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Cyber Monday Sale Favorites

If you missed the Black Friday sales because you were too busy working, spending time with family, or for any number of other reasons, no problem! Cyber Monday deals are just as good! I guess they figure people will have an easier time browsing deals online when they get back to their desk job on Monday? Anyway, LOFT and Express are both having storewide 50% off today with Free Shipping on any order so I'll start with those since my outfit today features pieces from both of those stores.

This top is true to size and comes in a bunch of other colors. It doesn't button all the way down so you do have to pull it over your head. My pants are also true to size and I'm wearing the Marisa Fit, but my blogger friends tell me the Julie fit is a great option for more curvaceous figures. These pants are really comfortable with nice stretch. I am honestly wondering why I don't reach for these more than my black jeans because they're actually more comfortable!

Truth be told, this was not my favorite outfit with this top or pants. I know that sounds like a contradiction of what I said in the intro that I'm sharing some favorite pieces. But what I mean is that separately, the top and pants really are favorites! I just happen to like them better paired with other pieces than with each other. Also, I wish I had worn different shoes with this. Pairing dressy pants with ankle boots is kind of tricky! (Actually, it can be tricky with jeans, too!) I didn't love this pant/shoe pairing at all but the family was waiting on me to get out the door so I just had to go with it. We were heading out to eat and I felt appropriate for the venue even if it wasn't my favorite pairing. Besides, my shoes were hidden under the table most of the time!

One thing I was happy with in this outfit were my Stella & Dot Campbell Earrings. These are a lot more sparkly in person than they look online, which is what I wanted for the holiday season! As a bonus, they're customizable. You can wear them as chandeliers or just as studs.

I've shared a couple of other ways I've worn this top in the past, but in case you missed it, here's how I've dressed it up and down for different seasons and occasions:

As for these pants, they're my dressy pants but they would be great for business casual wear. I do like them best with pumps (or flats would work too), but I think I'd need to do more trial and error with different boot types to find a good pairing.

Besides, the Express and LOFT sales, there are a couple of others I wanted to mention!

Abercrombie: Storewide 50% off with Free Shipping on Every Order. (This one is subject to change by the time this post goes live!) This fleece pullover is a blogger favorite and for a good reason! A lot of the colors are selling out, but there are still some left with a good size selection. I went up a size so it would be long enough for me to wear with leggings.

Ann Taylor: Storewide 50% Off. (With Free Shipping on all orders!) If your job has a more professional dress code, I highly recommend checking out some of the options at Ann Taylor. I use them a lot in styling my clients because they have a really nice selection of professional pieces in a great variety of sizes (including Tall and Petite lengths), with prices made much more reasonable with sales like this! My Olive Jeans are a new favorite and a perfect example of the fit options: they come in Modern Fit, Curvy Fit, Tall and Petite! They also come in a rich wine/burgundy color.I  took the same size as I do in Express, LOFT, and Abercrombie in these pants (I got the Modern Fit) and  I highly recommend them. Especially at 50% off!

One of my own Black Friday purchases is this Shawl Collar Coat from Ann Taylor
All Colors Here

Yes, I live in San Diego and don't need many coats, but when I do need one, it's usually for an outing at night and I want something dressier than what I currently own (casual coats from when we lived in Seattle). I love all three colors of this but I purchased the taupe (center) because I worried the burgundy wouldn't go with everything and the black didn't show the shawl collar detail as well. Outerwear can be so expensive, so I wanted to get this on sale, early in the season so I can wear it as much as possible for the next few months of San Diego "winter!" 

Well! That's a lot of shopping discussion for today! 'Tis the season I suppose. As much as I try not to overdo it on the spending or promoting sales through my blog this time of year, I have to admit I get excited and caught up by the sales too! The deals are just too good! That said, Wednesday will be my November update and that post will have a lot more lifestyle content. If you're ready for a change from sale talk, I hope you'll stop by Wednesday for a return to regular content!

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  1. Your sailor pants are so cute and if I hadn't seen them on you I would have never given them a second look! So many times I find things look better on bloggers than on the website models. I'm not planning to shop today - and I barely shopped this weekend. Working from home has really slowed my roll in terms of fashion - kind of troubling for a blogger! But I'll tell you what - that blazer you're wearing had me thinking I needed it - I really like that it's shorter in length. I have a grey one I need to pull out and where. Thanks for the inspo!
    Have a great Monday Gina!

    1. So much of it is the styling and the photography I think! Clothes can look more interesting on an urban background vs. bare studio! :)

  2. I like the pieces together, and I don't think the boots looked bad! I scrolled down and I do prefer it with the heels, but they definitely don't look bad with the ankle boots :)

    Hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! We went on our annual girls pre-Christmas shopping trip yesterday, finished buying all our Christmas gifts and had some fun together :) I haven't bought much in the sales otherwise - hoping for some Christmas spending money for boxing day sales (which are our big 70% off sales in Australia!)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks Mica! I didn't think the boots were terrible (or I wouldn't have posted! Ha!). I just didn't love it either. So it goes. Great job on finishing up your shopping!

  3. Your new coat is beautiful, I didn't look at all at Ann Taylor. I need to check them out, I wouldn't mind a nice heavier jacket. Those sailor pants are so cute, love the gold buttons.


    1. They have such nice stuff! But now that I know they do 50% off every now and then...I'll be waiting for those sales only!

  4. Gina, you did not disappoint with these sale items, so good!! I got that pullover but the knock off Amazon one, wore it yesterday and got so many compliments! You in those sailor pants is one of my favorite things!! Hope your week starts off so sweetly! xo

  5. Loving all these looks and great little roundup!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  6. The mixing of those pieces all just work. Will check out some of these deals.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hey, I just saw your comment (prior to removal) - so sorry if things weren't working! I checked a few and they are working for me. Send me an email if you have further issues - happy to help! :)

  8. Those earrings are so pretty! I love that you can wear them two ways!

  9. Your sailor pants are so cute and I completely forgot I wanted to get those yesterday! Hopefully they'll be on sale another time! I love those pretty earrings!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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