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Striped Sweatshirt + Monday Motivation New Year Edition

Happy New Year! While I know it's a holiday and a lot of people will have the day off, I opted to post today anyway because New Year's Eve always feels more like the real holiday to me. That's when we get together with friends to celebrate, and on New Year's Day we just hang out, relax and recover. This outfit seems like an appropriate one to kick off the new year since it's back to my roots in a way...Express top, Express jeans, Express bag! You can take it as a sign to expect more of the same from me in 2018!

Outfit Details:
I tried on this corset waist sweatshirt back when it first came out around Labor Day and I thought it was a fun, flattering trend. I just needed to wait a little for the summer heat to back off here before purchasing something this warm. The sweatshirt material on this is really soft and comfortable as expected of a sweatshirt, but it gives a much nicer shape than a standard, baggy sweatshirt. It's true to size (I'm wearing an XS here) and I love it! I don't think I need more than one piece in this corset trend, but if you like the shape and stripes aren't your thing, it also comes in bright pink and sage green (on Clearance) as well as a Pink Camo print.
Striped Corset Waist Sweatshirt | Jeans | Over the Knee Boots | Crossbody Bag | Tassel Earrings

My jeans and over-the-knee boots both run true to size. For a classic pair of jeans you really cannot beat these! I've had mine for a few years and  think they're least until skinny jeans go out of style again. I was just thinking that skinny jeans have been in for over 10 years now! Usually that means the tides of trends should be turning, but they still seem to dominate denim options everywhere. To each their own, but I really hope they stick around!

These $10 red tassel earrings are lightweight and a fun change for me. I've never purchased red earrings before and when I saw Amy Ann's post I wondered why I hadn't! What an easy, affordable way to add some color to an outfit. Mine are the Wine Red option, but they do come in 13 other colors.

Monday Motivation: Systems, Values and Goals
In December I reviewed the book, "How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big" by Scott Adams, and one of his main points was "Goals are for losers, systems are for winners." I think he was being a little tongue-in-cheek with that particular quote (he is a comic strip writer, after all), but he really does have a point about the effectiveness of a system vs. a goal. 2017 was one of the best years I've had in terms of making a plan to make some changes in the New Year and actually following through with it, and I think it's because I stumbled on a system that really worked for me. It all started with this post last year followed by my the kickoff of my Monday Motivation series, but I'll summarize most of it here.

1. Value Focus
There were two main steps last year that I think were the major keys for me. First, I decided on my core values and reviewed them often. Last Year I narrowed it down to three key values. Those have served me well, but this year I'm adding a fourth category so my 2018 Values look like this:

1. Time Management
2. Relationships
3. Personal Growth
4. Health & Fitness

I think Health & Fitness have always been core values for me whether I listed them as such or not. But with some of the dietary changes I've been making lately it's taken up more energy in real life and more space on the blog, so I want to give it a separate category.

Listing my values and referring frequently to the list helped me stay focused throughout the year on the things that are most important to me. And on the flip side, it helped me let go of some things that didn't line up with my core values anymore, which was also a big mental help. It sounds simple, but when it comes to those tough decisions about how to spend your time and money, which relationships to maintain or not etc., it's a little more difficult in real life than in writing! In addition, focusing on Values for the year gave me greater flexibility than specific Resolutions or Goals. Most resolutions I've made don't make sense for an entire year. But my values didn't change over the year, other than adding a new one for this year. That said, I did have smaller goals throughout the year, but those were done one week at a time for whatever made sense with what was happening in my life right then. And that leads me to my next step!

2. Written Accountability
One of the best things I've done for myself this year was to start the Monday Motivation series here on the blog. If you're new to the blog, all I did was take some time every week (starting January 23 of last year) to look back at my New Year Values, decide on a particular goal or area of focus for that specific week, and then write about that goal or idea on the blog. It was effective for two well-researched reasons: One just the act of writing goals leads to greater success (42% better success rates according to this study). And two, the blog and all of you became my accountability partner. Having an accountability partner can increase your odds of success to 95%. I found a few different statistics on this with the lowest number being a 65% improvement, but that's still significant!

So what this all boils down to is that in 2018 I'm planning to stay on this track. I need this kind of system to help me make changes for the better in my life outside of the blog, and even to push forward with some blog changes at times. And if you haven't had the best luck with resolutions in the past, maybe something like this would be helpful for you too! I know most of you reading this probably don't have a blog (and even if you do have a blog you may not care to share this kind of content), but I don't think my system is limited to blogging. Narrowing down your own values then writing and tracking them with an accountability partner could be accomplished any number of other ways if you want to try it yourself.

While I do have some specific plans and areas where I want to improve, I'm going to wrap it up here today and save each of the specifics for my future Monday Motivation posts. In the coming weeks I'll be going in to more detail on each of my four values and discussing what I want to keep doing or what I want to change. Judging from your comments and interaction, it seems at least a few of you connect with this series too so I'm glad it's not an entirely selfish feature! I'm looking forward to 2018 and hope your new year gets off to a great start!

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  1. Happy New Year! Such a cute outfit, this tee is adorable. I have the exact same goals minus the time management.


  2. I had to look at the stock photos of this top because it really doesn’t look like sweatshirt material at all in your photos! It looks so lightweight! It’s a fun trend and the cognac boots pair well with this!
    My one real goal this year is to focus on myself more. And by focus, I mean prioritize doing all of the positive things that make me happy. We will see how it goes! Happy new year!
    Caryl |

  3. nice look very nice.

  4. happy new look awesome.nice outfit.

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  7. Happy new year Gina! This was a great post, and I find myself with similar goals and areas of improvement. I think revaluation of core values is a great place to start! And, writing things down too!

  8. The corset waist sweatshirt is such a fun piece!

  9. That corset waist top is such a fun piece! And very flattering too! I love that you are writing down your goals. That really helps me stay accountable too. Happy New Year!


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