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Lace Neck Top + Red Bag

I don't know if you've already noticed an influx of holiday content cropping up in your blog and Instagram feed, but I certainly have and I'm trying not to let it stress me out! I have purchased zero gifts and don't even have a clue what I'll wear for Thanksgiving. Although I do know we're getting together with neighbors and it will be a casual gathering, so almost anything I wear on a daily basis will work just fine since I favor polished casual looks anyway. I ordered this top from SheIn thinking it might be a good one for any number of casual-but-kinda-festive events (and beyond), and I'm pretty happy with that choice!

Fit Notes:
I'm wearing a size Small in this top, and at SheIn my sizing in tops is 50/50 between an XS and a Small. When in doubt I go with the bigger of the two, especially if the fabric has no stretch as in the case with this lace detail top. (This is always noted in the product description on the website. For more of my fit/sizing tips at SheIn see this post.)

I liked this top even more in person than online for several reasons. 1) The lace is soft and not itchy at all (always a gamble with lace!). 2) I was able to wear a regular (nude colored) bra, NOT strapless, with the top and the straps didn't really show through the lace. I'll be posting the top-down view of this on Instagram where you can see the shoulder area closer and you really cannot see the straps. That was a relief, because I need a break from strapless bras after the summer. And 3) The tiered sleeves are short enough that they don't get in the way of everything. All things considered, for a $16 price tag this is a winner.

I couldn't decide whether I liked this top tucked in or untucked better, so I decided to post one of each option. I'll let you decide for yourself, plus it allows you to see the overall length of the top and I know some of the taller ladies have issues with that.

For a long while I loved having a big variety of colored bags to complement different outfits, but it just got to be too much. They take up a lot of space and I really don't have a huge closet, so as I've streamlined my closet this year I tried to go the other direction and stick to mostly neutral bags. Well, I started to miss the color a bit, and with the holidays approaching I thought a red bag would get a lot of use and add a slightly festive touch to my otherwise neutral outfits. I opted for this one because I liked the size, style, and price. Plus I liked that it was a richer wine-red (vs. fire engine red) so I'll be more likely to carry it once the holidays are over since it's not a strictly festive color. That said, I do think I'll be using it as much as possible in the next couple of months!

Next week is sure to be a crazy one with Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. I'm typically not the most festive blogger on the block but I do have a few holiday posts in mind, and something specific you'd like to seem me cover over the holidays send me an email, leave a comment, message me on Instagram, etc. and let me know so I can try to work it into the plan!

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  1. Such a pretty lace top, now I'm excited as I have a few new pieces coming in from SheIn too! Looking amazing as always and love coloured bags with a neutral outfit!

  2. This top is so pretty and love that bag. My bag collection is the same eutral with a couple pop of color.


  3. That top is so cute! I love the sleeves!

  4. I do like having a red bag for the holidays and I just got a cross body one last Christmas from the hubby that is a nice size over my regular neutral bags that are bigger! I love this top on you, esp the sleeves. I think it looks great either way, but I prefer it tucked in. I have zero Christmas shopping done and I won't even have time to decorate until after Thanksgiving. I don't know how others get so ahead of the game! lol! My daughters bday is the week before Thanksgiving, so I think that is what slows me down... I have to spend my extra time on getting things ready for her bday. Have a great day!


  5. Loving this whole look! That top has such pretty lace details, and that bag is the perfect pop of color <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Planning holiday content is so hard! My family (well my in-laws) are very casual. For Thanksgiving I always wear jeans and a sweater of some sort - nothing fancy! The only time I dress up is for NYE and Nate's birthday which is the night before NYE LOL. I think it's fun to mix it up on the blog though so I'm doing a mix of casual and dressy looks. Your lace top here is perfect and I love a good red accent bag. So chic! Everyone has their own unique perspective so blog whatever you want! I'm sure your readers will appreciate it no matter what :)

  7. yes i agree, all of a sudden a switch flipped and everywhere i look, holiday stuff. i'm just ignoring it to be honest. haha. this top is really pretty on you, i think i like tucked though i never wear things tucked myself lol. the bag is a gorgeous colour, i normally favour neutral bags but only because i don't switch them out, so they do have to go with everything for like 6 months until i get a new one haha.

  8. That top is definitely a winner! I love the lace and ruffle detail on the sleeves and that red bag is a great pop of color for the season! I go back and forth between having neutral bags and colored ones. I try to have a balance, but it can be hard!

  9. Absolutely fab top! And you always do so good on styling!

  10. Super comfy and stylish look! Love your top!


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