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Valentino Inspired Shoes

I haven't shared any designer inspired items yet this month but I've been seeing quite a few Valentino dupes around the web so I thought I better put a few together to share with you all today! All of the Budget versions below come in multiple colors, so if you had a different color in mind for any of these items, you might want to check the link for more options before giving up hope on a particular style.

There are lots of other studded shoe options available, from espadrilles to slip ons. Once you start browsing any of the links above, lots more options will come up in the "Sponsored Items Related to This" or "Customers Who Bought this Item Also Bought" section underneath all of the product details. I've also been adding a few more designer dupes to My Amazon Page since it's faster to share them that way than putting them all together into a collage. So if you're interested in more of these items, make sure to check that page for the latest additions!

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  1. I for one can attest that the flat sandal rock stud dupe is actually excellent quality! I love them and have gotten so many compliments already. I will say they do still seem a bit pricey at $52 and also they took several weeks to arrive. Overall though, I’m still very happy with them. Thanks for sharing Gina!

    1. Thanks for posting your experience! It's helpful for others to know what to expect. I talked about you in yesterday's post with a link to your pic if anyone else wants to look that up. :)

  2. I was going to let myself get a pair or two of new sandals this year and those Valentino dupes are so cute!


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