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Belts, Plaid Scarf + Link Up

Today's post feels a little anti-climactic after yesterday's book reviews! I often wonder if I'm barking up the wrong blogging tree based on the responses to book reviews vs. regular outfit posts. At first I found it strange that posts about books were getting better engagement, but the more I think about readers are probably more likely to be readers period. People who aren't much into reading would probably rather just scroll outfits on Instagram for the visual and not deal with the text/content of a blog post. That's my working theory, but seeing as I don't have any actual research to back it up, let's just move on to the visual portion of the post with a couple of accessories that I'm re-working into my wardrobe this winter after a long hiatus: belts and scarves:
Scarf (c/o) | Similar Target Tee | Jeans | Belt | Boots "Taupe" (c/o) | Bag (c/o) | Similar Leather Earrings | Hair Extension (Swedish Blonde) | Bracelet
Outfit Details:
A little backstory on my relationship with scarves: A few years back, I kept my hair just below shoulder length. But when I moved to San Diego (from Seattle), I found the climate here didn't agree with that length for me so I've kept it somewhere between chin and shoulder length since then. I quickly found that scarves didn't agree with my new hair length! They would mess up the bottom of my hair, so I phased them out of my wardrobe. Fast forward to this past year when I've discovered a few different updo hair extension option like this one, and scarves are an option again!

This one from SheIn is very soft, warm and comfortable, and I loved the blend of neutral colors they used because I knew it would be easy to pair with dozens of pieces in my wardrobe. If you don't want to spend a lot more on your winter wardrobe at this point, the price is right at only $14 to add a fun accessory to change things up.

Speaking of accessories, yep...I'm wearing this Double O-Ring Belt again! (Buckled correctly this time!) I recommend going with the Size Chart for Bottoms to pick your best size on this. My sister-in-law asked me if I thought belts and shoes have to match, and in my opinion no...they don't. Like Stacy and Clinton always used to say, things just have to "go." My belt doesn't exactly match any of the other colors in my outfit, but I felt like it still blended with the neutral family I was wearing. If I had a black belt that probably would have worked, too. But I'm kind of glad I didn't since it force me to try something I might not have otherwise, and I liked it!
Scarf (c/o) | Similar Target Tee | Jeans | Belt | Boots in "Taupe" (c/o) | Bag (c/o) | Similar Leather Earrings | Hair Extension (Swedish Blonde) | Bracelet | Nails "Stick to Your Burgundies"

My t-shirt is just an old basic v-neck from Target like this one, and my Express jeans run true to size.  At this point (and partly thanks to wanting things to be convenient for blogging), it's rare for me to keep jeans that don't run true to size! My over the knee boots are also true to size. Even though they have a lot of grey in them they are the "Taupe" color. They stay up very well on my legs and the heel height is just under 3" which is ideal for me. Still comfortable to wear almost anywhere, but enough height to lengthen the legs.

Belts and More Belts:
Now that I'm back on Team Belts, I don't want to go crazy and amass a giant collection, but I also wouldn't mind having a couple of other options! I'll just put it out there that I should probably limit myself to five total just so I don't go overboard! I like checking out the options of some of my favorite designers like these as a starting point to see if they're worth the splurge or if I can find a similar, lower-priced option:

Rebecca Minkoff Belts:
Rebecca Minkoff Belts (Elenora - comes in 3 metallic options) | Lea Floral Belt

Kate Spade Belts:
Kate Spade Belts: Glitter Sparkle (also comes in black) | Smooth Leather with Pearl

All of the belts above are under $100, and while I haven't shopped for budget options yet but I'm really liking the metallic/glitter options and the pearl details on the last Kate Spade option! I also like how they showed each of the belts on a more basic/simple outfit so I can picture how they would look with my own wardrobe!

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  1. nice dress.i like it.

  2. Maybe the way to go is a monthy book and casual wear post... x

  3. Happy New Year Gina! I love this look and that scarf looks so cozy! I'm looking for books to read this year so I'll have to check out your post later!

  4. I know what you mean about scarves! In high school and college I kept my hair chin length and never wore scarves either. It just didn't work. But now I love to accessorize with them! That black and white scarf is so cute!

  5. I only grab a scarf if I'm extremely cold but yea I don't really use them. This outfit is Fall perfection and your belt and boots goo just fine.


  6. That scarf is so cute. I love how you styled it.

  7. I absolutely love this look! Those boots and that scarf are incredible. I never read book reviews, so I'm so surprised that they get more hits than your fashion posts. Although I do agree with you that Instagram is where its at for fashion bloggers.

  8. Gorgeous outfit. Love the scarf and OTK boots. Both are so pretty and the colors are lovely. 😍 I love to read. Matter of fact, I am looking for a new book to read. But I do agree with you that there are people who like the visuals only. I also think some folks attention span isn't as long so seeing and feeling like they are reading a novel may or may not want to read every detail.

    Maureen |

  9. That scarf is gorgeous. Such a great neutral to have and it looks soft. I also love your jacket since it really is a classic!

  10. I love the way you styled the scarf. The colors in it are perfect to pair with everything! I'm not into belts, but I do like the way they look on others, especially you :)

    An interesting thought on what posts resonate with others: I find that I'm pretty set on bloggers that I look to simply for the photography factor. Let's face it, just because someone has a blog and knows how to dress doesn't make them good writers. Is that mean? Just like I don't think my photos (although steadily improving over the years isn't super high-fashion). For me, I genuinely enjoy your writing so I read it all!

  11. I never thought about bloggers being more apt to be readers as well, so true! Loving this scarf, and of course those boots <3

    Green Fashionista

  12. I love this outfit so much I want to run out and buy all of it right now. So cute! I'd love for you to stop by and linkup with us today. Have a great weekend :-)


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