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Olive Tank, White Shorts + Splurge vs. Save Finds

I shared so many 4th-friendly looks last week I thought I'd take a break today and go with an un-festive (but still a summer favorite!) olive and white combo. And surprise, surprise...I'm wearing another pair of pull-on shorts. But really...how many is too many? They're just so comfortable and easy-breezy for summer.

For the current pieces I'm wearing, my tank and shorts run true to size. And these shorts are on sale for only $8 today! Can't beat that! I'm wearing a Small in the tank and that's pretty normal for me in very fitted tops like this. It's quite long, so it should work even if you're tall, but it also comes in Tall and Petite sizes for more fit options. The fit is very similar to my favorite Target maternity tanks, but this had a couple of color options Target didn't have and the price was still reasonable, especially with all of the sale codes.

That seems like a pretty short product/sizing section but there's not really much else to say! I usually try to share two photos of an outfit for different details/angles but this one was so simple a second one didn't really seem necessary. So let's just move on to some additional outfit ideas for the key pieces here.

Olive Tank Top Outfits:
White Pull-On Shorts Outfits:

My Monday Memorandum is just a way for me to share a few extra items of discussion...some fashion-related, some not. So here's what's on the memo this week!

1. Splurge vs. Save/designer inspired items always seem to be a hit, and since I've seen a few good options lately I thought it was time to share another round-up!
Row One: Shop Steven Shoes (Greece) | Budget Option (Another Budget Option, more colors!)
Row Two: Shop Loeffler Randall (Beattie) | Budget Option (striped slip ons)
Row Three: Shop Cocobelle Slides | Budget Option

2. Speaking of Splurge vs. Save, last week one of the Instagram Story topics a few of us shared was where we save vs. splurge in our everyday lives. I loved seeing other people's answers to this, so if you missed mine, here's where I save vs. splurge:

- Hair Stylist. Wherever I live, I always shop around find a budget-friendly hair stylist. This may not be an option for everyone's hair type, but stylists often tell me my hair is pretty easy to do. It's just a matter of careful communication to get my expectations met. I like to keep my highlights fresh and when my hair is short, I also have to trim it often to keep the style shaped nicely. Those regular appointments add up! The most I've paid for my haircut + highlights is $80, and that was in the Bay Area. Here I pay $60 for both! If you're a local and want details on my stylist send me a note!
- DIY Nails. I always do my own fingers and toes. (You can find my staple products in this post.) I do indulge in a salon pedicure 2-3 times a year as a "treat", but for the most part I don't like spending the time or money on those services since I can do a pretty good job on my own.
- Home Decor. This is one category that just doesn't speak to me! I hardly ever buy any new home items unless it really serves a functional need, like a bookshelf or desk. All of my decor items are from when I first got married (19 years ago!) and I don't even think it would bother me if we had no decor at all. I guess I'm a minimalist in at least one area of life!
- Workout Clothes. Since I workout almost exclusively at home, I don't like to spend a lot on workout clothes (no one sees them!) and whatever I buy lasts me a long time.

- Food/Groceries. This goes for my whole family, not just me! We do have a meal delivery service and tend to buy a lot of organic produce and such, so the food items add up quickly. On the flip side, we don't go out to eat often and prefer to eat at home, so at least there's some balance in that!
- Jewelry. Well, if you're reading here it's no secret that I love Kendra Scott and Stella & Dot jewelry, neither of which are what I consider budget friendly. I will definitely buy budget-friendly options too, but I just love the pieces from those lines and feel like they add a lot to my basic wardrobe pieces.
- Starbucks. When it comes to iced coffee, I have never been able to find a DIY version that I like. I've also tried several pre-packaged options (even by Starbucks) and again, I just don't care for the taste. So in the warmer months I tend to splurge a little more on iced coffee drinks for an afternoon pick me up!

Let me know what categories are save vs. splurge for you!

3. Even though Wednesday is a holiday, I'll still have a new post up that day...prepped in advance, of course, so I can enjoy the actual holiday! If you have a few minutes of downtime before or between festivities I hope you'll stop by the blog for a "Currently" post and a quick outfit share. And as an FYI to my blogger friends, Amy Ann and I will still be co-hosting the link up so we hope you'll drop in and link up!

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  1. so many cute casual summer outfit options, I really like that little dress on you. I splurge on food too and try not to eat out often, I'm realizing that I prefer to eat my own food anyways.


    1. I'm the same way! I just do a better job of portion control at home, too. So we're mainly trying to stick to home dining unless we have social event or other good reason to go out.

  2. I really need to wear my olive tanks more! it's a nice neutral colour! :) I love your shorts too, I'm a big fan of shorts for beating the summer heat! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :) We caught up with family visiting from WA and went to the winter wonderland in the city, it was a lot of fun :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I do love the pull on shorts, they are so easy and so comfy! All your dupes are great too! I usually save money by doing my own nails but splurge on a gel mani before vacation. This year the manicurist talked me into getting my nails dipped and I'll never waste my money again. They chipped and peeled off so lesson learned!
    My husband would be so happy if I didn't spend money on home decor! He is way more utilitarian than me and I just can't help myself!!

    1. Ha, well we all have our temptations in different areas! I'm sorry to hear about the dipped nails not working out, though! I've heard so many bloggers raving about them that I've been tempted to get it done once just to see what the fuss is about and if they work for me. I did the same thing when gel nails first became popular, but those didn't last any longer for me than regular nail polish so I didn't waste my time or money doing it again!

  4. I love olive and white together! Well, just olive with anything. :) You’re convincing me that I need a pair of pull-on shorts. And, we couldn’t be more opppsite - I NEVER buy Starbucks unless we’re on vacation and splurging on getting my hair done is one of my few indulgences.

    1. Oh that's funny! And part of why I love this topic because I just think it's so interesting to see what works for people (or doesn't!) when it comes to saving money.

  5. I love olive! I mainly wear black but olive is one colour i definitely bend for!

    1. Well...good thing olive works well with black, too!

  6. Love this outfit! It’s simple yet so put together.

    And I love your list of splurge VS save! The metallic sandals you featured would be great in anyone’s wardrobe!

    1. Thanks Noelle! I thought those were pretty cute too, though I should probably cut myself off from buying any more summer sandals at this point!

  7. I like to save with workout clothes, nails, and my hair too. Near our home we have Aveda cosmetology schools that I like to go to. They always do a great job and use Aveda products so it's a great way for me to save some cash!

    1. Oh that's a good idea! When I was in college I lived near a cosmetology school and went there a few times too. I think that's probably what got me used those prices!

  8. I get why you like your pull on shorts, I have 3 that I wear all the time. They are just so easy and comfy. I still remember your bread, it was so delicious.

    1. They really are so comfy - I was really missing out for all the years I didn't try them! And I'm so glad you enjoyed the bread!


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