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Fashion Friday: Fun Boots + Link Up

Hello again and happy Friday! This week I'm changing it up a little. Instead of sharing my usual everyday outfit recap, I'm sharing what I wore last week to a school fundraiser event. The dress I wore is 40% off this weekend and it's one I think will come in handy for the upcoming holiday season so why wait to share it? 

 First, let's talk about this Express sweater dress. I was expecting a true black dress but the color name is "Black Print" and in person it's a very dark charcoal grey. At first I wasn't sure about the color but I ended up liking the softer look of this vs. a true black. It runs true to size and is very soft, stretchy, and comfortable. It's called a sweater dress but it's a thin sweater material at best or a thick t-shirt. It comes in a lot of other colors under different listings: Pink Marled, Neutral, plus seven more options (e.g. burgundy and dark green) here.  This is a great piece to dress up or down by switching up the shoes and accessories. It could easily work as a dressy-casual Thanksgiving outfit with some knee boots and a sweater or jacket.

Speaking of the shoes, I've shared these $35 pom booties from Charming Charlie a few times on Instagram and I've worn them out at night twice now and I love them.
With the pom detail and metallic heel they do grab people's attention and garner comments. And some are "I love them!" comments whereas others are the less complimentary, quizzical, "What are those?" variety. So they are a little polarizing, but I love them enough not to wear them regardless of whether anyone else does. The heel height is 3" and since they only come in whole sizes, I took a 7 instead of my usual 7.5 and it fits great. I did a lot standing and walking all over (and running in some cases as you may have seen on my Instagram story!) in these and they were comfortable for the whole night!

My exact necklace was a clearance find at LOFT last year and my clutch was from Express. Luckily a lot of retailers come out with similar sparkly items items this time of year, so you can see my picks for similar options linked above. My hair extensions were a gift from one of the hair dressers at my hair salon. She knows I like playing around with different hair extensions and attachments, so when someone gave her this blonde set by Secret Extensions and she couldn't wear them because she has black hair...she passed them on to me. Unfortunately I don't know the exact color name of this set because it wasn't on the packaging I received. These are the halo style of extensions (basically a tiny wire headband with hair attached) so they're very comfortable, but they're also thinner and felt less secure in a ponytail than what I'm used to. I've only worn them this one time so I'm still unsure whether I would recommend them or not, but I'll keep you posted if there's enough interest in these.

I've been having fun with statement boots like this pair as well as my floral statement boots in this post and my black studded/strappy boots in this post. But I still have two more boot trends on my wishlist this year. First up, white ankle boots like these high-to-low end options

1. Shop Dolce Vita (Ramona)
2. Shop Kendall + Kylie (Haedyn)
3. Shop Schutz (Anaflor)
4. Express $42
5. Express $42
6. Amazon $35

The Kendall & Kylie pair is my favorite from this set, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much on a trend that may only last 1-2 seasons!

Second, I love all the metallic/sequin/shiny/sparkly boot options and think these would be perfect for New Year's Eve.

1. Shop Dolce Vita Shoes Cassius)
2. Amazon  $119
3. Shop Kendall + Kylie (Haedyn)
4. Shop Stuart Weitzman Boots (Smashing)
5. Express $42
6. Express  $42 (also comes Rose Gold)
7. Amazon $30
8. Express $53

I'd love to hear your take on statement boots! Which styles are you loving or wanting to try for yourself? Or are you sticking to classic styles only? Let me know your below! And don't forget to enter the $100 giveaway I have going on with JoLynne and Amy Ann! I'll re-post the widget here so you can enter the giveaway in this post, and if you have a blog I hope you'll scroll down and join us for JoLynne's Fashion Friday link up!

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  1. You look so fabulous, I can't believe it took you so long to post full body pics. Love love love this look on you.


    1. Haha, thanks Rachelle! I had a lot of anxiety to overcome, followed by the challenges of figuring out how to take decent pictures! I'm still not where I want to be with photography but I'm only a few months into it so I'm sure it will just take time.

  2. Those boots are super cute! I am always stumped when people express their dissatisfaction with rhetorical questions like, "what are those?" Um, obviously boots. What would they say if you answered, "my new handbag, isn't it cute?" Ha! I have a few co-workers who say things like that to me from time to time and I just kind of chuckle, I wear what I like and feel confident. I just sort of wonder what their motivation is and what they expect. Long story short, I love your outift!!

    1. LOL yes, those types of "questions" amuse me. It really does make me wonder what prompts someone to say something at all (as opposed to the old adage of "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all). To each their own I suppose! And thank you for the nice comment! :)

  3. This is such a pretty look on you! Love seeing your full body photos! Those types of questions always crack me up, obviously they are fun boots!

    Doused in Pink

  4. Those boots are so cute! I absolutely love the way they look paired with your jewelry. I could totally see myself wearing this outfit. SO gorgeous!
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

  5. Those booties are so cute! I absolutely love the metallic heel and adorable fur pom pom detail!


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