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Everyday Outfits 2/24/18

Hey friends! Just a quick Saturday post with a few outfits from the past week. I'm trying to shift some of these to the weekend so my Friday posts aren't quite so long. When possible, I'll try to add a few extra details on how things fit or where I wore them to add some context to each outfit. But sometimes it's just the basic where to buy and how it fits info!

Chenille Cardigan, Black Tee:
Chenille Cardigan (Option, Option) | Black Tee | Necklace | Jeans | Boots

Outfit Notes: My t-shirt, jeans and boots are true to size. My cardigan was from Target earlier this year but sold out now so I linked some options that could be styled the same way. My necklace comes as a two-layer set, but I separated the layers into two necklaces. I wore this outfit for an exciting day of sitting in the mechanic's shop while getting a new tire put on my car and an alignment. (Ha!) It was a cold day and I wanted to be warm and comfortable while waiting.

Grey V Neck Sweater, Black Jeans:

Outfit Notes: This sweater (as with most pieces in this line) runs a bit small, so I sized up to a Small and it's still pretty fitted. I tried wearing this with leggings first and while it was long enough to cover everything in the front, it wasn't long enough in the back so I switched to black jean leggings instead. Mine are true to size, as are my taupe over the knee boots.

Striped Tie Front Tee:
Striped Tee (c/o) | Jeans | Ankle Boots (in Taupe) | Necklace (c/o)

Outfit Notes: The full post for this outfit is here, but I always like to share the mirror selfie version as well for those who prefer this angle. All fit details are in the original post, but for quick reference I'm wearing a Small in this t-shirt. I wore this last weekend for a busy day of several different kids activities and a Target run. It's a lightweight tee and the temps were in the upper 60s that day so I kind of wished I had a jacket anytime I was outside for very long!



  1. If there's something I always love, it's winter style. I'm loving your looks, you have very great and simple taste! (I might just go and try to find that cardigan in Target now.) <3

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. Love your neutral looks! It's been so grey here lately I've been reaching for lots of greys and blacks too. Love that pink bag though!


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