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Everyday Outfits + Friday Favorites 11/30/18

Happy Friday friends! We had this weird stuff falling from the sky here this week...oh, I think it's called rain! Seriously, it has been SO long since it rained here! I went for a walk one morning when it was a little drizzly just to feel the fresh, clean air. After living in Seattle for six years I never thought I'd miss rain, but it turns out I was wrong! It really can be refreshing. Anyway, weather notes aside, as usual I'm sharing a few everyday outfits with some info on how things fit and what I liked or didn't in each outfit.

ONE: Similar Plaid Shirt (Same Material) | Jeans (c/o) [Budget Option] | Ankle Boots
THREE:  Purple Turtleneck (c/o) | Black Vest (c/o) | Jeans | Belt | Similar Ankle Boots 

ONE: I shared three ways to wear this plaid shirt back in the summer and used one of my exact outfit options from that post, except that I didn't roll the sleeves this time. My shirt is from Express and the exact cut is sold out, but they used this same material to make this shirt with a slightly different fit. Sizes are limited on that option now too, so for more sizes in a similar red plaid shirt you could try this one or this one (from Express) or this this Old Navy shirt with a couple of red plaid options. My jeans c/o Mott & Bow are a bit of a splurge, but if you want something with a bit of extra suction power, these will give you that! I don't reach for them often just because they do make me feel like I'm wearing some kind of compression garment. Don't get me wrong - the fabric is comfortable enough but they're not my everyday jeans. I usually use these as my dressy black jeans, but I hadn't worn them in awhile so I grabbed them on this day anyway.

TWO: You know I love to wear leggings for max comfort on work from home days, but I often try to dress them up enough that I can wear them for casual errands, too. My exact jacket is a few years old from Nordstrom, but this similar jacket or this Similar Jacket could work just as well. I also like this Similar Cardigan Option for a more cozy version.

THREE: Okay, this is my second time wearing this vest, (see my first outfit with it here) and while I like it in theory...I feel like something is off when I'm wearing it. Like I'm missing something...maybe sleeves? I don't know, but after trying it twice I just don't think this vest is exactly me. There's nothing wrong with it at all in terms of the quality, fit etc. So if you like this style, I think this is a good choice at a reasonable price. I may give it one more try...or I may give it to an interested friend of family member. TBD! At any rate my turtleneck runs small but I do love the faux wrap front detail. It's great for not having to fuss with tucking in at all. As for my jeans, I am not sure whether the product images have been changed for my jeans or they have a new batch with a different rinse this year, but they have the exact product name as my jeans and I've been using the same link for years. I realize they look at lot darker on the Express website so I just wanted to clarify that.

On Fridays I usually share my Friday Four with four random tidbits, but today I didn't even have four! I think I'm blogged out from all of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Mayhem. I just wanted to keep it simple today so I'm going with the classic Friday Favorites.

1. New Holiday Tradition. I saw this idea for a treat basket for delivery drivers on social media last year and gave it a go. It was a success as far as I'm concerned, so this year I'm doing it again. Two years in a row makes it a tradition, right? I have to imagine these delivery drivers have a crazy workload this time of year, and I for one really appreciate their service so this is fun for me to do. Here's what I set out in our basket this year:

So far the Clif Bars are the most popular this year, and I remembered the same thing from last year! I guess they need more sustenance than candy (those almost never get taken). Last year I put mini water bottles in the basket and was surprised that those were not hit either. Anyway, this makes me hope that they'll think of our family more as "those nice people" rather than "those shopaholics!" Ha!

2. Going to the Dark Side. I finally switched my nail polish to a dark shade! Normally I do this in October but this year I just didn't feel like it. Then I saw CND Vinylux in Dark Lava on JoLynne and suddenly I was ready for a change! Here's how it looks on me with one of the outfits from this week:

The product photo makes it look more berry-red, and in person it's much more of a blackened plum-burgundy. It has some purple tones in there which are hard for me to pull off if they're too dominant, but there's enough red that it works! So far so good on the lasting power, too.

That's it for today, folks! Time to get going on a packed weekend. I hope you all have a great one!

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  1. Glad you got some rain! I know what you mean about feeling like you're wearing a compression garment, I'm not a fan of anything with that much suction, I feel like it's so uncomfortable and too hot here! Your treat basket is such a cute idea and I bet the drivers LOVE it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh the basket is such a sweet idea! :) I have been online shopping less lately so was surprised to realise we had a new delivery driver on our route! I saw our old one so much last year I was considering making him some Christmas cookies, haha!

    I like your outfits too - I just have one vest and sometimes find it tricky to style too!

    Hope that you have a nice weekend ahead of you! Going to be a quiet and relaxing one here, we will be putting our tree up tomorrow :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I love seeing ways to style leggings! Such a cute look with the jacket! The basket of treats is such a great idea - I really need to get one set up this weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Yeah I should probably do that basket idea as well! On top of MY shopping, the husband does his own share. I’m sure our address is no stranger to the delivery systems!! That’s interesting about the Water not being a hit!
    Vests can be tricky for me too but for what it’s worth, it does look great the way you styled it! And I love that dark polish!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com

  5. I am overjoyed that you guys finally got some rain! That plaid shirt of yours seriously one of my favorites. What a great idea to leave treats for delivery people. I definitely need to do that since they come daily, lol. Have a festive and sweet weekend! xo

  6. I'm hoping to get my nails done and moving into the dark shades too! I love the flannel in the first picture! Happy weekend!


  7. The delivery basket is a great idea. I can't imagine the workload with so many more people buying online. I've had 3 deliveries delayed and it isn't even December yet! I need to get going with shopping to make sure everything gets here in time!


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