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Velvet Cami + Cozy Cardi

I don't know about you all, but between the recent time change and the holiday/kids out of school last Friday, I'm all out of sorts. I can't tell what day of the week it is or what time of day anymore! But apparently someone thinks I look like I know what's going on at Target, because when I wore this recently someone stopped me in store to ask if "we" still had protractors in stock. If he'd asked where to find the cereal aisle or toys I'm sure I could have been of help, but protractors aren't on my usual list! Not to mention I guess this person hasn't notice that Target employees kind of have a uniform! Oh well, it was good for laugh, but now I'll always associate this cami and sweater combo with protractors!

Although, you can't really tell the fabric from this photo, this is a velvet cami. I've been wanting to try the velvet trend, and this cami looked exactly my style. It runs true to size but on the big side, so you may want to size down if you want a fitted look. The bottom portion of the cami is a little more flowy so I ended up tucking mine a little in the back and just hiding it with the cardigan. I also think this cami will be a great piece to dress up a little more in the holiday season with a blazer or jacket. 

I admit to having a weakness for neutral cardigans and I probably didn't need another one, but the color of this one is called "Mocha" so that makes it different, right? Just like ordering a Mocha at Starbucks is different than ordering a regular drip coffee! I've also noticed some cardigans feel more like sweaters and others feel more like sweatshirts, and this mocha cardigan falls into the more comfortable sweatshirt category. This is the type that I reach for when I'm lounging at home in yoga pants, but apparently it's still nice enough to make people think you work at Target!

My jeans from Express and Sole Society shoes are sold out, so I've linked to the closest options I could find for style and original price. The Abercrombie jeans I linked do look very similar, and in my past experience with Abercrombie jeans their sizing was the same as Express jeans (24=00, 25=0, 26=2 and so on).

Tomorrow is my monthly book review! That means I'm skipping my Monday Motivation today to make time to finalize my book review post. I've been averaging about eight books a month for quite awhile and didn't quite make that number this time with everything else going on in life. But I do have some good reads to share (some that I've already talked about a bit in other posts) so I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

Before I sign off, just a quick reminder that the $100 Nordstrom Giveaway is still running through Wednesday so I hope you'll stop by and submit and entry or two. Thanks to all who have entered so far!

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  1. Love this outfit and people are so dumb clearly you're not wearing a red polo. I cannot wait for the book review and the time change messed up my sleep patter all last week.


  2. That is pretty funny and I laughed when I saw that on your Insta-stories. You weren't even wearing a red polo??? Maybe you just looked like you knew what you were doing and shopping like a boss. But that is weird. I'm looking forward to your book reviews because I'm always finding a good one from your list. You amaze me that you can read 8 books a month with everything else like you do.

  3. I love the velvet cami! It's such a great layering piece and offers a nice texture to any look!

  4. I am in love with velvet this year and your camisole is perfect! Just one touch of velvet makes a big impact.

  5. Too funny about the protractors! Love the cami! I've been wanting to get a velvet top too. They are so luxe looking and I love the texture they add to outfits!


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