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Denim Jacket Outfit + All About Mules

This week is packed with classic "mom life" action for me...back to school night, doctor's appointments for the kids, and plenty of driving to and from their after school activities. The busier I am the more likely I am to reach for neutral basics like this denim jacket, tee, and jeans.
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My denim jacket runs true to size. It's a soft, comfortable, stretchy material that's easy to move in. It's more of a splurge item for me but I'm pretty loyal to this brand in denim jackets and don't mind spending more on classic pieces. I suppose the distressing makes it a little less classic, but I don't see distressed denim expiring for at least a few more years so I'm still sure I'll get my money's worth out of it before then!
Jacket | Tee | Jeans | Shoes (c/o) | Bag (c/o) | Earrings | Necklace Bracelets (c/o- Get 10% off your purchase with this code: onthedailyx)

But if we're talking trends, mules fall more into that category, but it's a trend I'm really liking for convenience reasons. They're easy to get on and off and but look much nicer than something similarly convenient, e.g. flip flops. This pair in particular is also very comfortable! Amazon recently launched their own line of shoes and handbags called "The Fix,"  and through my partnership with them I was able to test these from their initial launch. So far I'm really impressed The leather is very soft and the heel is just high enough to lengthen the legs (I'll take all I can get in that department!) but still low enough to be very comfortable for a lot of walking. I haven't had any issues with them slipping off, rubbing my feet uncomfortably, or being noisy when I walk, which were all of my main concerns with this style.

I recently ordered a pair of taupe mules (#4 below) after liking them so much in my recent Fitting Room Review.  They're a great nude/neutral shade so I'm thinking between those and my black pair I'm probably set on this style, but if you're thinking about trying it for yourself here are a few neutral shopping options from high to low end.

Brand Name vs. Budget Mules:

1.Shop Jaggar Shoes ("Touchstone")
2. Budget Laser-Cut Mules $32
3. Shop Dolce Vita Mules ("Enyo")
4. Express Mules
5. Shop Jeffrey Campbell Mules ("Perpetua")
6. Budget Grey Mules $30
7. Shop Phillip Lim Mules ("Cube")
8. Budget Blush/Pink Mules - $34 (Highly Rated)

This is pretty random (but related...bear with me), but my dad used to train mules as a hobby and to take them up backpacking in the mountains. Here's one of my favorite pictures he took of his mule at a campground a few years back:

I used the word "mule" to talk about shoes over a dozen times in writing this post and of course it always made me think of my dad, followed by wondering how on earth these shoes got named after this particular animal! Well, pardon my ignorance if you already knew this, but apparently they got their name from the Ancient Roman term Mulleus Calceus...not from the animal. Ha! The shoes themselves have a very interesting history! This article gives a thorough explanation, but for the Cliffs Notes version, in the 18th Century they were shoes for women of the upper-class since they were too impractical for working class women. Then once prostitutes started wearing them (one can only imagine the reasons...) they gained a trashy reputation. Marilyn Monroe brought them back into good graces in the 1950s, and now they seem to go in and out of style with the regularity of just about any other trend! I enjoyed learning a little more about this trend and I hope it was news to some of you all as well! Have a great Wednesday and I hope you'll join us for Style on the Daily!

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  2. I love your mules, they look so comfy, I have to check out the Fix. Interesting facts about mules and this pic your dad took is breathtaking.


  3. The photo your dad took is amazing! Love your mules! The heel hight is perfect! I need to check out The Fix asap!

    Doused in Pink

  4. Denim jackets are definitely one of those items you can splurge a little on because they get worn so often! Yours is definitely a classic piece!

  5. Thanks for the history lesson - I really enjoyed learning more about mules. Love the photo your dad took! I definitely need to check out The Fix.

  6. I've been reaching for basics a lot too, and in fact am trying to clean out items that are way too trendy for daily use. I love your selection of mules! They really are so comfortable and functional while still being more fashion forward. And I had NO idea their interesting! I'd love for you to keep updating us with little history lessons when you can! So many of us have no idea where certain trends came from.

  7. Ahaha! I can always rely on you for a good history lesson! And I loved your IG stories about your dad. So so cute! The denim jacket + grey tee + black skinnies is such a good combo. I always forget neutrals make the best outfits!
    Caryl |

  8. love these kinds of posts with your fancy new photos ;) also loved the lesson on mules, who knew? and sharing all the pictures on instagram the other day. so cute :) that photo your dad took is amazing!


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