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Purple Cardigan + Currently

Ever since Ultra Violet was announced as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018, I've noticed a big influx of clothing options in all shades of purple. While I don't think the exact shade of Ultra Violet is my best color, I'm loving a lot of the other shades that came along for the ride. I was happy to add this purple cardigan to my wardrobe to change things up my usual neutrals.

This cardigan is lightweight, so it's more suited to Spring weather than winter weather. Our temps were in the mid to upper 60s when I wore it, which is a little chilly for us (I know...it's nothing compared to weather everywhere else) so I wore it with a long sleeve tee for a little more warmth and just let the sleeves peek-a-boo at the bottom. On warmer days this will be great for throwing over a cami, tank or short sleeve tee.

I've been trying to cut back on purchasing multiples of a particular item, but I don't regret getting this belt in both cognac (shown in this post) and black. Even though I do think this particular type of belt is more trend than classic, with staple colors like these I know I'll get plenty of use out of them before they go out of style again.

My Express jeans are sold out but these are similar, reasonably priced and run true to size in my experience with Abercombie jeans. My boots are also true to size and were just recently marked down. My black Kate Spade Satchel is also sold out, but try this Kate Spade bag for a similar classic style, or you can get the look for less with a budget option black satchel.

On the first Wednesday of the month I like to join Anne for her "Currently" link up to share a few random lifestyle topics based on the prompts she creates. So here's what I'm currently planning, seeing, making, and pretending. The final prompt for the month was "wearing," but I think I covered that pretty well in the first part of my post today, but on with the rest of the topics.

Planning- Spring Break travels. This has been a big discussion topic in my house for the last few weeks. I think we've finally settled on a destination but it's not official yet. I just know I'm ready for a little change of scenery and a break from the routine, so I hope we go somewhere.

Seeing- Lots of purple in stores! My cardigan is a good start in that color family but I still want to add a lavender top or two to my closet for Spring and Summer. Here are a few current options at some of my favorite retailers:

Shopbop: A good mix of classic and trendier styles. I love the thumbholes on #2!
1. Equipment (Signature Button Down) |  2. Feel the Piece (Eloise) | 3. La Vie Rebecca Taylor (Short Sleeve Tee) | 4. Free People (Beautiful Fleurs)

Express: While I'm trying to avoid cold shoulder/off-the-shoulder tops this year...that ruffle top is so cute! I guess I'm not the only one who thinks so since it's sold out online/in stores only now.

Abercrombie: Great selection of basic styles with every neckline option, all currently under $40.

Making- a doctor's appointment. Thanks to all of your comments on Monday's post on the blog and Instagram, I found the motivation to make an appointment for a regular checkup. I am overdue for one and hoped that posting about it would push me to actually schedule it, and sure enough, it worked!

Pretending- I'm not home when people come by unannounced.

As always, I'm looking forward to hearing back from you all! Are you liking all of the purple clothing options in stores or taking a pass on this color craze? And do you hide when the doorbell rings or do you feel obligated to answer every time?

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  1. I love all these blue hues - so pretty and perfect for this time of year! x

  2. That's such a cute purple cardi! I have lots of purple accessories, but not so many clothes, I'd love to add more to my wardrobe! I do have a purple cardi I'm looking forward to doing a 30 wears with post soon, as I've managed to take photos of it 30 times I've worn it. Perfectly in theme for the colour of the year :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you are having a great start to your week! I've lost my voice so not the best week for me, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Lightweight cardigans are all I buy, they're perfect for Florida Winter! I'm excited that this week we'll have weather in the 70's and I can wear layers. I need to find a little purple, it's funny that I don't really gravitate towards that color, usually I go for pink! These are great photos of you Gina!
    I'm with you - I pretend I'm not home when the doorbell rings. It's tricky sometimes because we have 2 glass front doors so there are times they can see me if I'm sitting in the living room - ha! Oh well!
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. lol to pretending you're not home and I'm happy you got your appointment set. Also you are rocking purple well my friend.


  5. I usually go for neutrals too, but it is kind of nice to have some color come spring. Funny enough I was just noticing that I have zero purple in my wardrobe, when my husband and I were commenting how many people were wearing purple at church for the Lent season... you have some great finds here!

    And yay for spring break plans! I hope you get to do something fun!

  6. I haven't noticed a lot of purple clothes where I live (in Massachusetts). Hopefully, for spring, if it ever comes...Also I try to avoid the cold shoulder clothes, too. Love your purple cardigan!

  7. I never wore much purple until my son went to school at TCU. Now my younger son goes to a high school with purple as the school color. Thank goodness it's in my color wheel haha!

  8. I have a purple cardigan that I never wear. It looks so good contrasted with the black tee! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Doused in Pink

  9. I have been loving all the purple too! I posted a purple capsule idea last week which I just added to your linkup. It's such a fun shade to work with. xo

  10. Purple is one of my favorite cooots yet I have none of it in my closet! Need to change that. LOL to the pretending you are not home, so do that too!!! I just made a doctors appointment too, apparently it has been two y are since my last check up, oops!!! Thanks for linking up with currently this month!!

  11. I absolutely love Pantone's color of the year and I am thrilled to see all the clothes come out in this color. This cardigan looks amazing on you. Love the entire outfit.

  12. Oh cute cardigan! Purple is my favorite color, so I'm loving all the purple things. :)


  13. I am loving all your lavender picks! It's such a pretty shade for spring and summer but over the past few years I haven't seen it much in stores. I am glad it's becoming more popular because of the color of the year!

  14. I love the look. The cardigan looks so comfortable.

  15. I really love all the purple that's out and will definitely be adding some to my closet! I have to admit I feel the same way about checkups. I do go every year but I have to amp myself up to actually schedule and go! I don't know why, because it's never bad, just something else you have to take out of your day to do!

    pumps and push-ups

  16. Purple is my favorite color so I'm loving your look and happy that it is the color of the year!

  17. I am loving all things violet, lavender and lilac right now. Beautiful look, your cardi is so pretty!

    xx, Elise

  18. You look fab in purple! I really love the soft lavender hues for Spring, especially that free people top (number 4). I'm trying my best not to buy ALL THE THINGS for Spring and Summer but I must admit that I've never been more excited about fashion as I am looking at all the new arrivals everywhere. The trends and styles this year are all right up my alley so I need to calm down and make rational choices about what I buy!

    And LOL to pretending you aren't home when solicitors come knocking - happens almost daily in my neighborhood!

  19. my doorbell rarely rings (actually i don't have a doorbell, but you know what i mean) and who on earth shows up unannounced? what is wrong with people?
    purple is my favourite colour but i don't own a lot of it. i really like that colour but i don't really wear lightweight cardigans, i'm always cold so they need to be nice and warm. at least that's what i am telling myself so i don't buy it lol

  20. That purple is gorgeous on you and I love a good distressed jean! <3 Jamie


  21. You look so good in purple!! It’s never been one of my favorite colors but I’m warming up to it slowly. The local high school’s colors are purple and gold so I have to be careful to avoid looking school spirited! Love this combination with the black and denim. And good job making your Dr appointments! I’m the worst too. I went 5 years last time and it’s already been over 2 since I went that time. Glad I’m not alone...and maybe I’ll follow your good example. 😘

  22. Absolutely adore cardigans, they're my go-to to throw on and complete my outfit! http://mariannyc.com/2018/03/07/four-daylight-saving-beauty-products-from-cvs-pharmacy/

  23. I've never been a big fan of purple, but I'm warming up to it. My daughter is always getting on to me for buying multiples of one item, but sometimes something is just that good😉

  24. I'm loving that purple cardi! What a great way to incorporate Spring into your wardrobe!


  25. You look really pretty in this shade of purple! I was cracking up about your pretending to not be home. Haha!

  26. I do not have much purple in my closet, but I do like the lavender shade. Glad you were able to snag the belt in black too!

  27. LOL I totally pretend I'm not there when the doorbell rings and I'm not expecting anyone--it's usually just someone trying to sell something! No thank you. I love that purple cardigan--the shade makes it so perfect for this time of year because it works with dark wintery pieces but will also be fantastic in the spring!

  28. lol!!! I've heard of people pretending they're not home, but never actually done it...What kinds of people are you avoiding??? Like...I'll ignore people I don't know and everyone but the UPS man, but I've never laid low if it's someone I know, know. I need the scoop on this!

    I need to give Express more time!!! I love soooo many pieces from there. And that sweater is no exception. It's super cute and the color is perfect!

    Enjoy wherever it is you end up for spring break!!!

    1. We get a lot of foot traffic in our neighborhood, so I'm mainly ignoring solicitors. But to be honest, most of the time I don't go and check who it is. If the doorbell rings and it's an inconvenient time for me, I just ignore the urge to check the peephole. It's easier that way. :) I haven't deliberately ignored a close friend, but I'd be surprised if any of them have ever stopped by unannounced!

  29. Abercrombie has really been killing it the last few years. I want to try their jeans as I keep hearing people rave about them.

    1. I LOVE ABERCROMBIE denim - it's all I wear ;) they're amazing value for money and look and feel more high end! buy when they're on sale for $39 or under $50 - they do sales a lot ;)

  30. I NEVER answer the door. Ever. In the 9 years we have lived in this house, there has only been ONE time that answering the door to someone unannounced was actually worthwhile - our landscapers didn't re-hook the dog's leads in the backyard and Petie ended up in my neighbors yard with his 20-foot lead on! But otherwise, yeah. I'm a hider. As far as the purple - I don't own a lot but when I do wear the color, I wonder why I don't wear it more! This shade looks really great on you!
    Caryl | morepiecesofme.com

  31. you look amazing in purple! I need to add more in my wardrobe ;)
    xo, Jensyn


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