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Sweater Jacket, 2017 Favorite Beauty Buys + Link Up

I don't know about you all but this week seems like it's flying! I'm trying to stay calm despite the fact that even simple tasks like running to the grocery store for milk and eggs take extra patience. The stores are packed even in the middle of the day, but I'm hoping I can stock up enough by Friday to avoid a trip to any kind of store on Saturday or Sunday. I have to imagine it will be complete mayhem! As for today, I'm sharing this cute little sweater jacket:

This sweater jacket just says "winter" to me. It's a "One Size" piece but I think it will work best for sizes XS or Small. Regardless of what size top you wear, if you have long arms you might find the sleeves a bit too short. They felt a little short to me, but looking at them in photos I didn't mind the length and on the plus side, it makes it easier to wear a bracelet and watch. Since I ordered this, they've also added a really cute pink version of this same item. I'm almost glad they didn't have it when I chose this or I would have had a much harder time deciding which color to get!

These jeans are one of two pair I own from Abercrombie, and both run true to size for me. They are called Low Rise jeans, but they only feel a tiny bit lower than my Mid-Rise jeans from Express.

And finally, these nude, stacked heel pumps!

I have wanted a pair of nude pumps with a comfortable mid-height heel (either a wedge or stacked heel is the most practical for me) for ages but could never find one that was both comfortable and enough and the right shade of "nude" for me...until I tried these! I like them so much I got them in black, too. Another retailer has them in medium pink as well, and I love that color too but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look good on my feet. I highly recommend these if you need a more comfortable pair of heels to wear to work or if you're a mom like me who has some dressier events to attend but doesn't want to completely sacrifice comfort.

Favorite Beauty Buys of 2017
I don't really post a lot of beauty content here because I honestly don't try many new things! I shared my tried and true favorites a couple of years ago and not much has changed since then. I really like to stick to my staples and re-purchase them when they run out. More often than not, when I try new items I end up going back to my staples and regretting I wasted the money, but sometimes I get a winner. Here are three products that are new-to-me in 2017 that were worth the risk!

OPI Infinite Shine
Left to Right: It's Pink PMBeyond the Pale Pink | Raisin the BarStick to your Burgundies

This is the number one product I wish I had tried sooner! My nail polish would always chip after 3-4 days prior to trying this. Even gel manicures from the salon would chip in 3-4 days! I just figured I was extra hard on my nails or they were just less "sticky" than other people who could get a week's wear out of a regular manicure and a few weeks out of gel. I'm very happy that this allows me to go a full week without chipping. I don't use the OPI top coat though - I top it with Essie Speed Setter for a quick-dry, followed by Essie Gel Setter (either a few hours later or the next day) for lasting power.

The four colors above are my current favorites from this line. They look similar but are more different in person. It's Pink PM is more pink with a hint of white, and Beyond the Pale Pink is more white with a hint of pink. Raisin the Bar is a burgundy with a lot of red (and what I'm wearing in the photos above). In sunlight it looks almost like a true red. Stick to your Burgundies is a dark burgundy with more black and purple tones (it looks black in some of my photos), and less red than Raisin the Bar.

Wet & Wild Gel Lip Liner (CVS):
Available online at Ulta & Harmons. In store at drugstores: CVS, Walgreens, etc.

If you wear lip liner at all you need to try these Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel lip liners! They go on so smooth and stay really well...and they're only $3 each! So far I'm liking Plum Together (what I'm wearing in the photos above) and Gone Burgundy. I just wish they would make more colors. I tried a couple of the nude/pink shades and they weren't quite right for me.

MAC Paint Pots:

This is the least "new" out of the three items because I've been using MAC Paint as an eye shadow base for over ten years. But I always bought the tube version, and since they discontinued that I've had to switch to the pot version. And now I'm wishing I had done it sooner! This is much less messy! It still does an amazing job of making my eye shadow last all day. The color I have (shown above) is "Soft Ochre" but it's actually a bit too beige for my skin tone and preference so I'll probably try to choose a slightly lighter color with my next purchase. But it would be a great nude eyeshadow base if your skin coloring is slightly darker than mine.

* * *
That does it for today! See you back on Friday with a few more outfits and my T.G.I.F. series!

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  1. That looks like a cosy cardigan :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you are having a great week! I'm doing some last minute things before Christmas this week, I'm so looking forward to the big day. Like you I'm hoping to avoid the stores! I'm going out tomorrow for an appointment then don't expect to go anywhere until visiting family for Christmas!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. That is such a cute sweater jacket, SheIn really has some of the cutest pieces! Love how you styled it and those heels are a great buy! I've never thought about using MAC paint before for your eyeshadow such a smart idea!

  3. The sweater is jacket is gorgeous! I will have to try that nail polish too!

  4. Those nude pumps are fabulous! Stacked heels are so much more comfortable, but it can be hard to find good ones. Glad you were able to in just the right shade! Thanks for the tip on the lip liner! I've been looking to try one!

  5. WOW! Mixing all neutrals gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Such a great look and so classic while still being right on trend. Love it! Thanks for sharing the makeup too. The paint pot has peaked my curiosity. I'll have to check it out. Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Those pumps are beautiful! The medium pink shade is the same color as my Sam Edelman heels that I wear every other blog post LOL ;) I might have to try these in nude!

    And I love seeing beauty content even though you don't try new products often. The lip liners look nice!


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