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Save vs. Splurge Finds + Echo Look Update

I've seen quite a few budget-friendly options around the web for some blogger-favorite, moderately more expensive items so I rounded up a few of them to share today. Pull-on shorts are a big trend right now but there are so many cute, affordable options there's really no need to spend a lot. And even though I'm not personally in the market for a fancier dress, 'tis the season for weddings and other special events where some of you all might need one, so I'm sharing a great budget option for one of those as well.
Splurge: Olive Splurge Shorts- $49 | Save: Olive Shorts-  $18
SplurgeChambray Shorts - $49 |  Save: Chambray Shorts- $20, Chambray Shorts - $18

Splurge: Camo Shorts- $45 | Camo Shorts- $52 | Camo Shorts- $88
Save: Camo Shorts- $12 (Hundreds of 4-5 star reviews) |  Camo Shorts- $15  (All 5-star reviews) | 
Camo Shorts - $30

Splurge: Lace Dress 
Save: Lace Dress Under $30 Option One (Red Displayed) | Option Two (Black Displayed)
$50 Option for this dress style comes in Light Blue and Light Green

Last week I shared a little about the new Echo Look I received c/o Amazon Fashion (see below for a promo code). I experimented with a little more over the past week and wanted to share an update today. I figured out how to do a "Style Check" with the app and it's pretty fun and somewhat addictive. Per the FAQ page, the Style Check "Style Check is a service that can give you a second opinion on which outfit looks best on you. Style Check takes into account fit, color, styling, and current trends. You can get feedback by changing your styling, a single piece or your whole look."

I tried a few different comparisons for fun, and I'll share the results so you can see if you agree with the app's comparison and preferences!

In the first Style Check, I compared two outfits with only one slight difference: the shoes. In the first outfit I was wearing these nude low-heel sandals, but they're hidden by the check mark. In the second outfit I wore pink wedges since I thought a color pop might be fun, but the app didn't seem to like those as much.
Above you can see two options in Blue for further feedback on the comparison: "Ask the Community" and "Find Out Why." Frankly I'm a little intimidated to try ask the community at this point, but I could see myself doing it if I had a special event and really wanted to make sure my outfit was on point. I did really like using "find out why," and you can see the explanations given in the next two examples. Those came up after my style check was complete and I clicked "find out why."

My son had a doctor's appointment the morning that I wore this outfit (and I went with the nude sandals per the Style Check advice!), but in the afternoon I wanted to dress down a little more so I changed to shorts and flat sandals. I let the Style Check rate those two outfits next:

This time it was 60/40 in favor of shorts and flat sandals! And personally I prefer that outfit so I agree with the app on this, but I thought the longer skirt and dressier sandals seemed more appropriate for the doctor's office. I threw a denim jacket on top of that on my way out the door too but didn't have time for another photo!

Finally I compared a different outfit (although it's still somewhat similar since that's just what I've been wearing lately) to see how that would compare:
Once again, I'd say I agree with them on the preference, but let me know what you all think! Do you agree with their preferences in each case? For me it's really fascinating to get totally unbiased feedback. I'm already somewhat used to people rating my outfits thanks to Instagram and blogging, but this feels less personal, which is actually a nice change. One "con" of this device for me is that it's slower to use than just snapping a mirror selfie. I could probably make a collage of the selfies and text a friend for their opinion faster than I can use the app for this, which is worth noting if you're buying one. You really have to plan adequate time to take the photos and run the comparisons, so it's not going to work if you're rushing out the door and need a quick decision. Just something I think is worth noting so you all can make an informed decision!

If you are interested in getting an EchoLook for yourself, you can save 20% off an Echo Look (with code: ECHOLOOK20. That's a $40 saving and it expires June 22! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this!

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  1. I love finding good dupes, I keep seeing those lace dresses everywhere, the $30 version is such a nice alternative. I'm not in the market for a fancy dress but they sure are pretty!
    I think the Echo Look sounds like fun and I agree with their ratings, I'm not sure I'd want to ask the community either but I could absolutely see people loving that feature. Very cool technology, at the risk of sounding like a grandma, what will they think of next? Happy Monday Gina!

    1. I'm in the same boat - I *wish* I needed a fancy dress right now but I don't. I still wanted to get this option on the blog so I can find it next time I do have an event! And too funny about sounding like a grandma! I think we're all wondering the same thing every day now with the constant onslaught of new technology!

  2. these dupes are so cute, I haven't decided on the dress yet, I'm really trying to shop my closet so we'll see. The echo is so cool not sure I would use it because I'm lazy but I'm sure it would be helpful for those struggling to get dressed.


    1. I agree...I think it would be so helpful for anyone working on their personal style who wants specific, direct and private feedback!

  3. I love the first set of shorts - both the splurge and save options! I lived in pull on shorts like that last summer, they are a great option and so comfortable in the heat!

    Was so nice to see the comparison and ratings of your outfits and read your review of the app too - it's a shame it's a bit slow but it does sound like a useful tool! :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend! Was a quiet one here as we were all a bit unwell unfortunately. Feeling better today though! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I do understand that it takes a minute to run a true analysis of an outfit, I think we're all just spoiled now with the speed of technology! Glad to hear you're all on the mend after a rough weekend!

  4. This is fascinating to me! How does it know??! Ha! I do agree with its advice it gave you. I would be interested in trying it, but speed is definitely key!
    Caryl |

    1. LOL! This word has a bad connotation now thanks to IG, but apparently it uses "algorithms" + expert stylist input! And frankly I did agree with its choices too. I knew there was a reason I've always liked shorts better on myself but now I have Artificial Intelligence to back me up! Ha!

  5. How interesting! I love that it gives you reasons why the outfit might work better so you can understand why it picked and know it isn't a random guess! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Yes, I definitely appreciated that they gave me a WHY rather than just picking one over the other.

  6. I love that your splurge vs. save options are both realistic. I always have to laugh when I read a splurge vs. save and the splurge is $200 and the "save" is still over $50. That's not "save" to me! I love the olive and chambray shorts options. The Echo Look is so interesting, and I do like the outfits it chose! I'm not sure I'd actually use something like that but it does sound kind of cool!

    1. Oh thanks Shea! I'm glad to hear you were on the same page as far as price points on save vs. splurge. I have the $18 shorts and they are great! I can't really imagine why I would need to spend $30 more on a pair that looks exactly the same.

  7. Um that echo app looks fun! Although I don't know if I could do it, I'm so sensitive sometimes, especially with feedback. Haha! Id have to toughen up before getting into the ask the community part.


    Pumps and Push-Ups

  8. Love the pull-on shorts! I think I tried a pair last Summer but they didn't work on me. But they look so cute and comfy that I think there's gotta be something that fits! And you know how I feel about lace dresses :)

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