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Saturday Shopping: Express Sale Picks

Labor Day Sales are on in full force and today I'm sharing a few things I ordered. As much great Fall Fashion as there is out right now, I tried to limit my purchases to things I can wear right now in warmer weather...but still make them work when it eventually does cool down around here.

Express Sale Picks:

1. Shirt Dress - There have been so many days where I've had a meeting at school or a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning where I just wanted a dress to quickly throw on and not worry about outfit planning, and none of my current dresses (which are more form-fitting and casual than this) fit the bill. This looks perfect in terms of length and coverage, plus easy to dress up or down a bit with different shoes so I'm hoping it will become a new closet staple!

2. Ruffle Sleeve Cover Up - I tried this on in my fitting room reviews and decided to go for it. I love the neutral, goes-with-everything color, soft fabric, and shorter sleeve length for transitional weather. The ruffle sleeves won't make it a classic piece, but I think I can get plenty of use out of it this season.

3. Soft Cami - A great cami is an all-season staple for me and I loved this one after trying it in my fitting room review. If you are tall or have a longer torso, I noticed they have a Longer Version online.

4. Light Wash Jean Leggings - I love the way lighter wash jeans pair with darker colors (especially black), but I have such a hard time finding good options with the type of moderate distressing I like. These look promising but it can always go either way with jeans until you try them in person.

5. Cold Shoulder Tee - This is another fitting room find. Very comfortable and perfect for wear now-and-later. It comes in five colors so if this seasonal shade isn't your taste, they do have more traditional options as well.

6. Taupe Mules - This style  of shoe is really starting to grow on me! I avoided them because I didn't think they would stay on very well, but I've recently found some options that do, including these. Since they went with just about everything in the fitting room I decided they'd make a good fit with my wardrobe.

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A lot of my current, newer-to-me favorite pieces are also included in the sale and I'm planning to do a roundup of those on Monday. But for quick reference today, here are some recent posts with multiple ways to wear some of my favorites:
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Have a great weekend!



  1. Yay you got the cardi! I got one in a light beige color but without the ruffle. I love the ruffle but not sure it would flatter my sausage arms! So far that's all I've ordered but the weekend is young :) I also love that cold shoulder top and can't wait to see it on you!

    1. I blame you for making me get the cardi! ;) I am not sure if I'll keep it...I need to see how eager I am to reach for it and wear it. Which is kind of hard to determine in this heatwave! Ha!

  2. Do you think the Soft Cami is the new Barcelona? A couple of months ago I asked a gal where the Barcelonas were and she said that they don't carry them anymore - this was surprising to me. They're an Express staple!

    1. I'm with you - I still can't understand why they discontinued the Barcelona Cami! It was such a good basic, staple cami. As far as it being the new Barcelona...right now it's definitely the best substitute in their product line. I've tried a few of their other camis (e.g. the Double Layer Satin Cami) and they just didn't lay right for me. The soft cami fits very similar but does have a few differences so it's not exactly the same as the Barcelona. The material is softer, the v-neckline is cut a little different, it has a rounded hem (the Barcelona was more straight across and longer in the back), and it's not quite as much of a racerback + doesn't have a keyhole in the back either. Hopefully it will stick around awhile though and they'll offer a few more prints/colors! So far it's the best replacement I've tried.


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