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Burgundy Tee + Thanksgiving Recipe Favorites

Well hello on a Thursday! I am finding that having a live-in photographer (i.e. a cooperative ten year old son) makes it not much of an inconvenience to stop for a few minutes on our way to/from an activity to take some pictures of what I'm wearing that day. Which means I end up with a lot more outfit photos than I expected when I started branching into full body outfit photos (I was aiming for two per week), so I might as well share some of these on the blog when it makes sense.
Burgundy Tee | Similar Jeans | Express BlazerRing Handle Bag (c/o) | Boots | Necklace (c/o) | Earrings (Ivory Mother of Pearl) | Fossil Watch | Bracelet | Nail Polish

I recently shared six ways to wear the marled/black version of this tee, and I liked it so much I got the burgundy version as well. It runs true to size, and I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the Burgundy and Bordeaux version in the product photos but I gambled on Burgundy and am very happy with the color. It's great on its own and just as easy to layer with jackets and cardigans as shown in my previous post. With all of the blouse-y, flowy, oversized tops that are trending lately it's been nice having a couple of pieces on the opposite end of that spectrum.

My blazer is several years old from Express so I linked to their current version. I am not sure if the sizing has changed since I purchased mine, but in the Express blazers I've purchased more recently, a Size 2 has been good for me, provided I don't plan on closing it with the front button. I always wear mine open and would probably need another size up to button it comfortably. I rarely buy (or see, for that matter!) tops with numeric sizing so unfortunately I don't have a great reference or size comparison on this.

Burgundy Tee | Similar Jeans | Express BlazerRing Handle Bag (c/o) | Boots | Necklace (c/o) | Earrings (Ivory Mother of Pearl) | Fossil Watch | Bracelet | Nail Polish

Last but not least, my boots are a recent purchase from Target and they ran true to size for me. I'd been wanting another pair of boots that allowed my pants to be tucked in so I didn't have to worry about whether the cuff of my jeans was hitting the right place or not!

Thanksgiving Recipe Favorites:
Since I've been trying to reduce my sugar intake for several weeks now, I'm really looking forward to indulging a little on Thanksgiving! We're going potluck with our neighbors so I'm not sure exactly what will be on the table or even what I'll be bringing, but I thought I would share a few dishes I've made in the past that have been a success. Each name links out to the recipe source, and I'll leave it to the pros to share photos of these dishes.

Sweet Dinner Rolls - These have over 2,000 five-star reviews on Allrecipes and I'm probably one of those reviewers! I make the dough in my bread machine, then roll and bake. I'm not the best at making perfectly shaped rolls, but aside from that these are easy and always a hit. I will definitely be making these this year!

Day Before Mashed Potatoes - If you're doing a lot of cooking/baking on Thanksgiving this is a great way to reduce your stress and workload the day of. Just prep in advance and re-heat on Thanksgiving.

Herb Stuffed Mushrooms - These are a little tedious and labor intensive, but so good. Definitely a crowd pleaser for more sophisticated palates (i.e. my kids would never touch these!).

Great Pumpkin Dessert - It's almost blasphemous to say this on Thanksgiving, but I'm actually not a huge fan of pies. The crust doesn't do it for me, and there are just other desserts that I prefer. This is a great alternate to pumpkin pie...the inside/bottom layer is like pumpkin pie, but it's topped with a cobbler-type crust that I personally prefer to regular pie crust.

I'm rarely the one in charge of making the turkey (thank goodness!), but in the past when I've made one for a small group, I bought a Jennie O Turkey Breast and put it in the crock pot for a few hours. It was incredibly easy but also really good!

Also, I was at the hair salon the other day and they had a show on (I'm not sure if it was HGTV or Food Network) that mentioned a Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail.  I thought that sounded easy to make, festive, and delicious so I might have to try that one this year too!

Do you all know what you'll be making for Thanksgiving? Any favorite recipes that I should branch out and try this year? I'd love to your personal tried and true favorites!

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  1. A live in photographer is a blogger's dream. I wish I could have you taste my mom's pie and decide if you still don't like them lol. Love this classic look too :)


  2. We are staying at home this year for Thanksgiving so I'm searching for some good recipes. Those mashed potatoes sound great! I love being able to make things in advance!

  3. you look lovely. And again, such a sweet kiddo!

  4. I'm salivating at these recipes Gina! I need to make mashed potatoes this year and although I'm doing it day of because that's all I'm in charge of, I think the day before potatoes is genius!


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