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Straw Handbags for Every Budget

First off, let me just clarify that I'm using the term "straw bags" loosely here. That's the term I see thrown around most often and it's used to refer to the general look/style/category of bags I'm sharing today. Some of the product descriptions for these specify straw, rattan bamboo or wicker, but straw is the easiest way to classify them, so I'm going with that for convenience. With that disclaimer out of the way, this style is definitely going to be popular again for Spring/Summer 2018. I didn't take the plunge on this trend last year but it grew on me so I'm starting my search for this year, and whether you prefer to save or splurge on handbags, I have over 30 different options to share today so something is bound to fit your budget!
1. Clare V Bags (Alice)  |  2. Hat Attack Bags (Small Wicker Basket)  |  3. Cult Gaia Bags
4. Soeur Du Maroc (Rivera) |  5. Clare V Bags (Alice) | 6. Hat Attack Bags (Small Wicker Basket)
7. Kayu Bags (Jane Clutch) | 8. Kaya Bags (Lucie)  9. Nannacay Bags (Baby Roge Pom Pom Bag)

For each of the brands above, I've linked to the brand page since they all have multiple other options beyond what I've displayed above. Clare V and Cult Gaia are the ones I have seen the most on Instagram (by far!), but I think some of the color pops shapes of the other brands could be fun too.

If you're not looking to splurge on a trendy item, some of these options are dead ringers for the designer version at a fraction of the cost, and others are less exact, more designer-inspired at budget-friendly prices:

1. Etsy $50 |  2. Amazon $48  |  3. Amazon $33  | 4. Amazon $26 
5. Amazon  $40 |  6. Amazon $36  |  7. Amazon $36  |  8. Amazon $65 
9. Amazon $40  |  10. Amazon $55  |  11. Amazon $23  |  12. Amazon $40

There are so many options on Amazon it was hard to narrow down the selections for this collage so I just tried to pick a decent variety. Clicking any of the links will lead you to the product along with suggestions for Similar Items, which may ultimately lead you to what you like best! For more on how to find pieces like this on Amazon, see this post with my Amazon Shopping Tips and Tricks.

And last but not least, Express has a straw crossbody (very similar to the Clare V Alice in black) as well that's reasonably priced at $40, however their image doesn't play well with collages so I had to give it a separate listing:

The color name for this one is Black, although it looks a little olive-tinted on my monitor so I'm not sure how it would be in person. I do like the look and price on that one a lot, but I am leaning a little more towards the natural straw colored options because I think they'll go with my Spring/Summer clothes a little better. How about you all? Did you already try this trend last season? Are you planning to try it out this year or pass altogether?

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  1. Thankfully I already have one so I'm sure I will be rocking it again this year, love this trend.


    1. Oh yes, your little basket bag is adorable! You definitely have to bring that out again for Spring. #6 from the Budget Options reminded me of yours the most, though I wish it had a shoulder strap!

  2. These are all amazing options! I have a straw tote, but am open to getting another one! I think I like some of the budget options more than the pricier ones!

    1. Thanks Laura! It's hard to even tell the difference in some cases. :)

  3. I don't have a straw bag- yet! Loving this list! I love that this trend is back again for spring + summer.

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Thanks Ashley! Glad I'm not the only late adopter on this trend! :)

  4. wow, nice collection.thanks for sharing it.

  5. i love your bag collection.thanks for sharing it.

  6. it is always great to visit your site.great blog i love it.


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