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Nine Summer Casual Outfits + Friday Four 6/15/18

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done an everyday outfit recap, so I'm playing a little catch up with some extra outfits today. I won't go into too much detail about each piece since it's such a long post already, but I will try to give a bit of sizing info if it was unexpected sizing or a newer-to-me brand. I suppose some of these might qualify for Spring outfits since we've had a bit of Spring and Summer weather over the past few weeks, but that's to be expected this time of year.

Group One:

1. Tan Bomber Jacket, Coral/Orange Tank: All pieces ran true to size. I'm wearing the Short length in jeans, but I still had to cuff them under to make them work with these shoes. So you may notice in the stock images of the product that they have a frayed hem, but it just doesn't look like it in my pic because they're rolled under.

2. Chambray Jacket, Henley Tank: My jacket runs TTS but the tank runs small so I recommend going one size up, possibly too if you're a little busty because you'll need the length. I take my normal size in Miller sandals, but I've seen many people recommend going up half a size so it's worth keeping that in mind.

3. Striped Side-Tie Tee, Pink Sandals: This tee runs true to size, but I went one size up for a more relaxed fit and because I like the length better on myself. It stretches a bit with wear throughout the day, but when I washed and dried this one it went right back to the way it was before.

Group Two:

1. Striped Tank, Jean Shorts: This tank runs true to size, but I will say if you're tall or have a long torso you might find it a bit short. I'm 5'4" and wouldn't mind if it were a bit longer, but it was long enough for me to keep it.

2. Grey Tee, White Eyelet Skirt: Everything ran true to size. The white skirt is comfortable and only $25 with Prime Shipping, but it doesn't have pockets which is the only thing I would really change about it.

3. Camo Tee, Jeans: My t-shirt runs true to size with a relaxed fit, and I linked a more affordable option below as well. These are the same jeans I'm wearing in the Group 1, Outfit 1. They're true to size and very soft and comfortable. In other new favorite pair!

Group Three:

1. Striped Tee, Sneakers: My striped tee runs true to size, but I had to go down a FULL size in the sneakers. This was my field day volunteer OOTD, which explains the sneakers since as you may know by now I don't usually prefer wearing sneakers unless it's the only practical choice.

2. Grey Cover Up, Orange/Coral Tank: I'm wearing a Small in this cover up, and that size is currently sold out in grey but still available in black. I added a link to a similar grey cover up option below with more sizes available and on sale for under $30. My sandals also ran true to size.

3. Black Tee, Olive Pull-On Shorts: I mentioned these under $20 Target shorts last week and only regret that I didn't start wearing this style of shorts sooner. They are so comfortable it's ridiculous. They're true to size, and my t-shirt fits true to size as well.

As usual I'm sharing four random things worth mentioning for Friday:

1. Shopbop Sale
Shopbop is having a big summer sale worth checking out if you're looking for a great deal on designer items: Take an additional 25% off these sale items with code SCORE18. I'm sharing a few bags from my favorite brands that look like great go-with-everything summer neutrals, and all of these except the Tory Burch Crossbody are under $120 with the sale pricing. Exact bags are linked below, but since some items will probably sell out between the time I put this post together and the time you see it, you can shop all sale bags here.

2. It's a 10
On Week 4 of my Instagram Story Challenge we had a lot of participants for the topic of favorite hair care products, and so many people mentioned It's a 10 that I finally had to try it. I am happy to say I'm really impressed with it! It smells nice and magically makes my hair feel more moisturized without weighing it down. If you haven't tried this yet I think it's worth a shot, especially since so many people with different hair types seem to love it.

3. Margarita Cake Balls
For my husband's birthday get together recently we did all Mexican themed foods and I wanted a coordinated dessert, so I gave these Margarita Cake Balls a try. They were good, albeit rather expensive to make when you take into account the tequila and triple sec. I'd make them again for a special occasion, but they Key Lime Version sounds like it would be similar and family-friendly, which would be nice since my kids really wanted to try these and couldn't!

4. Poll Update
Thank you SO much to everyone who took my quick poll! Your replies and especially comments were so helpful. As of now, the answers are 60/40 in favor of keeping a Monday/Wednesday/Friday blog schedule. So I'm thinking I'll keep a M/W/F least 60% of the time. I'm sure I'll throw in some additional posts whenever I have a chance, which is more or less what I do now, but it's nice to know where you all stand on that. One of the main things that came up in comments is that you come here for affordable fashion, so I will keep that a priority and continue offering budget options if something I'm wearing is more of a splurge. I also appreciate that several of you mentioned you are not on Instagram, and since I think that's a smart life choice, I will continue trying to share any relevant content from that platform here on the blog rather than try to push you to add more social media to your life.

Thanks for spending a bit of your time with me today and have a great weekend!

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  1. You look great in all of your outfits! I sure wish I was able to wear a lightweight jacket this time of year - that chambray one is my favorite. I also love that eyelet skirt on you!
    I have used that It's a 10 product before and liked it, I'm always looking for something that doesn't weigh my hair down, especially with the humidity and my hair being fine. Those margarita cake balls sound really good - what a great idea!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. LOL, my mom was here at the end of May when I wore that jacket but I would definitely not be needing it today. Maybe we need to combine recipes today and turn your almond cake into almond cake balls!

  2. so many cute outfits, I am taking an ig break too specially after our convo. Nice to hear many people aren't on it in the first place. These cake balls sound amazing.


    1. Yes, I am due for a break myself. I'll keep posting stories and outfits via LTK, but trying to figure out the algorithm and right times to post regular pictures is not worth my mental space right now!

  3. So much outfit goodness! Love them all! I think I need another Instagram detox...I love your line about people making a smart life choice who aren’t on there! Lol I agree :) I’ll always love reading blogs more than using another platform

    1. See above! ^^ I'm ready for another detox too. It just takes up way too much time! And I agree...I still love the blog format the best!

  4. These are such great summer outfits! I like that one with the pink flats - I'm so boring with my shoes and tend to stick to neturals all the time! Need to be more adventurous :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! It will be a quieter one here as we are all a little under the weather unfortunately, winter bugs have hit!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I LOVE your outfits for summer! Those are so cute and so perfect!

  6. I normally add argan oil after washing my hair, but when I run out I will have to give that leave in conditioner a try! Thanks for the tip!


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