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Black Lapel Hook Cardigan + Three Things Thursday

I know it's a little unusual for me to post on a Thursday, but since I already had this outfit photographed I thought I might as well post it before something sells out! I'm unofficially done with my holiday shopping (you never know when you'll end up throwing something in your Target cart at the last minute!) and I've survived two kids holiday parties. Now I just have a few more school events and it's time to relax! I can't complain since I did get a lot of relaxation done while my mom was in town last week, so it's not like I'm long overdue for it!

I can't really think of a simple, short name for this marled black cardigan (c/o SheIn) because "cardigan" doesn't really do it justice. I was drawn to the drapey lapel front with the hook details because I have absolutely nothing else like it. I think some terms got lost in translation because the actual name is "long sleeve ouch cardigan." Believe me, there's nothing "ouch" about it! It's very comfortable and a nice, medium weight. It also has a hidden snap in the under layer of the lapel area to keep the top laying correctly. It's a "One-Size" item, and I think it will work best for XS to Small as long as your arms are not especially long.

This is my second pair of Abercrombie jeans (I shared my black pair with ripped knees in yesterday's post) and they're another comfortable, true-to-size pair. The fabric is different than the fabric on the black jeans. These are softer, but also not quite as slimming as the black ones. Still, they're just a great basic pair of dark wash denim with ripped knees.

Three Things Thursday:
As always, I like to add a little "extra" to my posts beyond just what I wore! So today I'm doing Three Things Thursday with a few random things that come to mind.

1. Mom Style
When my mom was here, she was a little surprised by how cool the weather feels in San Diego compared to how it sounds in a weather report. (This isn't the case in the summer, by the way. Just late fall to winter.) It also doesn't help that my house runs about ten degrees cooler than the outside temp! That's great in the summer since we don't have to run the A/C often, but chilly in the winter. Anyway, I ended up grabbing some things out of my closet to keep her warm during her visit!
I'm wearing the same outfit as above, and she's wearing my sweater coat (sold out, sorry!) from this post. I don't think I've shared clothes with my mom since playing dress up in her high heels as a child, so this was kind of fun! (If you remember my post about my Dad, seeing my mom might tell you who I take after a bit more in the looks department!)

2. Red Earrings
Amy Ann's post convinced me that I needed a pair of red earrings, ASAP! I ordered this pair on Amazon in Wine Red since that tends to work a little better for me than a true fire engine red.

I already wore them once and they are a comfortable weight (not too heavy) and only $10. If you order them today with Prime Shipping you may still get them in time to wear for the holiday. Obviously I will be wearing these on Christmas!

3. Sugar
I've had a few people on and offline ask about how my sugar reduction lifestyle is going, so I thought I should update here in case any of you all wondered as well. (Quick Backstory: reading The Obesity Code a few months back convinced me that I needed to reduce my sugar intake for better health. I knew this in my rational mind, but making the changes took an extra push by way of the book.) Generally I think it's going pretty well and I am trying to stick with the plan of baked goods and other sugary stuff as occasional treats...not daily. With holiday baking I am definitely doing a little worse than I have for the past couple of months because it's hard not to sample my creations! Also, I almost feel I have less self control around baked goods etc. than I did before I started. I think knowing that I need to wait another week or so to have another bite of amazing dessert makes me want to eat more of the dessert in front of me than I would have before. So it's a work in progress figuring out how to balance my self control abilities with moderation and enjoying the good stuff! I do want to continue with the effort because I do feel a little leaner and better, and psychologically I just feel better about myself knowing that I'm adopting healthier habits and setting a better example for my kids.

Thanks for stopping by on a Thursday! I'll see you back tomorrow with my Everyday Outfits + TGIF post!

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  1. I love that cardigan! And I love the cute pic of you and Mom! She’s looking cute in her red pants! Glad to hear your sugar update also. That’s the hardest for me, not thinking about it all the time if I tell myself “no sugar”. I have to re-frame it a different way.

  2. Love the drape effect on the cardigan! I have a similar one from a few years ago that I need to bring out! The drape is really flattering and feels extra cozy around the chest. Your mom is too cute! I love seeing her in your clothes :)

  3. You and your mom look so cure together. That' great she got to visit, I have always wanted to visit San Diego the farthest I go in Cali was San Francisco. I don't do a lot sugar but do allow myself more between Thanksgiving and New Years.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  4. You and your mom are so cute! I have seen that cardigan and thought about getting it a few times. It's really cute on you! I love the buckle detail on the shoulder! Have a great weekend and a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I love that drape on the cardi too! It's such a cute detail and the buckle just adds to the whole look. Your mom is adorable and it's such a sweet picture of you two! Hope you enjoy your Christmas!

  6. I’ve always been drawn to a good drape cardi like this! I have a soft spot for asymmetry! And your mom is just too adorable. Love that pic of you two!
    Caryl |


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