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Ten Amazon Athleisure Favorites

For Friday Favorites today I'm going all Amazon, all Athleisure today! I wasn't really an early adopter of the Athleisure trend since generally I prefer to be a little more dressed up, just for personal preference. Not dresses and pumps dressed up, just jeans a nice top. But as function of lifestyle changes, my Athleisure apparel has started taking up more of my closet space. It's especially happened in the past year with the switch to working from home. I'm actually at home more these days than I was as a "stay at home" mom! So today I'm highlighting ten of my Amazon Athleisure favorites that are Closet Staples in the ultra-comfy, ultra-casual section of my closet!

1. Fleece Shorts
T-Shirt | Shorts (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings | Sandals (c/o)

These shorts are new to me this summer but you've already seen them in a few top view posts. They are ridiculously soft! I probably didn't need another pair of fleece shorts like this since I already have a black and grey pair from Target, but the pink called my name so I gave them a chance and I'm so glad I did! They have pockets, they're only $12 and they're cute and extremely comfortable. What more could you want? They run a little big to me, so even if you want a relaxed fit, just go with your normal size.

2. Cozy Fleece Jacket

Obviously it's way too hot to wear this right now, but I can't do an athleisure post without it! If you like the coziness of Barefoot Dreams Cardigans, blankets, etc. you will love this jacket! It's true to size and the perfect stay-warm layer. While cardigans are great too, I like that this zips up completely. Sometimes when it's cold I end up wrapping my cardigan around me like a robe, but it never stays that way. You won't have that problem with this jacket!

3. Joggers

These joggers are lightweight, affordable and true to size. I am extremely picky about the fit of joggers...most are baggy or bunchy in all the wrong places, but these are just right! That may vary with your body type, but they're definitely worth giving a chance. They also come in a Full length version (which I have in grey), and personally I think I prefer the full length version. While I like the look of cropped joggers (and I style my full length joggers to look cropped), hen I wore these around the house last Spring, I would often find my ankles got cold. I wanted to pull the pant leg down to cover them...but couldn't! I thought maybe I'd reach for these more in the summer when my ankles wouldn't get could, but as it turns out, I just end up reaching for shorts in warm weather. Again this just comes down to personal preference and lessons learned, but just sharing my experience in case it helps you decide which length to choose.

4. T-Shirt Hoodie

My regular readers are probably sick of seeing this t-shirt hoodie, but again...I can't write this post without including it! This is also a travel staple for me - I pack it in my suitcase every time I am going on a trip with my family! I end up wearing it for lounging, throwing on as a layer at night, or wearing it under a coat like I did in Big Bear:

I usually wear an XS or Small in tops depending on the cut and fit, and I went with a Small in this because I wanted the extra length for wearing it with leggings. I'm 5'4", and you can see in the photo above that it has enough length to cover the essentials with leggings! I've washed it multiple times but I do hang it to dry to preserve the length.

5. Ballerina Leggings

Not only have I been a slow adopter of athleisure, I've been a slow adopter of leggings in any print/color other than black! But these ballerina leggings were just too cute, and I figured if I can wear blue jeans all the time, why not blue leggings? I tried another angle here to give you a better look at the mesh detail that makes up the "leg warmer" part of the leggings:

They're true to size and a nice medium weight. The fabric is actually softer than I was expecting for this type of fitness legging. I checked out the reviews on these to see if there was anything else I should address. Reviews were a little mixed on how much compression these offer and whether they're workout or athleisure leggings, and I think that just comes down to personal preference. For me they can be both, but if you favor strong compression leggings for workouts, you'll probably find these best for athleisure only.

I did also get these in black because that's my comfort zone, but as you can see, the mesh detail doesn't really show as well with the darker fabric, so the "ballerina" effect is lost unless you're in the right lighting.

I'll still find reasons to wear both pairs of these leggings, but I recommend going with one of the lighter colors if you really want the mesh detail to show.

6. Striped Zip-Up Hoodie :

You'd think I might not need a zip-up and pullover version, (Favorite #4 above) of practically the same thing, but the reality is I really use both and like having both options. The zip-up version is just a little bit warmer and thicker. The pullover is great on its own as a shirt, and it's great as an "underneath layer" (shown above). But I don't like the pullover as much as an outer layering option. If I get warm throughout the day I don't like having to pull it over my head (and mess up my hair) to take it on and off throughout the day. The zip up version is much easier for an outer layer! The outfit above is what I wore to Knott's Berry Farm, except the sweatshirt ended up around my waist the entire time due to the heat (as seen in the front view further down in this post). It's a pretty basic piece that's comfortable and true to size (I took an XS in this). It's certainly not fashion forward but I have no regrets about buying this it because it's so functional for my lifestyle.

7. Daily Ritual Leggings

While the Ballerina leggings above are more on the athletic side of athleisure, these Daily Ritual fleece leggings would definitely be more suited to leisure activities! These have replaced my Express Sexy Stretch leggings as my favorite everyday casual leggings because they're simply more comfortable. They're not the same type of fleece material as the pink shorts above (Favorite #1)...they're thinner. But not too thin! They're true to size and under $20. Some color/size combinations are sold out right now but keep an eye out for a re-stock since Amazon has re-stocked staple basics like this and the t-shirt hoodie in the past!

8. Burnout Tee

I love a good basic white tee (see all of my favorite white v-neck tees in this post) but this Alexander + David Burnout Tee is my favorite for athleisure outfits. It's simple but has two key things going for it that make it work well for athleisure wear. First, the "burnout" name means it's kind of sheer and lightweight, which is nice when it's hot outside or you're actually doing something athletic and want a lightweight, breathable tee. Second, it's longer in the torso than most of my other favorite t-shirts, which lends itself well to a side-knot. I like doing a side knot like this when I'm wearing joggers (as shown in Favorite #3 where I'm wearing this exact tee ) or any kind of sporty shorts. It was initially long enough to wear with leggings, but it did shrink a bit after I washed and dried it, so it's not long enough for leggings anymore. I finally caved and ordered this in black because I don't have a good black tee for a side-knot. I'm wearing my black Madewell tee in Favorite #1, but that one just doesn't stay in the knot as well as this one and with my athleisure-friendly lifestyle lately, I know I'll get good use out of it. I'm wearing a Small in this and I think it's true to size.

9. Black Sneakers

These days I'm really trying to pare down my shoe collection to only my most functional, versatile options. They just take up too much space and I'm maxed out right now, so it's a strict one in, one out situation. That said, I have found that having one pair of grey sneakers and one pair of black sneakers is all I need. I've gotten rid of my Converse and other sneaker styles. Granted, I'm really not a sneaker person so if I'm wearing sneakers it's because I have to, not for fashion or fun. I totally get that some people love sneakers the way I love ankle boots so they may want more pairs! But two pair of sneakers is enough for me. My exact Nike Sneakers are the Internationalist style (purchased on Amazon) and they're few years old. So I can't link to the exact pair, but any black pair from your favorite brand will do, or you can try this similar pair from Nike. I tend to reach for these a lot when I'm wearing an athleisure outfit with black leggings, as shown above or in Favorite #2, #4 (second outfit) and #5!

10. Grey Sneakers 

I added a grey pair of sneakers to my athleisure collection last summer and I'm loving them! I tend to reach for these more when I need to pair sneakers with shorts or jeans. (See Favorite #6 and #8 above for examples.) With shorts especially I just think they grey looks better against my bare legs, and apparently Kate Middleton agrees based on her recent appearance in shorts plus grey New Balance sneakers! I'm in good company! But the grey also works with black joggers or black leggings too, so if I could only have one pair of sneakers I think I'd go with these. But I do like having both, and tend to choose the black if I know there's a good chance they'll get dirty.

My exact New Balance sneakers are still in stock. They're really comfortable - my mom even has a pair and loves hers too! A lot of the reviews said to go a half size up in these, but that did not work out for me. I initially ordered a half size up and they were too big, so I ended up taking my normal size.

That brings me to the end of my top ten Amazon Athleisure favorites! And frankly, I think that encompasses pretty much all of my athleisure favorites. Except for my sold-out Target joggers, I can't think of any other athleisure favorites I have that didn't come from Amazon! Let me know if you have any athleisure must-haves from Amazon or elsewhere that have proven to be closet staples for you that I should consider getting. Id you's like to Pin this post for future reference, here's a recap of some favorites from this post:

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  1. I had never heard of ballerina leggings but they look so neat! That mesh detail is fun! I am slow to embrace athleisure as well but I do have a few piece I'd categorize as such and I'm actually thinking that is the majority of what I'll be packing on our upcoming trip to Europe. And I'm with you about the joggers - they do tend to bag out in all the wrong places so finding a good pair is like spotting a unicorn! Have a great weekend!

  2. I am totally getting that fleece jacket. So very cute, well, everything you wear is CUTE! Being comfy in athleisure is a fav of mine. Have a great weekend beautiful! xo

  3. I love the ballerina leggings, so cute! I don't have any athleisure wear in my wardrobe but I do love a casual outfit for a stay at home mum day - basic tees are such a staple in my wardrobe, but I pair with jeans or maxi skirts :) Isn't it funny how our style changes? before kids came along I did a big declutter of my wardrobe to be more 'grown up' with less tees, now I work less, have more time off and I'm adding all the tees to my wardrobe again, ha!

    Hope that your week has been a good one and you have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  4. I bought that fleece jacket - after your recommendation - and it is the best jacket (so cozy and warm!). And, people compliment me when I wear it, which I find a bit surprising because it is just a fleece jacket, but it is a stylish fleece jacket - and you can't beat the price! I am with you - I am not a sneaker person. I have tried to be - but it is not me. Although, I kind of like this white sneaker thing with the black jeans and black top style happening right now. If I can find some comfy Nike white sneakers I might give it a try. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  5. I like those joggers and the fleece jacket. The color of that jacket is really pretty and I basically live in fleece in the winder when I'm home.

  6. This is such a great roundup! Those ballerina leggings are so fun! Your cozy fleece jacket is something I might need this fall! Love the color too! Have a wonderful weekend Gina!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. You have a great collection of athleisure wear! I love those ballerina leggings! I've never seen those before and they are so cute! I love your striped hoodie too!

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  13. So many great looks! I need to take a closer look at all these amazing amazon fashion finds!


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