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Everyday Outfits + TGIF 12/15/17

It's finally Friday!  Time to get serious about Christmas shopping if you haven't already. I don't even want to admit how far behind I am on that...all I can say is thank goodness for Amazon Prime! As usual I'm sharing some mirror selfies of everyday outfits from this week plus my new TGIF series at the end of this post.

Outfit Recap Part 1:

Black Sweater, Camo Jeans:

Fit Notes: All current pieces run true to size. I'm wearing a size Small in this sweater. It's actually got a bit of a shiny/metallic look in person that's not coming through in the pictures, but you can get a better look at the fuzzy texture in my Instagram picture. But it's very soft and comfortable! I didn't have any issues with it shedding when I wore it.

This Kate Spade Bag was one of my picks from the last Shopbop sale and I am loving the size, structure and neutral color of this bag.  It's also still on a really good sale! If you're newer to shopping at Shopbop, you can always check out their ratings on Bizrate. You can also link your Shopbop account with your Amazon Prime account for free two-day shipping. So if you need any last minute brand name gifts, you'll still have time to get it before Christmas. One of my other picks from the last sale was this Kate Spade Leopard Wallet that I'm loving. It's currently marked down to under $60 and would be a great gift for a fashion-savvy friend....or just a treat to yourself because you worked so hard shopping for all those presents for everyone else? Let's be honest, we all do this!

White Sweater, Dark Jeans:

Fit Notes: True to size on all items. I'm wearing a Small in this sweater. Although I do receive items from SheIn in exchange for sharing them on the blog, this was one I purchased myself and couldn't be happier with it! It's such a great basic staple at a great price ($19). Naturally I want all five colors now!

Camel Moto Jacket, Leopard Boots:
Camel Jacket (c/o) | Grey Tee | Black Jeans | Bag (c/o) | Bar III Leopard Boots (Option $, Option $$, Option $$$)

Fit Notes: I might be on the verge of wearing this jacket too much but I really do love it. It does run small so I recommend sizing up. I'm wearing a Small here, and although that's the same size as I'm wearing in the previous two sweaters from the same brand, this is more fitted. It fits like an XS would in Express jackets. My black jeans are also true to size. My leopard booties are long gone so I linked a few similar options from lower to higher price.

Outfit Recap Part 2:
While the cardigans in outfits one and three here look similar, the burgundy colors are just a bit different (on the left is more red, the right more purple) and the fabrics are quite different. The first is a sweater material and looks nicer and more dressy in person. The second one is a softer, more sweatshirt-like material and gives a more casual look.

Burgundy Cardigan, Taupe Over the Knee Boots:
Burgundy Cardigan (c/o) | Black Cami | Jeans | Over the Knee Boots | Necklace | Earrings | Bag (c/o) | Hair Extensions (Gift)

Fit Notes: All pieces ran true to size. My over the knee boots are the "Taupe" color but definitely a very grey taupe. Full post with this outfit plus my thoughts on dealing with the holiday blues in this post.

Grey Contrast Trim Sweater, Ripped Knee Jeans:
Sweater (c/o) | Jeans | Similar Shoes (Same Brand) | Custom Locket (Gift, Similar) | Red Handbag (c/o) 

Fit Notes: This sweater runs small - order one size up. My ripped knee jeans (well, actually ripped just above the knee) also ran true to size. Full post with this outfit plus more red handbag options (without a flap) in this post.

Burgundy Cardigan, Leopard Scarf:

Fit Notes: All items ran true to size. I'm wearing a size Small in the cardigan and I do find the sleeves a little big/wide at the bottom, so I always wear the sleeves pushed up like this.

Last week I started a new Friday series where I use the T.G.I.F. acronym to share whatever random words and topics come to mind for each of the letters. So here's my list this week!

T - Tumbling
A few months back, mom life got a little hectic with the start of the school year and I had to cut back on having my own hobbies. We're finally settled enough in our school and activity routine that I was able to check out an adult tumbling class. The first class of anything is always intimidating and naturally I was the worst as the newest member of the class...but it was fun! It was exactly the type of physical challenge that I like so I'm looking forward to doing it again.

G- Going....
...to the movies. I don't go to movies in the theater very often, but on Saturday we have tickets for the new Star Wars movie.  I'm also thinking about taking my mom to see Wonder during her visit this week. Both of my boys have read the book and I kind of wish I had read it first myself, but there's not really anything else out right now that says "Mother Daughter Movie" to me. (Trust me, Bad Moms Christmas would not be something my own mom would enjoy!)

I- Instagram
I have to admit, I'm completely becoming this person when it comes to Instagram's changes:
First, I was annoyed when they added stories and assumed I wanted to see a story in my feed just because I followed that person. Thankfully, Rachelle told me you can mute people! The directions are here, and I won't even be offended if you mute me! Not all content types are suited to all people and I get that.

Then this week, Instagram started adding Suggested Accounts to my regular feed. I wasn't a fan of that...if I need some new inspiration I'm just fine going to the explore page. Luckily someone quickly let me know you can turn that off too. When you see this image in your feed...
...just click the three dots and you can select to hide that feature. Much better!

F- Fitness
Speaking of Instagram stories, for those of you who enjoyed the fitness content here on the blog, I have been posting my everyday workouts on my Instagram story (which has probably resulted in a few people muting me, but that's okay!). I keep it very short and simple with just the name of the workout and a link to the DVD...possibly a few additional details if I really need to clarify something. If you're a newer reader and didn't know I had fitness content, you can head to the navigation bar up top, select Categories > Fitness to see all of the fitness posts I've done. Or better yet, just go straight to this post, which serves as a reference guide for all of my fitness content.

* * *

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back on Monday!

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  1. I love all of your outfits (naturally!) and I am officially on the hunt for a long burgundy cardi. I can't get enough of that color, even though I hardly own anything other than a coat in that shade! And I'm with you on the new IG features! It's to the point where I'm just not checking it as often as I used, and I'm not posting as much either. There are other ways to grow a brand. If IG was smart, they would listen to all the complaints and fix them!

  2. I love how burgundy looks paired with white! I need replicate that outfit ASAP! It's really cute! Have a great weekend Gina!

  3. Oh love that last outfit with the burgundy cardigan and leopard print scarf, that's the kind of outfit I war on repeat in winter! :)

    I'm going to look for a way to turn that instagram feature off next time it pops up, thanks for sharing! I feel instagram went through so many changes in such a short time recently, I'm still trying to figure it out, haha! Being busy and not having time to look at my phone doesn't help!

    Hope you're having a great weekend! I'm excited it's nearly Christmas! With most of the wrapping done and just waiting for the last gifts to arrive in the mail, we are trying to have a relaxing weekend as next week will be so busy.

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