outfit. This week it became a lifestyle! In doing "research" for Flashback Friday I've found plenty of ideas for repeating outfits or pieces I own that could easily be worn again to bring down the cost per wear, never mind the fact that zero people in real life would be like, "Hey, didn't you already wear something like that in September of 2018?" So this week I'm starting with Flashback Friday and linking to the previous post if you're interested.

1. Flashback Friday

Utility Jacket + Jean Shorts: I'm going in chronological order this week since my nail color changes mid-week! That's a separate topic below, but let's start with a fall staple - a utility jacket!

This jacket was a Maurice's find back in the Spring (posted HERE). It's sold out now but utility jackets are a fall staple, so finding a similar option is no problem. In the Spring I wore a similar combo with cognac sandals, and to make it more "fall" I wore cognac ankle boots. So far I am wearing these ankle boots (true to size) sans socks, because I don't have any no-show socks that are low enough to handle the side cut-out on these! Luckily it's been cool enough when I leave the house in the evening to handle the no-socks situation without my feet getting sweaty.

I've shared these $12 earrings a few times now and I'm still loving them. I've noticed my rose gold jewelry gets a lot more love during the fall. I think it just goes well with a lot of fall color palettes. These are a reasonable weight to me -  I don't like heavy earrings, and while they're not as lightweight as something like leather earrings, I don't have a problem wearing them for a few hours at a time.

Utility Shirt + Black Shorts: From utility jacket to utility shirt! I shared this shirt in my September Amazon Reviews reviews but styled it with leggings there to show the length.
Utility Shirt (c/o) | Shorts | Shoes, Similar w/ more Sizes | Necklace | Nail Polish

This is 100% long enough to wear with leggings, but in real life I wore it with shorts. This top has a bit of a relaxed fit, so if you're between sizes go with the smaller size. I wear XS or S in tops and the XS worked well for me with this style. This photo is made me decide I was ready to switch to a fall nail color. I tried to migrate from summer white to pinkish-white before going dark, but that lasted about three days before I was itching for something darker, which brings me to item #2 today!

2. Fall Nails
I wasn't ready for burgundy just yet, but I did want something not white or pinkish-white, so I snagged this color at CVS when I had a coupon for CND Vinylux on one of my 3-foot long receipts!

It's kind of an interesting brownish-plum shade. It reminds me a lot of a L'Oreal color that was my favorite in the 90s! BTW, I went down a Google rabbit hole trying to find the name of the exact shade I wore in the 90s to no avail. It's hard to get very far when all you have to go on is "L'Oreal 90s nail polish." And I was wearing it before the internet became a thing so it's not like people were documenting their #NOTD back then. Oh well. I was hoping that I wouldn't go straight from white to dark polish, and this is pretty dark so that didn't go as planned. But I like the color on my skin tone and so far it's not clashing with what I'm wearing, so I'm going with it for now.

For example, even with my red shirt it still seemed pretty "neutral":

And paired with neutrals it gives the outfit a nice fall touch if I do say so myself. Here are a couple of additional outfits from this week:
Similar CardiganSimilar Cardigan | Similar Cami | Similar Shorts | Geometric Earrings | Similar Shoes | Necklace

By the way, I really do not look this "tan" in real life! The time of day I take these photos and how sunny/cloudy it is on a given day determines how my skin looks. Believe me, I don't mind looking tan at all, but yeah. Lighting is everything as far as that goes.

P.S. The outfit above is also a Flashback Friday outfit. I wore a similar outfit HERE.

And one more neutral, everyday outfit with fall nails:

I angled my neck as best I could to get my earrings in the photo, but they still seem kind of camouflaged in the corner. So I'll just go ahead and give them their own spot as Friday Favorite #3! 

3. Fall Earrings
I bought this exact pair of $12 earrings in Magenta over the summer and loved them, so I was happy to see they added a "burgundy" option for fall!

Now I realize I'm not a Pantone color-naming expert, but to me these have a bit more brown/amber than what I expect from a typical "burgundy." But I didn't mind since I still liked the color, price and the fact that they're very lightweight. They're a fun way to incorporate fall into my outfits even though I'm dressing for warm weather.

4. Ann Taylor Coat Restock
This coat was a winter favorite for me last year, but depending on where you live it might be a great option for fall!

It sold out in most sizes around Black Friday last year but they've re-issued it this year, most likely because it was so popular! This year's version has a "herringbone" pattern up close that mine doesn't have, but it's still the same neutral taupe/grey shade (it also comes in black and navy windowpane). If you're interested in this I recommend sale stalking it - Ann Taylor does have regular sales so no need to pay full price. But if you live in a warm climate get it before it's actually cold enough to wear it or it might sell out again!

5. Fitness Favorites 
I'm back to sharing some fitness content here with a favorite workout of the week! To check out any of my past fitness posts start here for reference. This week's favorite is Cathe ICE To the Mat

I got this workout a few years ago on a reader recommendation (thanks Margaret!) and it's perfect for days when I'm feeling tired or lethargic but still want to do some kind of workout. This entire workout (even the warm up) is done on the floor! Even though it doesn't require a lot of energy, you'll still feel it in the legs and glutes. It has a bonus ab workout that's also great.

Equipment Used: Mat (optional if you're on carpet), Stability Ball, Resistance Band (Option), Resistance Loop (Option).  Optional Equipment: Ankle Weights - Cathe does not use ankle weights but I use them on some exercises, otherwise it's just not challenging enough for me. Cathe also uses a Dumbbell on one exercise but only as a heel lift, so it has to be a type that doesn't have round ends or it will roll away. I find it easier just to use a Yoga Block, but you could easily substitute a low step or a household object to accomplish the same thing if you don't have a square-end dumbbell.

That's it for this week's favorites! Thanks for spending some time with me today and have a great weekend!



  1. Love that Ann Taylor coat. When I was in grad school I had one just like it in yellow and I adored that coat. Wore it until it started getting too warn looking.

  2. I like your new nail colour! :) I tend to wear brights and darks year round but I do wear darker colours more in autumn and winter - I've been wearing a lot of brights since spring arrived! :)

    Hope that you are having a great week :) I've got a scarf giveaway on my blog right now :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I have been thinking about getting a rich burgundy nail shade for fall - and I l like yours. Isn't it funny how you can get lost in looking for something online - and before you know it, so much time has elapsed! I have been thinking about getting a wrap coat for winter. I used to have one - and I love how they look. I hope you have a great Friday - and weekend, too!

    Daily Style Finds

  4. Your mani shade is so pretty! I just love that wrap coat! Looks so cozy and would be perfect for the weather here! I've been slacking the last several weeks with getting to the gym and that sounds like a great leg workout!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Your nails are just gorgeous, what a perfect color for fall! I love the earrings, I love the outfits and I hope you get a beautiful October weekend

  6. I love your new nail color and the 3 ft long receipt comment cracked me up. #sotrue I pretty much wear the same color year round. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. These are such great favorites. Love the Ann Taylor coat!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  8. I love this nail color for Fall, I need to switch it up soon.


  9. Hi Gina! It's been a long time since I've popped in and you're still looking fabulous!!! I've heard great things about the CND Nail Polish. Love the color you picked out. I always have such a hard time choosing a color, but think I want to try the "Arrowhead" hue you picked out. It's perfect for fall! Also ,loving your classic coat. I have a similar version in black and it's a go-to for me in cold weather - so chic! xo-Shannon

  10. Your new nail color is really pretty! I've been going more dark with my nails too. I think I start to change my nails before I start to change my clothes! Haha!


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