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Abercrombie 40% Off Sale Favorites

The sales this weekend are just too good! I had to stop in today and share a few of my current favorites at Abercrombie plus the items on my wishlist for now and later! For reference all of my Abercrombie pieces here ran true to size and I took the same size as I normally do at Express.

V-Neck Sweater:
Sweater (40% off) | Necklace (c/o) | Similar Shorts | Pearl Sandals | Similar Bag (c/o Amazon)

This sweater is the only thing I haven't posted on the blog yet so far, and it's a really great basic piece! It's soft, comfortable, and true to size with a relaxed fit. It comes in several other colors, and the ones below still have a good selection of sizes. I would eventually like to the grey striped one too!
All colors of this sweater here

Peplum Cami:
Burgundy Cami (40% off) | Sweater (Current w/ more Inventory) | Jeans (c/o) | Top NecklaceLower Necklace | Shoes | Bag (c/o) | Bracelet 

Full post/front view of this outfit here.

Plaid Shirt:
Plaid Shirt (40% off) | (Similar) | Shoes | Necklace (c/o) | Bag | Similar Watch | Bracelet (c/o)

Front view of this outfit in this post.

Lace Cami:
Sweater (c/o) | Cami (On Sale- $17!) | Similar Shorts | Shoes | Bag (c/o) | Similar Necklace

This cami is selling out pretty quickly, and as of right now Navy is the only color fully stocked in all sizes. It's easily worth the $17 though! Front view of this outfit in this post.

Tee (On Sale- $11) | Jeans | Bag (c/o) | Shoes | Earrings | NecklaceBracelets (Get 10% off any order w/ code: onthedailyx)

I'm wearing the Light Pink color of this t-shirt above, and it's a great basic to wear on its own or layered with a jacket. I own this in several other colors, including the White Stripe and Burgundy version that are still in stock. Front view of this outfit is here.

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you'll stop by tomorrow for a new post!
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  1. I love the V neck sweater.
    Have a nice Sunday.

    Love, Esther

  2. That sweater is really cute! I love the relaxed fit of it! Your tee is such a great basic piece too. It can be so hard to find good basics sometimes!


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