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ShopBop Sale Looks and Favorites

If there's ever a time to get a good deal on popular brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, Madewell, Sam Edelman, and Free People it's during a Shopbop Sale. I have a couple of items on my own wishlist for this sale, and I'll share those a further down in the post!

Details: Starting now through Friday (September 29), you can save 20% off your order of under $500. If you have over $500 to spend on this particular sale, lucky you! You also get to save 25% on your purchase! Just enter this code at checkout: EOTS17

One of the most affordable clothing lines included in the sale is BB Dakota. I have one of their jackets from a previous season and am loving some of their current under $100 (with sale promo) options. I think their sizing and styling is very similar to Express, with a similar price point during the sale:
Top Row: 1. Camel Jacket  2. Lace Top  3. Suede Jacket  4. Embroidered Dress
Bottom Row: 5. Dress  6. Plaid Jacket  7. Skirt  8. Burgundy Jacket

I had a little fun browsing the selections and putting together some Fall outfits I would wear with sale selections from some of the other brands included in the sale:

1. Free People Top ($55)
2. Blank Denim Jeans ($70) 
3. Zac Posen Bags
4. Tory Burch Shoes

2. Cheap Monday Jeans $60 
3. Tory Burch Satchel
4. Sam Edelman Shoes

Thanks to browsing sale selections for this post, the jacket in outfit two is definitely going in my shopping cart for the sale. I love the neutral color and the drape front. It also looks soft and comfortable and I'm all about that.

Aside from that, a Rebecca Minkoff handbag has been on my wishlist for ages because I just really love the styling of her bags. I'm planning to finally take the plunge during this sale, and thanks to seeing Tatiana show the versatility of her nude/taupe Rebecca Minkoff bag on her Instagram, I'm leaning toward something like this:
All pics via: @tatisbonilla

Her exact style and color combo is no longer available, but here are some current Rebecca Minkoff bags in this color family:
One ($165 during sale) | Two ($109 during sale) | Three ($276 during sale)

I'm a little torn between them because I like the look of One the best, but the functionality of two seems a little better, not to mention the price! Three looks like it would hold the most stuff and I do like the clean styling, but I think I might regret not having a shoulder strap! If you have any of these bags or have an opinion on your favorite I'd love to hear it!

If you're shopping the sale let me know what's on your list! The code EOTS17 is valid now (even though it's not announced on the site yet!) through Friday, but like all good sales things sell out quickly so take advantage of the early access while you can!

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  1. That Rebecca Minkoff bag is gorgeous! Hopefully you can find something similar that works for you! I love your picks too! The camel and burgundy jackets are gorgeous!

  2. The BB Dakota Dress is so cute. And so my style.

  3. I'm so happy to hear you're getting a rebecca minkoff bag! I have three from her and absolutely love them. Her leather is so buttery and soft! I like option 2 from the bags the most, but all are nice and you can't go wrong with a nude bag


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