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Amazon Dress Haul

As part of the Amazon Fashion Influencer program, every month I get to select a few complimentary Amazon fashion items to try out in order to share them with my readers. Normally I scatter my selections throughout my regular posts as I wear them throughout the month, but this month I'm putting them all in one place since they're all one type of item: dresses! I have been on the hunt for not-too-dressy yet not-too-casual dresses. Everything I currently own is either dressy enough for date night or a super casual t-shirt material dress, and I wanted something in-between. I also wanted something with short sleeves to 3/4 length sleeves so I could wear it without an additional jacket or cardigan layer for now through fall. With that criteria in mind, here's what I tried plus my thoughts on each piece!

Thanks to Amazon for providing the dresses I am reviewing in this post!
Before I get into the details of each dress, I just wanted to mention that I fully realize that this angle is not the best for seeing the length on these dresses. But my mirror selfie lighting situation has not been working out lately so this is the best I can do for now. For the pieces I end up keeping, I'll be taking outdoor photos in them so you'll get to see another angle of the fit and length. For reference I'm 5'4", so I'll primarily note how the length of this compares on me vs. the model on Amazon. Also all of these dresses come in lots of other colors so if you see a style you like, don't write it off if you were hoping for a different color!

Burgundy Wrap Dress

I thought this wrap front dress would be a good seasonal transition piece since it's a nice fall color but practical to wear now. I'm wearing a Small here, and I think it's pretty normal sizing for this type of "Off Brand"on Amazon (i.e. not an Amazon Exclusive Brand or familiar Top Brand).  It has pockets and hits a couple of inches above my knee, so it's not super mini but also might be a little too short for workwear depending on your height and job. It has a zipper up the back, so it's easier to get off and on that some of the other options below, provided you're able to up the back zipper on your own or have help! But the zipper was smooth and easy enough for me to do on my own. The bad part of this is that wrap front part gapes open, big time. I tried to pin it closed but I was just not adept enough with the safety pin to get it all to lay exactly flat the way I want, so after a couple of tries, I gave up. If you're good with a safety pin or don't mind wearing a cami underneath, it's a cute dress for $22. I would still really like to find another dress in this color! But since I had better luck with other styles I returned this.

Embroidered Dress

I'm wearing a Small in this dress and I thought it looked pretty cute on some of the user-submitted photos. It came right down to my knee (definitely longer on me than the model). It doesn't have pockets or any zippers down the back or side to make it easier to get on and off, but it was roomy enough in the neck and body that I didn't struggle with it. The downside is that the material is pretty flimsy - it's okay for $24, but don't expect high quality for that price. I decided not to keep this one. For one thing because of the quality - even the burgundy wrap dress seemed a bit better quality for a lower price. And for another, after trying it on it just didn't feel like "me" so I didn't think I'd end up reaching for it much if I kept it.

Blue Floral Wrap Dress
Dress | Necklace | Sandals

Once again this piece is way longer on me than the model! It comes all the way down to my knee. I was trying to push myself out of my comfort zone by trying some prints just in case I really liked one after I tried it, but when I walked out of my room to go take this photo, my 12 year old son immediately made a face and said, "there's just too much going on there." Haha! I felt the same, to be honest. I'm sure it's partly just because it's different than what my kids are used to seeing me wear and what I'm used to wearing. So while it's not for me, it's still a good little dress for $25. I'm also wearing a Small in this and I think it's true to size for Amazon Off Brand sizing. No pockets, no zippers, but not bad for the price.

Blue Polka Dot Wrap Dress
Dress | Necklace | Sandals

Okay, I liked this one a little bit better than the previous one just because it had a bit less going on.  I think if it came in a solid version I would have kept it, but I just didn't love the polka dots on myself. This is also a size Small, and it's a full wrap dress, so the front opens up completely like a bathrobe. You'd probably need to pin the front somewhere to keep it secure, and it should be easier to do than the burgundy dress because of the type of fabric at the neckline. This one comes falls a couple of inches above my knees, but still much longer than on the model.

Utility Shirtdress in Dark Olive (UPDATESee the full post with this dress HERE.)

This dress is fantastic! It was my favorite of the bunch and surprise, surprise, it's by Daily Ritual! I'm wearing a 2 in this, and it fits about the same as the Small in the other dresses in this post, but I'd also say it's comparable to a size XS dress from Express or Old Navy. In fact, Express has a very similar dress to this for $69.90, whereas this one is $39. And LOFT has a similar style too for $89.50! It seems this dress style is trending for fall. The material is silky soft and not too thin and flimsy. It does have pockets and the button front makes it easy to get on/off. I have the sleeves rolled up, and I did use a bit of Hollywood Fashion Tape to help them stay in place since it doesn't have a roll tab to secure them. It's definitely longer on me than the 5'11" model, but stay tuned for Wednesday's post for more front view photos of this...and to hear what my 14 year old thinks of this! Let's just say his first impression was not the same as mine. Haha! 

Tencel Shirtdress

This dress is also from Daily Ritual, but it runs XS-XXL rather than numeric sizing like the previous one. I'm wearing an XS here, and it fits exactly the same as the 2 in the previous dress. I really liked the color and look of this, but wow, it required some arm contortion skills to get it on and off! That alone was enough to make it a no for me. It also does not have pockets, which was kind of surprising considering it's so similar to the Utility Shirtdress, which does have pockets. I returned this and decided to just get the Utility Shirtdress in the Light Wash version (next photo).

Utility Shirtdress in Light Wash

Well. After exchanging the Tencel Shirtdress for the Utility Shirtdress in Light Wash...I'm actually not sure whether I will keep it. It does fit exactly the same as the olive version and is just as great in every way. I just wasn't sure I liked the blue version on myself as much as the olive for no reason other than personal preference. So I can't help but wonder if I'll just reach for the olive one every time I want a dress in this style? I think I'm going to hang onto this for a couple of weeks and see if I end up wanting to wear it. If not, then I'll know the olive fills my needs well enough and I can just return the blue at that point. In other words, the dress in general is great and I definitely like having this style on hand, but maybe I only need one color of it, not two.

Black Button Front Dress

This one was close-but-not quite! It's a Small like the other Off Brand dresses, but it was definitely looser and baggier than those, though I know it's not easy to tell that from this angle. It just wasn't flattering on me. The material also felt kind of flimsy and it didn't have pockets, so I wasn't too sad about returning after trying some of the nicer options. Mine hit right at the knee, though they also have a longer below-the-knee option in this product listing.

Black Eyelet Wrap Dress (UPDATESee the full post with this dress HERE.)

Well, after trying on so many dresses in a short period of time I can definitely say there is a quality difference between the $25 dresses and the $40-60 options I tried from Amazon. Not that the $25 options were bad, but the dresses from Amazon Exclusive Brands like this eyelet wrap dress from Find and all three Daily Ritual dresses are just nicer. This dress also comes in Red & White (found under separate product listings), and both of those cost a bit less than the black. This is true to size and a full wrap style, so it opens up in the front completely like a bathrobe. I really love this, but it comes down very deep on me and no amount of pinning will correct that so a cami is mandatory. I generally try to avoid that, but I liked this dress enough to keep it and embrace the cami situation. Plus, I already have a black cami so it was an easy enough solution. With the burgundy wrap dress at the beginning of the post, I didn't want a contrasting color cami and the chances of finding an exact match for that burgundy shade don't seem very high. As for other "flaws" with this dress, it doesn't have pockets and I certainly wouldn't mind if it did. Despite that, I still really liked it and kept it since it's a good in-between dressy/casual style. It doesn't look like an "Office Dress" but it's nicer than a t-shirt dress, so it's exactly what I need! I wore this last weekend and took outfit photos, so provided they turned out okay this will be featured again in an upcoming post so you can see the fit and length better. (Though I actually think this angle will be better for showing the eyelet detail!)

Phew! That brings me to the end of the reviews today! If you're keeping track, that's nine dresses reviewed, two point five that were keepers. I'll be sharing another look at the Olive Shirtdress in Wednesday's post along with my monthly update so I hope you'll stop by and say hello!

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  1. wow, that's a lot of trying on but I'm so glad you did. I like the two you kept. Also laughing at your 12 year old son's comment - ha!!! The wrap dress is so cute and the eyelet detail is stunning. The funny thing about pockets - to me anyway - is that I never use them but it seems they're such a selling point! Half the time when they are sewn closed on trousers or shorts I never even open them because I like that area to stay smooth/ So I think not having pockets can be a good thing!
    Olive does look really good on you. Can't wait to see more photos!
    That second dress you tried - I have a top in that same pattern!
    Happy Monday!

  2. You tried on some cute dresses even if they weren't all winners! that embroidered dress is actually my favourite! :) I know what you mean about getting the sweet spot with dresses that aren't too casual or too dressy - i feel maxi dresses are the perfect spot there for me as they always work for any occasion, but it's hard finding it in other lengths!

    Hope that you had a great weekend! I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Yes. I think you have kept the best. You are lucky to find nice things on Amazon. Anything I buy usually gets sent back as I am so disappointed in the quality. Have a nice day. Regards - Jill stylishatsixty

  4. That's a lot of dresses! Thank you for trying them on for us! Both of the dresses that you kept are perfect for everyday! The olive utility dress is my favorite and the eyelet detail on the black wrap dress is so pretty! Can't wait to see both of these featured in a post!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Sooo many cute dresses. That’s one thing I haven’t gotten a lot of yet from Amazon. But now I want too. The Olive shirtdress is definitely a fav. Happy week ahead girlfriend! xo

  6. Those are cute and classic dresses, I recently got two dressed on amazon and love them.

  7. That olive green utility shirt dress is my favorite! I know what you mean about color preference - and wondering if you the other color will get as much wear. I can't wait to see the olive dress on Wednesday - and to hear your son's thoughts.

    Daily Style Finds

  8. Your sons comment was a hoot. I think the polka dot one might work for my Katie. She needs some dresses. Great try on!

  9. The olive green shirtdress is my favorite of the bunch on you! It looks way more expensive than its price tag! The black eyelet dress is fun too! I like eyelet so much and it's nice when you can find other color options than white!

  10. I love seeing cute dresses from Amazon! Love all of these! Great finds. :)


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