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Shopbop Sale Purchase Reviews

The Shopbop sale ends tonight but since I got my order in yesterday I did a quick try-on session this morning so I could share my thoughts with you all in case you're on the fence about a last-minute purchase. The code EOTS17 gets you 20% off any order, and if you spend $500 or more you'll get 25% off your total purchase. Even with the sale code, these were more splurge purchases for me so I tried to carefully choose neutral, versatile, non-trendy pieces to get the most mileage out of them.
Sale Picks (c/o Shopbop): Jacket | 3-Pack of T-Shirts (White, Camo, Charcoal Grey) | Rebecca Minkoff Bag

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First, I'll talk about these t-shirts since I'm wearing them in all three photos. Apparently they are popular with celebrities like Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, and Rihanna, but I had never heard of them until Rachelle talked about them. I really wanted the Camo tee, but unfortunately they only come in a 3-pack so I had to get White and Charcoal in order to get the Camo shirt. I'm sure I will use all three, but I wasn't really happy about that sales strategy. They are pricey for a t-shirt, but with the sale they come down to about $26 per shirt. The fabric is super soft and they run true to size with a relaxed fit I'm wearing an XS above.

Second, let's talk about this jacket.  Here's how it looks unzipped, partially zipped, and fully zipped.

This thing is extremely thick and warm. I was a bit shocked by how bulky it was in person coming out of the box. It runs true to size and has a comfy t-shirt material for the interior lining so I can wear short sleeves with it and not have it feel itchy against my skin. Frankly, for SoCal weather this is practically a winter coat for me or a night time jacket. And I'm okay with that because I will have plenty of reasons to wear it in the coming months and I absolutely love the style and the neutral color. Again definitely worth getting while the 20% off code is still valid! (EOTS17 in case you missed it above!)

Last but not least, this bag.

You can see the scale of how large it looks on me in the first image of this post, and for me it's the perfect crossbody size plus perfect neutral taupe-grey shade. I considered a few bags in this shade in my original post ultimately went for this because of the functionality. I find a top zipper (vs. a flap front) a little more convenient, and I love when bags have an exterior phone compartment. My phone is the number one thing that goes in and out of my bag, so having it handy while keeping my wallet and other items safely zipped inside is the best.

Here's the back view of the bag. The phone could easily fit in there horizontally but that would defeat the display purpose!

All in all I'm pretty happy with my selections and think I will get a lot of mileage out of them! I hope these reviews helped if you were thinking about any of these items for yourself.

Disclosure: Shopbop did not sponsor this post (i.e. I was not asked or paid to write this post and the contents are entirely under my own direction and discretion), however I do receive shopping credits through an ongoing collaboration with Shopbop. The items featured here were purchased primarily with those shopping credits along with some of my own money, and will be designated as courtesy of (c/o) in future posts.

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  1. The bag is pretty cute! I like bigger bags typically but have been looking around for a cute crossbody. Love this one!

  2. I am glad you agree that the bag is a good size! It's small but really holds a lot pretty comfortably! And that color is gorgeous! The moto jacket looks like a great neutral for cold months! Nice picks!
    Caryl |

  3. I saw that jacket before and wondered if it would be thick enough! It s a great lenght for the bicycle.

  4. I love that jacket you got! It's so cozy looking and I really like the different ways it can be worn!

  5. that jacket is absolutely gorgeous. i would totally wear that here, so it's probably for the best i missed the sale ;) haha. also love the tshirts but yeah, not a fan of that sales strategy at all.


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