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Shopbop Sale + September Update

It's the last Wednesday of the month, which means it's time for a monthly update! As usual I'll be answering these prompt questions, but I'm switching it up this month and starting with "what I'm excited about," and that is The Shopbop Sale that starts today! This is their best sale! Take 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500 with code: STOCKUP19.

The Shopbop Sale portion of this post was created in partnership with Shopbop. Thanks to Shopbop for sponsoring the items I'm highlighting today as well as any other items that are designated as courtesy of (c/o) Shopbop.

If you're reading this post first very early in the morning on Wednesday, The Shopbop Sale will be Early Access only. It opens to the public at 7:18 AM Eastern so check back after that time if you don't have Early Access. It lasts until Saturday, 9/28 at 4 AM Eastern, so plan accordingly!

While Shopbop carries a really great selection of designer items, today I'm highlighting just a couple of my favorite brands that are a little bit more affordable (under $100 for clothing and under $200 for shoes with the sale pricing) and well worth it in my opinion!

BB Dakota (Jackets!)
Jacket by BB Dakota | Similar Tee | Similar Jeans | Necklace | Similar Boots | Tory Burch Handbag (c/o) (Fleming Shoulder Bag)

You all know I love my jackets! I love to dress pretty simply with basic tees and jeans, but adding a great jacket makes all the difference. The outfit becomes more visually interesting and looks more polished and put together with the easy addition of a great jacket. Express and BB Dakota are my top two brands for "Outfit Making" Jackets. The jacket I'm wearing above is sold out from last year, but their current "Off the Clock" jacket (shown in the graphic below) is very similar to mine and included in the sale! This light grey is a great neutral color for mixing and matching, the knit material is very comfortable (you basically feel like you're wearing a hoodie) and the style is easy to dress up and down.

Here are a few current styles from BB Dakota at Shopbop that would be perfect for fall. And they're all under $80 with sale code!
Shop BB Dakota: Ain't It Cool | Off the Clock | Up to Speed

Sam Edelman (Boots!)

If you need some quality, classic boots for fall, Sam Edelman has really great options. These are the only items I'm highlighting today that are over $100, but shoes are definitely an area where you get what you pay for. If you've followed me for awhile you know I love my Target shoes too, and I don't mind the quality for the price on when it comes to more trendy shoes. But for more classic styles, Sam Edelman is my go-to for when I want a little higher quality and good comfort. I got the Hai Boots last year and I loved them! The heel height is perfect at 2.75", and the stacked heel style makes them really comfortable  for standing and walking. They're great for pairing with skirts and dresses, or just for polished casual wear like the outfit above.

Here are some of the classic styles that have great reviews that I either own or have on my wishlist!
Shop Sam Edelman Shoes: Hai | Winona | Penny | Hilty

Le Specs (Sunglasses!)
Sunglasses by Le Specs (Matriarch) | Similar Jacket | Tee | Necklace | Earrings | Similar Jeans | Similar Shoes (c/o) | Kate Spade Handbag (c/o) (Margaux Medium Satchel) 

In the majority of my blog photos I'm wearing prescription sunglasses from Firmoo (my exact style is long gone), but in the summer I wore contacts more often, so I needed non-Rx sunglasses to go with those. During the last Shopbop sale I got the Matriarch Style from LeSpecs and loved having them all summer! This exact style is already marked down to under $50, so it may go quickly during the sale! But in general this line has some glam styles similar to Karen Walker, Prada, etc. but for much less.
Shop Le Specs Sunglasses: Jealous Games | Air Heart | Liar Liar

Since I'm showing some of the additional styles here, I should mention that I tried the "Air Heart" style after seeing it on a few other bloggers, and they were definitely too big for my face. And I do like big sunglasses! They look great on other people, but sadly I had to return those. I also have a pair of the "Liar Liar" style and those are bigger than the Matriarch but smaller than the Air Heart. I haven't worn them as much just because they're the tortoise color and I thought I'd want that for variety/matching different outfits, but it turns out I generally just reach for black sunglasses! Anyway, I realize this is not the most helpful without visuals comparing them on my face, but I would have liked this information before I made my selections, so there you go!

Before I wrap up the Shopbop sale talk and move on to the other updates, I should also add that if you're looking to splurge on a handbag, this sale is the best time! My favorite brands to browse are typically these four:

I'm actually trying not to look at bags for this sale so I don't get tempted! I'm pretty content with my handbag collection right now, whereas some of my boots could really use an update so I'm focusing on that instead!

That's it for "What I'm Excited About," so here are the rest of the What's Up Wednesday prompts I'm answering this month!

What I'm eating this week: What I refer to as "Adult Lunchables," a.k.a. Oscar Meyer Natural Plates. I really hate making food at lunchtime - I'm usually in a hurry to finish up as much work as I can before my kids get home from school, so I don't want to spend a lot of time on food prep or clean up. I actually bought a couple of these for my son to try for his lunch at school, but he wasn't interested so I decided to eat them myself. Now I'm hooked and am trying all the flavors!
My current favorite is the Buffalo Style Chicken Breast + Monterey Jack Cheese, with the Turkey + White Cheddar in second place.

What I've been up to: Work, parenting, blogging, weekend date nights, and reading. The usual around here. I might as well copy and paste this answer every month!

What I'm working on: Some little blog changes here and there. For one thing I'm trying to cut back to taking "Posed/Staged Outdoor" photos just once per week. For the last two years I've been doing it twice a week (Saturday and Sunday) and I'm burning out a little, so I'm seeing if I can make do with blog content without that extra photo session. I'm also trying to add back just a teeny bit of fitness content on Fridays (see last Friday's post for example). This is something I used to do more often, then I needed a break or just time to figure out a way to share it that made sense for me and was still helpful to readers. So I'm testing the waters again and we'll see how it goes! I'm also putting a new spin on my Flashback Friday segment starting on Friday so I hope you'll stop by and see!

What I'm dreading: The pile of laundry that needs to be put away when I finish this post. It never ends!

What I'm watching: Dancing with the Stars, Season 28. So far James van der Beek looks tough to beat, and Lamar Odom is painful to watch! It's funny, my husband and sons insist they're not interested in this show, but they seem to find their way over to the TV and have plenty to say when certain celebrities are on!

What I'm reading: Hello, Darkness by Sandra Brown. It was free with Kindle Unlimited and I've enjoyed this author in the past so I gave it a chance. It's entertaining enough for a "free" book but not a must read.

What I'm listening to: What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon on Audible. This was also a free audiobook with Kindle Unlimited. After I buy a few new releases (i.e. more expensive) I try to balance it out with some lower priced/free with KU options. This one was slow starting for me and I almost quit reading, but now I'm actually enjoying it. It's reminding me of a PG-13 version (mostly PG) of Outlander if you've read that book.

What I'm Wearing: Still in summer clothes here! Temps are in the 80s most days (down from 90s earlier this month- hooray!) so I'm just trying to stay cool and comfortable. I've also been reaching for my dresses when I have some kind of event or appointment that merits wearing something other than shorts!

What I'm doing this weekend: Friday nights are Flag Football games, then Saturday and Sunday are errands, blogging, more kids activities/lessons/practices etc. And we usually throw in a date night on Saturday night for good measure! This is another answer where I could copy and paste almost every month. It's the school year grind and not much changes month-to-month. But I was talking to my mom about this on the phone the other day, and while none of this stuff sounds especially exciting, I'll take routine any day over any number of big challenges life can hand you!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Well, for the past decade I would have said I was excited for Halloween in October, but I have to say it's just not quite as adorable and exciting with tweens/teens as it is with younger kids! I think I need to read some Fall bucket lists to get inspired to put some more fun things on the calendar around here.

And that's the latest for this month! Can't wait to hear what you all have been up to lately!

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  1. This is really the sale I should be saving up for! I need to remember that - I'd love a TB bag. I love jackets too and there are so many cute, lightweight versions that add so much to an outfit. I'm bringing several on my trip!
    The adult lunchables are a great idea. I need quick lunches too. I say cheers for the everyday same routine thing - there is a lot of joy to be found in that, especially when it's all the good stuff family memories are made of!
    Have a great Wednesday Gina!

  2. The author is right, this is the last week of September. You don’t buy it at this time, when to buy it, next month’s clothes will be bought next month.

  3. These are great finds from the sale, thanks for sharing! I got the early access but I'm trying to be good and not spend too much with Christmas looming, haha!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  4. I always look forward to this sale - and then I struggle with trying to be as strategic as I can with what I buy. You always pick out great pieces. I don't know how you juggle everything you do - and write the great blog content and take pictures! Hope you have a great day!

    Daily Style Finds

  5. Oh, I didn't realize that the Shop Bop sale was today. I like that Dakota Jacket.

  6. Love all of your sale picks! I need to try those "lunchables". I tend to grab whatever is easy at lunchtime and that usually ends up being things like cookies or chips. I agree, Halloween just isn't like it used to be with an older teen. Now we do things like fall festivals and haunted houses together.

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. Love your shopbop picks, and at this point you have the best jacket collection. Now that my vacation is over life is pretty much back to boring so if you do find a great Fall bucket list, please share it with me lol


  8. Love this sale. Totally with you! I would take routine over challenges any day! I hope you have a super sweet Wednesday my friend!

  9. Such great looks and love your shop bop favorites!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  10. Thanks for the Shopbop tips. I've yet to buy anything from that sale...maybe this will be the one? Congrats on cutting back on your photoshoots. They really are a pain...LOL. I'm going to look for some of those "adult lunchables" They look perfect for days when I'm just not feeling it. XO

  11. Your shoe collection is to die for. I could only imagine your closet

  12. I love this sale- and BB Dakota jackets are always on my list, too!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Great jacket and boot picks! It’s funny that this year you are not as into Halloween. This is the very first year that I actually might be excited about it! Hahaha. My kids are 6 and 8 and I think it is their favorite holiday. I finally stocked up on decorations at the end of last year so I can make it special for them.


  14. Would you believe I don't know what Shopbop is?? I've heard of it. Just don't know what it is! How can I be a blogger that claims to live in fashion some??? lol. Ah well, I'll research just as soon as I have more time. Until then, you look fabulous.

  15. I actually prefer the mirror selfies to the "out and about" that weird? I feel like I get a better sense of the outfit and the details that way. Either way, you're doing awesome! Thanks for all you do every week! :)

    1. That's not weird at all! I've read some articles that say mirror selfies do better on Instagram, so you are certainly not alone. I have had a hard time getting good lighting for mirror selfies lately (well...for the last year + since I went back to work) but I agree with you - if they're well lit they seem to capture an outfit just as well as other photos. Who knows, at some point I might just cut this type of photo out again. It would definitely be easier!

  16. Isn't it funny how we have different standards for free books?! Haha! Whenever I get a free book I finish and don't hate it's a win for me! I love the Shopbop sale for whenever I want a designer item for a good price! It's so nice!

  17. Loving your picks from the shopbop sale - a good jacket and pair of boots are essential for fall!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  18. I just placed my order today and got two skirts from BB Dakota! I really love the brand, so I'm hoping the skirts work! It's such a great sale, and I agree that it's the best time to stock up on essentials like boots and bags. Sam Edelman makes the chicest shoes, and I love all of your picks Gina! You'll have to update us if you get anything.


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