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Express Sale Wishlist Poll

One of my Thanksgiving traditions for the past few years has been to poll my blog and Instagram friends to see what they're getting during the Express Black Friday sale! Since no one at my actual Thanksgiving dinner would be interested in this tradition, I'm sharing it here! I love seeing what my friends are currently loving and what they're thinking about getting during the sale so I don't miss out on something good during the 50% off pricing.

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Britt's Current FavoriteThe Oversized Sweatshirt (shown above)

Britt's camo version of this sweatshirt sold out very quickly during the sale, but it is still available in four other fairly neutral colors. If the camo print is your favorite thing about this sweatshirt (me too) I found some really cute alternatives (many also on great sales) at a few other retailers:
Top Row: American Eagle (only $21 and free shipping) |  Shopbop  
Bottom Row: Target | Same sweatshirt at Amazon or Zappos 

Britt's Wishlist:
Britt lives in Florida, so when she sent me her list she reminded me that her winter wardrobe is going to look a lot different than other people! But I love to have a variety of ages, life stages and lifestyles in these polls so hopefully most anyone reading can find someone with a similar situation. She works full time so she's shopping for workwear (like the wrap dress), plus some date night looks (center) and cute weekend brunch outfits too (like the floral romper).

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Carolina's Current Favorite: Off the Shoulder Sweater (shown above in Pink Melange, comes in three colors)

Carolina's Wishlist:
Carolina lives in South Texas and works full time, so she has several office-friendly pieces on her list, plus some that will go from desk to drinks (like the lace sleeve blouse). Express has so many cute and comfortable sweaters this season, and the blush option on the bottom row is her top pick for the sale.
Top Row: Sleeveless Jacket | Tie-Waist Skirt (also comes in Black) | Lace Sleeve Top (2 more colors)
Bottom Row: Chenille Sweater (Detail + Front view, also comes in Ivory) | Ruffle Cuff Blazer

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Rachelle's Current Favorite: Striped Button Down Shirt

Rachelle's Wishlist:
Rachelle lives in South Florida, and her choices are very reflective of her blog style and lifestyle: a great mix of work wear and casual wear. She's known for mixing dresses with sneakers (example here) so it doesn't surprise me one bit that this belted dress is on her list! I've seen quite a few sweatshirt dresses, but they never seem to have any definition at the waistline, so I personally love that about this one.
Tie Waist Pencil Skirt | Tie Waist Blouse (Her original color choice sold out, but three options are still available) |  Belted Dress  

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Erin's Current Favorite: Black Ripped Knee Jeans

Erin's Wishlist:
Erin lives in New Jersey and works in a lab, with a very relaxed, casual dress code. "Jeans with holes" are one of the few things on the restricted list. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you might remember Erin from this office outfit makeover post, so this is a recent change from her previous dress code. She's loving the sweater selection with fun details and pretty colors.

Outfit Details: Jacket  (this is also on a great sale!) | Similar Tee | Jeans | Bag (c/o) | Shoes (c/o) | Necklace | Bracelet

My Current Favorite: Camo Jeans (I shared six ways to wear them here + another outfit here)

My Wishlist:
I have banned myself from buying any more cardigans for awhile, but I'm really lacking in the pullover sweater department! I would like a couple of neutrals that are long enough to wear with leggings and two of these look like they might work. As for the plush sweater, I absolutely love that material but am a little worried about how short it is in the front. I've been thinking about these gray jeans for awhile, but they're sold out in Short length. Since they're a raw hem I'm tempted to DIY the hem to a length that works for me!
Tunic Sweater | Plush V Neck Sweater | Grey Jeans | V Neck Tunic (Other Colors listed here

Did you notice Rachelle and Carolina chose the same tie-waist skirt? At first I thought Erin and Carolina also chose the same cable knit sweater too, but they are just a bit different. I loved seeing everyone's picks and can't wait to see how how they work out in real life as they start sharing these on their blogs and social accounts!

I originally planned to share this post on Friday, but since I had it finished today I decided sooner might be better than later since things sell out so quickly during these sales! I don't want to be re-doing collages for sold out items on Thursday night instead of enjoying Thanksgiving with my family! I do plan to have a post up on Friday, but since I'll be covering some Amazon Black Friday deals, it will be later than usual so I can confirm prices and availability. Have a great night and a Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Yes, I need every look from this post*.*

  2. I wish I could bring myself to get those camo jeans I have been wanting but I am not quite back to my typical size. Hopefully they go on sale around Christmas time and I can grab them!


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