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Outfits Lately + Friday Faves 8/23/19

Well, it really feels like summer is ending since the kids went back to school this week in our neck of the woods. The last couple of weeks were a more than a little hectic returning from vacation and getting prepped for school. It was almost crazy enough to makes me glad to be back in a normal routine again even tough I'm sad summer is unofficially over. Summer just goes by way too fast, but at least it was a good one filled with fun activities and family time. As for today, I have some everyday outfits and a random assortment of Friday Favorites, so here we go!

Outfits Lately:

Believe it or not, we hadn't been to the beach all summer as a family so that was on our unofficial bucket list before the kids went back to school. My kids themselves had been quite a few times with their regular Summer Day Camp group and then even more with a Surf Camp they did, so no need to feel bad for them not getting to go to the beach despite living in San Diego! They go a lot! At any rate, our family beach day meant I finally got to put my Daily Ritual Romper to the real life test. I've worn it around the house quite a bit this summer, but I wanted to try it out and see if I minded wearing it in public and using public bathrooms and such. Honestly it was no big deal at all. I had definitely overblown that issue in my mind. Maybe since I was wearing a swimsuit underneath it, I didn't feel like I had to fully undress to use the restroom, or because we were at the beach and people are changing all over the place anyway it didn't matter. Either way, this makes a great swim cover up! It was certainly convenient to have just one piece to grab and go instead of choosing separates.

I feel the same about this romper as I do my jumpsuit from Daily Ritual (posted here), which is that I do like having it on hand as an option but don't see myself collecting more of these in other colors or styles. I still prefer separates most of the time, but I can't deny that these are convenient to have on hand for these situations.

For size reference this is true to size and on the roomy side at that, especially on top. If you're between sizes, go with the smaller of the two. Like most Daily Ritual pieces I've tried it's great quality made with a nice thick, comfortable and soft knit material.

Well that was a lot of chatter about just one piece! Here are a few other recent outfits I haven't gotten around to sharing anywhere else on the blog!

Striped Wrap Top + Jean Shorts:
Top | Necklace | Similar Shorts | Handbag (c/o) | Sandals (c/o) [Similar for Less w/ more sizes]

This LOFT top was part of my summer quest to find a few non-basic tops to wear with jeans or shorts. It does come a tiny bit lower than I would really prefer, but it does have a built in snap to keep it from gaping open so at least that helps. It's true to size, though sizes are almost sold out on this exact option. LOFT always seems to have a good selection of wrap tops, so if this one is sold out in your size you might be able to find another color/print from their selection that you like.

Grey Knit Moto Jacket + Black Shorts:

I've shared this jacket probably a dozen times on the blog since I got it last Spring, but I wore it again for school registration day last week. That was after my 7th grader did not approve the first two tops I planned to wear! (They were kind of boho/peasant style tops if you're wondering!) It's getting more difficult by the year to avoid being an embarrassing parent, but I keep trying!

Black Blouse + Camo Shorts:

This outfit is almost exactly the same as what I wore in this post from May except with a dressier blouse instead of the long sleeve t-shirt. I am sure no one would remember that if I didn't re-link it, so I'm not sure why I feel the need to remind people of my redundancy! At any rate, I wanted to go a little dressier this time for 8th grade registration ,plus the blouse is lighter weight and has shorter sleeves than the t-shirt so it made more sense for this.

Striped Tank + Jean Shorts:

This is a pretty standard, simple summer outfit! I can't even remember what day I wore this but it was probably a typical work from home, run a few errands, take kids to some lessons type of day. No need to be too dressy, but maybe one step up from my truly casual, at-home-all-day attire like the next outfit.

Grey Tee + Burgundy Shorts:
T-Shirt [Current Colors] | Necklace | Fleece Shorts | Sandals

These shorts are the exact pair from my Ten Amazon Athleisure Favorites post except in burgundy instead of pink. I guess you could call this my work from home, fall transition outfit! I can't say enough good things about the comfort of these shorts- you really will not be disappointed in that if you give them a try. As far as sizing, I thought the pink pair ran a little big, yet I got the burgundy pair in the same size and they feel a little smaller to me. (Not that burgundy runs small, just that the pink pair felt a little bigger.) So there may be a little difference in sizing between colors, but not enough to recommend ordering a different size. I still think ordering your normal size in any color is the safest bet.

Now it's time for some Friday Favorites with: ErikaAndrea, and Narci!

1. Steamer

One thing I've learned about doing most of my clothes shopping online is that having a steamer on hand is a must! Almost everything I order comes out of the package a wrinkled mess, so I always have to steam things before wearing them. I've been using this steamer since last year and am perfectly happy with it for the under $25 price tag. I can't say I'm a steamer expert and have tried a lot of other brands for comparison, so take that for what it's worth. But if you're in the market for a steamer this one is worth a try. It's definitely faster than ironing, although I do get a few pieces now and then with really stubborn wrinkles that need a standard iron.

And this is a side note, but I've read a few articles that say you should wash your new clothes before you wear them, and I just can't bring myself to do that! I don't like to cut the tags until I've taken them out of the packages, steamed them, tried them on, styled them in an outfit (to make sure they' new item will work with other pieces I own) and am on my way out the door. That's the only time I'm 100% sure I'm keeping something. And once I've gone to all that trouble...I don't want to take everything off to wash the one new piece and put on a whole new outfit! Are you all "wash first" or "wear first" people? I'd love to know your take on that.

2. Garment Rack

I bought this garment rack back in 2016 to hang stuff for a neighborhood garage sale, but I've loved having it since then. It's only $12 and I've easily gotten my money's worth out of it. It's not super sturdy so you can't put a ton of stuff on it (I found this out when I tried to fill it to the max for the garage sale), but it's great for hanging a few pieces of laundry to dry and that sort of thing. I also use it when I steam my clothing! It's nice to put a garment on a hanger and hang it on the rack so I can fully access the front and back while steaming. It's lightweight and easy to roll around so this ends up going back and forth between my laundry room and bedroom quite a bit.

3. Yoga Toes

I am all about keeping my body limber as I age, from head to toe. I do a lot of yoga and stretching as part of my regular workout routine, but I can't say I've put a lot of effort into stretching my toes until recently. I have seen various forms of these toe stretcher things in commercials and online so I decided to give them a try. Wow, these are most definitely giving my toes a stretch! It was almost painful to get them on at first and I've had to work up to wearing them for slightly longer periods of time because it really wasn't comfortable at first. But when I take them off...ahhh!! My toes really feel stretched, relaxed and relieved. I don't have any major foot issues that I'm trying to correct with these as yet, but my goal is to avoid any future problems by staying consistent with them.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back on Monday for an Amazon Dress Haul! 



  1. Your everyday style is so spot on, you always look so put together and polished! I have contemplated getting a steamer(again) I had one years ago that had a stand and everything to hang clothes on but I just couldn't get into it. I felt like I like a standard iron better. But I keep hearing about how terrific these little ones are and wonder if I should give it another try! I added it to my Amazon cart, definitely thinking about it! Have a great weekend!

    1. I am going to agree with Kellyann on this one - you always look so stylish in your everyday looks!

  2. I had to laugh that your 7th grader did not approve your first two tops - too funny! I like the jacket you ended up with - that is definitely a great wardrobe piece. I am going to look into that hand steamer - I have a stand one - but a more portable one would be nice to have. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    Daily Style Finds

  3. that is a cute playsuit and it's nice you got some beach time in! :) i usually wash things before I wear them - I did it with baby clothes when my kid were little and the habit's still stuck now! Plus given that I thrift most of my things I wash them anyway before wearing to get rid of the thrift store smell, haha!

    Hope that you have had a great week and have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  4. It depends on what it is but I do wash most items before wearing them. I will try them on without washing. A steamer is a life saver, I love mine and use it all the time. Now I must try yoga toes lol

  5. All of these outfits are so cute and stylish! So funny that your son didn't approve of 2 of your tops! I try everything on and wear before I wash to make sure that I like the fit and it's comfortable. I have a similar steamer and haven't used an iron in years. Have a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. Absolutely adorable outfits my beautiful friend! Can you believe I have four of those garment racks? They were perfect for my garage sales too. I’m gonna have to get those yoga toes a try! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. You're just the cutest beach bunny. Totally agree about the DR romper/jumpsuits. Love the feel, but I didn't even wear mine traveling this time because #bathroom. LOL That striped top is adorable from Loft. I was going to buy Katie a little steamer, but her roomies mom had already given them one. I used it on the slip cover and it worked like a charm. I love my steamer.

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  9. Tell your son, he should be proud of you being so stylish, lol! My oldest is in 8th grade and rarely comments on my clothes so I am hoping it is a compliment from him. Love all of these looks!

  10. Yay for family beach days! Summer does seem to just fly by doesn't it? But at least you guys crammed a lot of activities in. I love that Daily Ritual romper on you Gina, and it's still in my amazon cart! I should have purchased it months ago, but I kept hesitating and now I don't know if I'll wear it much since Fall is coming but it's SO CUTE! I really love all of these outfits :)

  11. Yes to steamers! I have a tiny travel sized one, but have wanted a bigger one. That one is going in my cart! I can't believe you are having any issues with embarrassing your kids! You always look so nice and put together it's hard for me to wrap my head around them wanting you to change. But kids are sensitive to that at that age! Just wait until I have teenagers-yikes!


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