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Everyday Outfits + Friday Four 5/18/18

Welcome to another Friday post with a little mix of recent outfits and random chit chat. I have to say these are my favorite type of posts these days...to read on other blogs and to create myself. I know it's better for SEO purposes and what not to have a lot of specific "how to" type posts, and I do like doing those too. But I find it's more enjoyable to blog in a more casual, conversational format most of the time, so that's what we'll do today!

Outfit Recap:

Stone Moto Jacket, Black Tee:

JACKET: My jacket runs true to size with a somewhat relaxed, boxy fit. As I'm writing this it's currently 30% off, but TBD if that promo runs through the weekend. If not, there's an excellent chance everything at Express will be on sale for Memorial Day Weekend so it might be worth waiting until then to check. I first wore this jacket with shorts here

JEANS: These are true to size, although they don't have a lot of stretch so if you're between sizes, go up a size. I know the distressed/ripped knees look different on me than on the model, but the extra threading displayed on the knees didn't last beyond the first wear. That's fine for me but just one of those things worth noting before you purchase.

BLACK TEE: I'm so glad to see Express re-released this t-shirt! It's now called the One Eleven Slim Tee, but if you go back to the older reviews you can see they call it by the original name - the Skimming Tee. I love these t-shirts because they're just the right balance of fitted/relaxed and I can wear it untucked like this. They also don't have any pockets on the bust area - just a nice clean front. The fabric is nice and soft with a good amount of stretch and it runs true to size. (I'm wearing XS

SHOES: My shoes are also by Dolce Vita (and true to size for what it's worth) but sold out in this exact color. Similar option is from the same brand, slightly different color but would work with the same outfit.

Navy Stripe Tee, White Jeans:
Tee | White Jeans | Shoes | Charmed Stacks Bracelets (get 10% off your order with code onthedailyx)

SIDE TIE TEE: These t-shirts do run true to size, but one size up for me had noticeably more length in the torso (and just a bit more room in the body) and I decided I liked that better for this.

WHITE JEANS: These are TTS and I take the short length at 5'4". The ankles on these have never been my favorite (they seem to go a little wide before getting narrower) and I'm really tempted to try Old Navy's Rockstar jeans in white on a good sale. I've heard lots of great things about them and even at full price they're only $35.

SHOES: These run TTS and are really quite comfortable! I was skeptical but the reviews convinced me and I'm glad I took their word for it!

Grey Tunic, Leggings:
Grey Tunic (c/o) | Tank | French Terry Leggings (c/o) | Tory Burch Miller Sandals (c/o) (Less expensive similar options: One, Two, Three)

GREY TUNIC: The product description for this calls it a "Thin Sweater," and I just want to point out that the emphasis is on thin. I'm calling it a tunic because I don't think it really classifies as a sweater. It's thinner than a t-shirt. I wore this to a hair appointment because I didn't want to get sweaty under that heavy cape, but I liked that it did cover my arms and it's also longer in the back than the front (sorry, my pic doesn't really capture that) so it worked well with leggings. Later that same day I ended up wearing it over workout clothes (which...look an awful lot like what I'm wearing here) to my adult tumbling class, and it was also nice as a to/from workout cover up piece. I'm wearing a Small in this and I'd say it runs TTS.

WHITE TANK: Yes, I still love these maternity tanks for wearing with leggings (and all kinds of other outfits). They're extra long and a nice thick, stretchy material.

LEGGINGS: For under $20 you probably cannot find a more comfortable pair of leggings! These are true to size and I really have no complaints about them.

MILLER SANDALS: I took my normal size in these and linked up several more affordable options as well since I know these are a major splurge. This Sam Edelman version is new and while they aren't under $50 (what I usually consider "budget friendly"), they're still less than half the price of Millers with a very similar look and lots of great color options.

1. Sister, Sister

On Mother's Day, my sister Denae sent me a pic of her outfit of the day...inspired by my Instagram outfit!
My outfit: Cardigan (Similar with more sizes) | Tank | Earrings | Similar Shorts | Tory Burch Bag (c/o Shopbop) (Budget Handbag Option) | Sandals (c/o) (Sam Edelman Version)

One of the best feelings in blogging is when someone buys something you recommend...and they actually like it! I also wanted to share her outfit here as another styling option for anyone else who bought this cardigan. I know many women don't like to wear shorts or may need a dressier styling option for this piece. Denae wore this to church on Mother's Day, and I think her navy maxi skirt makes a great substitute for shorts in that situation. And if any of you all wear something inspired by one of my posts I'd love to see it so send me an email or tag me on Instagram!

2. Ryan Reynolds: The Unicorn
My favorite viral video this week was Ryan Reynolds dressed as a unicorn, singing a song from Annie on the Korean Show "King of Masked Singer." The concept of the show is a topic of discussion itself (not to mention the sound effects they use!), but if you haven't seen this video it's worth the time! The link on this page (reposted from Twitter) is my favorite because it gives English captions for the judges commentary, which is half the fun!

3. Likable people
I thought this article from Business Insider was interesting: Truly likable people all share the same trait — here are 9 ways to know if you're one of them. The article is highlighted some very similar points to a book I read last year (The Like Switch), so if you enjoy the article and want more depth on the topic, it's a good one to read.

4. Stories on the Daily Week 2
I had a lot of fun with my Instagram Story Challenge last week so I put together some topics for Week Two! Join me on any day that interests you, and if you want me to see your story and tag it back on my account, make sure to tag @onthedailyx when you share. Searching and using #storiesonthedaily isn't working quite as well as I hoped since some posts just don't show up for some reason I can't understand. Add it to the list of "The Mysteries of Instagram!"
I decided to take Saturday off this week since I don't have as much time to engage on Instagram Saturdays. No need to take the fun out of this by adding pressure!

That's all from here today - have a great Friday!

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  1. How fun to see your sweet sister wearing an outfit inspired by YOU! She's lovely and I love seeing how she styled the cardi. I love reading FF too - it's a lot of fun. I really need to be paying more attention to SEO probably but oh well, Fridays are fun! Love that Express moto jacket - seems like such a great lightweight option and it's adorable on you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of beautiful weather!

  2. Your sister looks so cute in her version of your outfit. Last few days have been busy and I'm super sore and tired hence why I skipped but I'll join back today. This charisma article was very interesting.


  3. I love seeing a picture of your sister in that cardigan! It's nice to see it dressed up. I like that lightweight sweater/tunic. I am constantly chilled so it's nice to have something that will cover my arms but not make me overheat either!

  4. Okay I totally forgot to join your challenge this week but I really want to this coming week--just snapped a photo of your prompts so I'll hopefully remember. I'm trying to use Stories more and this is a fun way to do that! I also love reading posts that have some personal details so I always love reading your Friday posts. I love those Target sandals! They have been killing it with shoes lately I think!

  5. I smiled at your maternity tank recommendation - they are the one maternity piece I often regret giving away to my pregnant friend (who promised to pass them on when she was done with them). I had a non-sheer white one and I've never found a similar once since, so I really miss it, haha!

    I love that first outfit the most - the moto jacket is great with the jeans :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. That is too cute that your sister sent you the pic of her outfit! I agree that it’s a huge compliment, and for some reason can even be a bigger compliment when someone you actually knows you gets inspired by you vs. a complete stranger. I dunno why!
    And yay for more IG stories! I’ve been wanting to engage more on video with my IG followers. Snapchat is a lot of random word vomit. But I like that you give me purpose for my IG account (which I treat more like a “business” account) to be able to share my personality via video and giving me topics that’s relevant to my blog. So thanks for doing the legwork and giving me topics!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com

  7. Lovely casual looks dear! My fave would be the stone moto jacket and black tee combo, that's really chic street look!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  8. definitely checking out the ryan reynolds video but i'm scared to click on the Likable people link lol because i can guarantee i'm not one (not trying to be all aw shucks and modest lol). how awesome that your sister copied your outfit. so cute.


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