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Friday Favorites 10/25/19

Last week I started a little experiment of getting my outfit styling motivation from an older Style Challenge prompt I found on Pinterest. It worked out well for me since it gave me a starting point for each outfit, so I kept it up this week. So today's Friday Favorites is mostly my Favorite Style Challenge prompts of the week (and accompanying outfit) with a little bit of this and that at the end of the post. The original source of the prompts I'm following can be found here, but I'll recap the theme of the day along with each outfit so you don't have to hop back and forth between screens! I did skip around a bit and do some prompts out of order or not at all depending on what made sense for real life, but I still found it a helpful tool for getting dressed.

Style Challenge Style:

Sneak Up

When I got these wedge sneakers at the end of the summer, I wasn't sure how much I'd use them  since sneakers are something I only wear when I have to. Well, every Friday night we have Flag Football so I really "have to" wear sneakers if I want to be comfortable and not break my ankle in heels when we park several blocks away from the field, then trek across the grass fields to our game location. I have other sneakers I could wear, but I like that these look a little more like ankle boots! They're true to size, and you do need some kind of no-show or low rise ankle sock to wear with them.

The next prompt was Scarf Squad, and I decided to skip that since I just haven't felt like wearing scarves lately. In part because we had a heat wave this week with temps in the 90s, but also just because I seem to go in phases with scarves. On to the next prompt which was...

Trail Blazer

I was about to skip the "Trail Blazer" prompt too since a blazer just seemed too constricting and impractical for a work from home day, but then I remember I had this knit blazer. Perfect! It's comfortable and more of a sweatshirt material, so it was much more realistic as an optional layer for my day. There's only one size left in this exact style (XS), but they have re-stocked it in the past when it sold out, it just took awhile. (Like...eight months!) I linked a similar Sweater Blazer above that would serve the same purpose: you get the comfort of knit material but the more polished look of an almost-blazer. I've worn a similar outfit combination before with pants, so I'll drop it in here for reference since I think this combo is great for business casual wear or cooler weather:

The next prompt was "Mad Hatter," and I did have to skip that one entirely. I only wear hats for practical purposes (just like sneakers), and I didn't have a good reason to wear one this week. So that brought me to Faux Fall.

Faux Fall

Our weather is more like No-Fall than Faux Fall right now, and while that does stop me from wearing a lot of stereotypical fall outfits, it doesn't stop me from wearing the colors of the season one way or another! My tank here is "purple heather," and it's nice plum shade in person- not quite as dark as it looks here. I did a Lounge vs. Later version of this outfit since I wanted to be really comfy at home, but a little nicer later in the day for errands and kid's lessons.

This top is a favorite from last Fall, in fact the outfit above is almost an exact repeat of the first time I wore it. It also ended up being part of my Thanksgiving outfit of the day last year! Here's a look at how I've worn it in the past:
RIGHT: Top | Similar Pants | Similar Necklace | Similar Boots | Handbag (c/o Shopbop) 

The next prompt was Sweater Weather, and with our October heat wave I decided to save that for another day when I can put one of my new sweaters to good use. The forecast says it will be "chilly" on Monday...highs will only in the upper 70s! Ha!

Mix & Match

The "Mix & Match" theme took a little creativity, but I decided to mix and match "old" pieces (my shorts and sandals are several years old) and new pieces like this wrap sweater and cami. I gave myself mental bonus points for the mix & match stripes on the cami! I really didn't need the cardigan due to the weather, but I did want to try layering this cami since I purchased it with the intention for it to be a fall layering piece since it has a dark background and fall-hued stripes. BTW, it's on sale for Under $15 right now! I recommend ordering whatever size you get in a Barcelona/Downtown Cami from Express. I'm wearing an XS here, which is typical for me in relaxed fit tops like this. It's also very breathable, which was perfect for our heatwave.

I skipped the next prompt for personal preference (Denim on Denim), but the last prompt I'm sharing this week is "Nailed It," which is a perfect segue into my nails of the week:

Nails of the Week:

My Fall 2019 Nail Quest continued this week as I tried another new-to-me color, CND Married to the Mauve. My last two shades had a lot more brown and this one has a lot more purple in it! The funny thing is, when I look back at my photos over the last month since I've been experimenting with different nail colors each week, I can hardly tell the difference between the few I've tried! They look different in person but really similar in photos. In this week's photos I'm pretty sure I wore OPI Linger Over Coffee up until Faux Fall, when my nails are this shade. At any rate, I think I'm set with fall nail colors now!

Fitness Favorite:
This week's fitness favorite is my all time favorite lower body workout: Butts & Guts by Cathe.

This workout is 78.5 minutes long, but I generally don't do the whole thing all in one go, because some segments are "Bonus" work that are better as add-ons to another workout. For example, it has two complete, challenging abdominal workouts (the "guts" portion, if you will), each one around 15-20 minutes. There's no need to do both of those in one day! As for the "butts" part, trust me, you will feel it there! In addition to the usual squats and lunges, Cathe has some more original moves here that really work the glutes. All of Cathe's DVDs are chaptered, so just like a book, you can jump around to different segments depending on which body parts you want to work and how much time you have to work out in a given day. This is rated an Advanced DVD on Cathe's site, and I do agree, but I think you can modify to an intermediate level by using lighter weights if needed.

Equipment Used: This workout does require a fair amount of equipment. I use several sets of dumbbells (8s, 15s, 20s), ankle weights, an adjustable step (used at 6" and 14" height), a stability ball and a resistance loop. Cathe uses a barbell, but I substitute dumbbells for those moves since I don't have a barbell. 

I know all of the equipment can really add up to make working out at home seem a lot more expensive than a gym membership, but for me it's really paid off over the long run. It does cost a lot up front getting all of the weights and equipment and a few workouts to start, but now I hardly ever buy new workouts or equipment. The main reason I like working out at home now is that it saves me a lot of time! I totally understand liking a gym environment for motivation, but if you're put off by the up-front cost of working out at home, just know that if you're committed to it, you really will save money in the long run.

Other Favorites:
My other favorites this week were allergy meds (hot and dry weather makes my allergies go crazy) and Amazon Prime for getting my kids set with Halloween costumes without having to set foot in a store! I'm also currently listening to The Dutch House on Audible, narrated by none other than Tom Hanks! I've found that I really enjoy familiar voices as narrators...there's just something soothing about it that makes me feel like a friend is keeping me company all day. I'm enjoying the book so far, though I'm ready to say it's amazing or anything, but it's still been a favorite part of my week.

And that's it for me today! As always I'm joining up with ErikaAndrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites and planning to be back here again on Monday with an October Outfit Recap!



  1. Love what you’ve created with the style challenges. And that nail color is perfect for Fall. Have a wonderful weekend beautiful. xo

  2. That black cardigan and olive green jeans is my favorite, which reminded me I have green jeans that I forgot I had! I agree about book/podcast narrators. There is something about the voice - and familiar voice. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  3. I do love a comfortable jersey blazer - most of my blazers are that material now, so nice to wear! :) I think the last outfit is my fave though, love the pink cardi with that outfit :)

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you!

    Away From Blue

  4. I bought those wedge sneakers too and love them - I was so surprised at just how comfortable they are. Your trail blazer outfit is my favorite - you look stunning! I love your nail color too - so pretty. I need to paint my nails now! Have a wonderful weekend Gina!

  5. These are all great looks, but especially love the dark plum top!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  6. Love when you re-share outfits because they all feel new to me. This nail color is gorgeous.

  7. You are adorable! The outfits all look great on you. I need to check out that nail polish... love the color Married to Mauve!

  8. I love your exercise video reviews and your segments on working out generally. You inspired me to start working out at home last year and it's really helped me get back into shape. My husband and I have a gym membership (free through his work), but it's hard to fit into my schedule with two young kids. Now, I get up early and do most of my workouts at home before the kids are out of bed. I especially like Cathe's strength training videos and have several that you recommended. Thank you!

    1. Thank you SO much for commenting and letting me know you enjoy the fitness segment! I have been testing the waters with this, so to speak, and it can be tough to tell what resonates with people or not. I totally understand about the struggles of going to the gym with little ones! And I'm always glad to hear from another Cathe fan! I honestly don't think I would have been happy working out at home long term if not for her!

  9. That is a beautiful nail color! I love the idea of dressing using a prompt; what a fun way to take a new look at your own wardrobe.

  10. You have nail polish color picking SKILLS! I love the colors you have been wearing lately! Your style prompts are a fun idea to mix up your closet. I might have to look into that!

  11. You really get to be creative with those style prompts! Your striped cami/pink cardi combo is so cute! That workout sounds killer! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  12. Cute looks you have here dear. My fave is the third outfit, really pretty pop of color from those fab heels.
    Jessica |


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