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Everyday Outfits 10/6/17

Hello and happy Friday! This week was pretty routine here. It seems like it took about a month to get used to the new school schedule, but we're finally there. It's busy but manageable (most of the time), vs. the beginning of the school year when it felt overwhelming. As usual I'm sharing outfit selfies from the past week with a few notes on sizing and fit. I also saw that Express is having a storewide 40% off this weekend! In these outfits my jeans, white cami and two of pairs of shoes shown (one exact, one with a current version) are all are included in the 40% off promotion.
Outfit Recap

Olive Ruffle Hem Jacket, Shorts:
Jacket (c/o) | Tank | Similar ShortsShoes (c/o) | Bag (c/o)
Fit Notes:
I paid close attention to the measurements with this shirt-jacket (c/o SheIn) and went with an XS. (See all my tips and strategies for sizing and shopping at SheIn here.) It's classified as a jacket and I'm wearing it as such, but it feels more like a shirt. It's plenty roomy with a kind of boxy fit (hard to tell with my arms at my sides like this), so definitely do not size up here.

Grey Cardigan, Pink Cami
Cardigan | Pink Peplum Cami (c/o) | Jeans (40% off) | Similar Boots (40% off) | Bag | Earrings

Fit Notes:
I really wanted to Fall-ify this peplum cami because I love it and wanted to get more use out of it. But it's really hard to deny the Spring/Summer vibe of this particular shade of pink. Oh well. I'm wearing a Small since they didn't carry an XS, but it's a stretchy fabric so I still recommend ordering your true size if that's an option. Size up to a Small only if you wear an XS.

I'm wearing the "Light Gray" version of this cardigan (true to size). My grey booties pictured are a couple of years old from Express, and they currently have this pair as part of the 40% off sale. Reviewers noted that they appear more taupe online but are actually grey in person, most likely a similar shade to mine.

Camo Tee, Jeans
Tee (c/o) | Jeans (40% off) | Shoes (40% off) | Bag (c/o) | Earrings (c/o)

Fit Notes:
This camo tee (c/o Shopbop) is true-to-size with a relaxed fit. You can see the length (it's pretty long) untucked in this post, as well as the white and charcoal grey t-shirts that come in the 3-pack with this.

I had to go down a half size in these shoes. I love the neutral color and how easy they are to throw on and go, but I have to be honest and say they aren't as comfortable as I hoped. Not terrible, but even a trip to Target in them is uncomfortable by the end. I might try some ball of foot pads in them and see if that helps a bit, because I do love the look and convenience of them.

Burgundy Cardigan, White Cami:
Cardigan (c/o) | Cami (40% off)| Jeans (40% off) | Shoes | Bag (c/o) | Necklace | Earrings 

I shared the full view of this outfit here, but for quick reference I'm wearing a Small in this Cardigan (it doesn't come in XS). Also be sure to select the long version of this, since they also have a shorter option of multiple colors. I'm also loving this Soft V-Neck Cami that's part of the 40% off sale. I also have it in pink (shown here) and black (fitting room review here) and it ran true to size for me.

Instagram View: 
Here's the top view of these four outfits with the angle I typically share on Instagram. I like to put these in here too when I can since they often give a better look at jewelry and bags.

Olive Ruffle Hem Jacket, Shorts:
Jacket (c/o) | Tank | Similar ShortsShoes (c/o) | Bag (c/o) | Necklace | Bracelet (c/o)

Light Gray Cardigan, Pink Peplum Cami:
Cardigan | Pink Peplum Cami (c/o) | Jeans (40% off) | Similar Boots | Bag | Earrings | Necklace (c/o)

Camo Tee, Jeans:
Tee (c/o) | Jeans (40% off) | Shoes (40% off) | Bag (c/o) | Necklace | Bracelets (Get 10% off any order with code: onthedailyx. Contact shop owners for a custom set if you don't see a similar one in stock!)

Burgundy Cardigan, White Cami:
Cardigan (c/o) | Cami (40% off)| Jeans (40% off) | Shoes | Bag (c/o) | Necklace

I'll be sharing some of the items on my Express wishlist in my Saturday Shopping post tomorrow! A lot of my wishlist items from this post are still on the list since I didn't end up ordering them once I found out they were only 20% off that weekend. This time around they are included in the 40% off promo so the prices are looking much better!

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  1. The ZSupply camo tee is perfect, but I already have 2 white tees and a black one so I'm torn lol.


  2. I just got a similar burgundy cardigan and love it already! Now I am looking for some other colors. The one you linked to has so many options! I love the length on it!

  3. i love all the pieces but im fav is Olive Ruffle Hem Jacket, Shorts . enjoyed reading the post.

    lippie x

  4. These outfits look so cute on you! You look really good in neutral and pastel colors. I love all of the army green colors you incorporated into them! I could definitely see myself wearing these fall looks.
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree


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