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Cable Stitch Sweater + Memorandum

When I first posted this outfit, this sweater was sold out in most sizes. But less than a month later it's back in stock! So I've updated the post from its original form, but if you read the comments section you might be a little confused by "out of stock" discussion, so just wanted to start this post with that disclaimer for future reference!

SWEATER: This sweater is from Cable Stitch, which is one of Amazon's own brands, exclusively for Prime Members. As part of the Amazon Fashion associate program, I occasionally get to try a complimentary item from their new lines, but I don't have to share the items on the blog unless I like them. In the case of this sweater (which I chose out of several available options from the brand - I didn't have to try this exact item, just to be clear) I did like it enough to share it, but I think some other bloggers probably did too, hence the limited inventory when I first posted it! At any rate, while I've been adding quite a few stripes to my wardrobe lately, I didn't have an easy pullover with a relaxed fit like this. It's a nice medium weight sweater...perfect for slightly cooler Spring days. I could also see wearing this to a casual BBQ for Memorial Day or 4th of July when it cools down at night. It runs true to size with a relaxed, boxy fit. The boxy fit was a gamble for me since that can often be very unflattering, but in this case I liked it. It's not itchy at all, though it's also not super soft. Just...normal in terms of comfort. I have no complaints about it and think it's a great, classic piece at a reasonable price, so hopefully they'll re-stock more sizes.

Here are a few similar options from other brands. The LOFT option has been a blogger favorite and also has limited sizing but still at least one more size option than my version:
 H&M | 6pm | LOFT

JEANS: These are true to size and one of my longtime favorites from Express. In fact, this is my second pair of these since the stitching on my first pair wore out after a couple of years. They're true to size (I'm 5'4" and prefer the Short length) with a nice amount of stretch.

SHOES: These are also true to size and fairly comfortable once you get used to the feeling of walking on platform wedges. It took me a few times wearing them to get used to them, but it was worth it for how tall they make me feel! That's a rarity in my life.

I've been thinking I need to do a little something like my Friday Four...but on a Monday. ("Like Taco Tuesday...but on a Friday!" Any LEGO movie fans?) So today I'm putting the random in Memorandum with some of fashion and lifestyle chit chat today.

1. Memorial Day Weekend

Next Monday is Memorial Day! It seems like it's a little earlier than usual this year. We have no special plans yet but hopefully we can change that. I also expect all of the retail stores will have incredible sales. I do have a couple of items on my wishlist at Express so I'm waiting to see sale pricing on those before I buy. I also enjoyed Rachelle's post recently about redefining her blog focus and learning to be more disciplined in her purchases and ignore all the sales, so I'm hoping to follow her advice this weekend and not go crazy buying all the things just because they are on sale.

2. Mental Health Awareness Month
May is Mental Health Awareness month, and my friend Noelle has a great series on this topic. I loved her post on Ten things she learned in therapy. They're all so simple and true, yet somehow things we constantly forget and need to remind ourselves.

3. Stella & Dot Style Club
I've been a big fan of Stella & Dot Jewelry for years and have considered becoming a rep at least a hundred times! In fact, my earrings from today's post are from Stella & Dot. I was excited to see they started a loyalty program this month! $29 per year allows you to earn points on your orders toward free products, plus there's a free gift with sign up and some private sales. I was really excited that the $29 included free shipping and was about to sign right up...until I saw that it was only on orders of $100 or more. That's more than I usually spend at once there, so I'm not sure it will be worth it. But I will consider it next time I have a few items on my wishlist. Right now I'm loving the Roman Chandelier earrings.

And now thanks to this section I can quote Office Space even more than ever and say, "Did you get the memo?" Hope you all had a great weekend are ready to tackle this week!

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  1. No wonder that sweater is sold out - it is so cute for spring and summer with it's slightly nautical feel! Your platform wedges are great too - I love a good platform wedge for it's comfort and added height - such a bonus since all my men are at least 6 foot!
    Our Memorial Day weekend will consist of lots of graduation festivities so there won't be any shopping done on my part, which is honestly a very good thing!
    Happy Monday Gina, you look great in these photos!

    1. Your memorial day plans sound perfect! It's always great when life is so full of other good stuff that you don't think about shopping. :)

  2. This is a super cute sweater and it is ok to post things that are sold out, I'm sure there's plenty of similar pieces. We are approaching all the sale, I'm also working on keeping my shopping to a minimum.


    1. I really want to create a list and stick to it for the sales! There are just too many temptations.

  3. I never mind when a blogger posts a sold-out piece. I like the inspiration of the outfit more than getting the exact same item. Although that sweater is gorgeous! It looks like a great lightweight item for summer!

  4. Oh I love that sweater! I agree with Laura--while I sometimes do click through to shop the exact item, more often I just get inspiration from posts and make mental notes of things I want to look for. I buy so much second-hand and on sale that I wouldn't have much to post if I only posted shoppable things! So I remember that for other blogs as well :)

    1. Thanks Shea - I appreciate the feedback on this!

  5. That sweater is adorable! I was just telling someone that I currently do not own any striped tops in my wardrobe aside from an old express Barcelona cami. Can you believe that? It’s a classic print so I need to add something like this sweater to my wardrobe! I love it with a pop of red :)

    And I’m so glad you’re enjoying my series Gina! It’s challenging to discuss but also therapeutic for me :)

    1. You know, I was in the same boat as you earlier this year! I had very few striped pieces but my collection expanded rather quickly.

  6. That is a great sweater - and I especially love neckline. I am trying to be really good about not buying so much - but I am ready for some summer update - so hopefully, I don't go to crazy with the weekend sales.

    Daily Style Finds

  7. Such a classic sweater design, so cute, comfy, and cozy too.

    Jessica |


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