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Jewelry Staples and Trends

In the few trips I've taken this year, I've packed the exact same pieces of jewelry each time. I used to pack a giant case full of jewelry to match each outfit, but I've learned to simplify down to just a handful of pieces that go with nearly everything. These are my go-to jewelry staples, and I reach for them just as often at home when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to fuss with finding the perfect accessories but I still want that put together look that a few pieces of jewelry can add to an outfit. If for some reason I were forced to become a minimalist or try a capsule wardrobe, this is how my jewelry collection would look!

Jewelry Staples:
1. Long Pendant |  2. Earrings  | 3. Bracelet 
4. Watch | 5. Short Pendant  | 6. Earrings

1. Aiden Pendant
I have the Gold Gunmetal version and I find my mixed metal pieces are the easiest to coordinate with any color palette. Depending on the neckline I'm wearing or my activities of the day (long pendants don't usually work for things like hiking, volunteering at school, etc.), this necklace or the Elisa Pendant (Item #5) are my no-brainer necklace options.

2. Sophee Earrings 
These are actually pretty large on me, but I like big earrings so I don't mind. (If you'd prefer something smaller, Sophia is the exact shape but smaller). I don't have a very logical reason for choosing these as a favorite, other than I just like them and think they frame the face nicely! They aren't especially lightweight nor heavy to me...somewhere in the middle but I have no problem wearing them for extended periods of time.

A watch + link bracelet is my favorite easy wrist-accessory combo. I have this bracelet in both silver and gold, and I love that it's stretchy so I don't have to fuss with a clasp or anything to get it on and off. It also fits nicely on smaller wrists. My dream would be to find something like this in mixed metal, but so far no luck!

My exact current Fossil watch (no longer available) matches my link bracelet a little better than the one pictured above, but again, it's just a simple go-to combo for me.

5. Elisa Pendant
This necklace in Platinum Druzy is my favorite, most-used shorter necklace. It goes with everything! It's great on its own or layering with longer necklaces. I always take this with me when I travel.

6. Elle Earrings
These are a little bit smaller than the Sophee earrings but about the same weight because of the stone in the center. I have a few colors of these but I feel like the stone in this "Brown Mop Rose Gold" version works well with a lot of warmer color palettes that I tend to wear so I wear them a lot and generally this exact pair makes it into my travel bag.

Trending + Wishlist:
There are a few additional jewelry styles that I've noticed are trending lately, specifically medallions, starburst pendants, and filigree jewelry. I already have a couple of filigree pieces (e.g. the Aiden pendant above), but I'm loving it and wouldn't mind some alternates. I don't have any medallions or starburst pendants, but those are next on my to-try list. I put together a few shopping options from designer to budget price points. 

1. Charming Charlie $10 |  2. Shop Cloverpost Jewelry (Medallion Necklace)
3. Shop Jules Smith Jewelry (Starburst Pendant) | 4. Downton Abbey $24
5. Charming Charlie  $12 | 6. Filigree Pendant $22-30 | 7. Filigree Pendant $17  
8. Shop Oscar De la Renta Jewelry (Crystal Filigree) | 9. Filigree Earrings $10

I already ordered the first medallion for myself because the $10 price was too good to resist and a great way to try the trend without breaking the bank. If there are any other jewelry trends you're loving lately and think I should try let me know in the comments. I tend to be a lot more adventurous with trying new jewelry styles than with trying new clothing styles!

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  1. It's crazy but this year I really didn't indulge in jewelry, all i got so far was a pair of hoops, but I do like the medallion trend. I may try that when I find one I like. I've really been wearing my old jewelry over and over again.


    1. I admire your restraint! Ha! I think I bought more last year than this year, but it's a weakness for me for sure!

  2. I've always admired your jewelry taste and like how you've been able to fit your earrings into your instagram shots. Like your clothing, you definitely have a style that suits you. I've been trying to stick to a "capsule" jewelry collection in an effort to cut down on my shopping, and so I never did get that Aiden pendant--but man do I want it. You HAVE to get the Filigree earrings. I thought they were KS, but only $10??? Those are beautiful.

    1. I love that they're mixed metal, too! That's always the easiest for me to coordinate, although I don't like all of my pieces to be mixed metal in one outfit! And thank you! I have stopped trying to get my earrings in my Instagram pictures for the most part. It was really frustrating, but thanks for the reminder! I may try to work on that skill again. Although at least now with the full-view photos earrings get a featured a bit more. Oh, and yes, you need to get that pendant. You've been wanting it for too long and you will wear it ALL the time because it goes with so much.

  3. Super cute jewelry! I need to get better about wearing jewelry. It changes your whole outfit!!!

    1. Thanks and I agree! I have a lot of basic pieces so jewelry helps. :)

  4. Love all of these pieces! We have very similar taste in jewelry :) I have the Sophia earrings and love how light they are. I also wear my Elisa necklaces to death!

    1. I always admire your jewelry and appreciate how many great delicate pieces you've introduced to me. I really can't wait to see you wear your new birthday earrings!

  5. i've probably mentioned this a million times but i am horrible with jewelry. you have such great style and every time you share something like this i want to buy everything! i'm not great with trying new things and i have no idea what to wear with button down blouses. maybe next year i can make trying jewelry a goal or something. i love the look of necklaces and earrings, and i buy them, but then they just sit there lol.

    1. Aw, you know I would love to help you anytime! I think you would be a perfect fit for a "capsule jewelry" collection similar to my travel set. More choices sometimes make things more complicated, and a few carefully selected pieces can go with almost everything.

  6. I've been minimizing my jewelry recently and am more drawn to pieces like these than statement necklaces. I've been wanting an medallion necklace and happy to see a few picks at different price points!

    Doused in Pink

  7. I love the look of link bracelets but never wear them because of the clasp. A stretchy link bracelet like yours is a great solution! I think it needs to go on my wish list!

  8. This is such a smart tactic- I have fallen into the trap of trying to bring a bunch of different pieces to match different looks, only to end up wearing the same stuff (or nothing at all!) because it's easier.

    Le Stylo Rouge


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