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Saturday Shopping: Express Sale 9.22.17

There's a big storewide sale at Express right now with discounts of up to 40% off almost every category. The "up to" 40% off is an important distinction, because most categories are more like 20-30% off. Jeans are included in the 40% off category and I recently shared some of some of my current favorites in this post. But some discount is better than none, so here are a few Fall-friendly pieces on my wishlist.

Classics and Closet Staples:
Most of these pieces come in multiple color options, but since I favor neutrals for maximum versatility, that's what made it into the collage!
Top RowOne  | Two | Three
Bottom RowOne | Two | Three 

Trends to Try:
If you have a more trendy style or just like to add one or two trendy items to your closet per season (that's me!) there are plenty of choices in that category too for casual wear or more dressed up.
Top Row: One (shown with This Bralette) | Two (shown with Jacket) |  Three
Bottom Row: One | Two (Third image is the back view of this top)



  1. I favor neutrals too. Great picks!

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