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Barcelona Cami Update + Favorite Tops

With all tops currently on sale for 30% off at Express right now, I'm sharing a few of my current favorites for this season. While browsing the sale selections I noticed that Barcelona Cami is back! What a crazy year! Express phased it out earlier this year, and by summer it was no longer in stores or online at all, leaving myself and others baffled since it was so popular. And now all of a's back. Who knows whether they finally had enough requests to bring it back or some other master plan all along? There are not nearly as many options as before (just white and grey with polka dots) but it's still a great layering piece for fall so I included it in my picks today.

Outfit One:

Outfit Two:

Outfit Three:
Top | Necklace | Jeans | Shoes | Bag (c/o)

I personally decided to hold off on purchasing any new tops during this sale since I need to focus on building other parts of my fall wardrobe (a little more on that tomorrow). There are several sweaters at on my wishlist at Express but they're only 20% off, so I'm better off waiting for the sale to end and purchasing them with a mailer coupon instead.

Just a short and simple post today! I had a busy weekend and my brain is already thinking ahead to some posts I have planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week. I hope you'll check back for those and I hope your week gets off to a good start!

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  1. Love the burgundy jacket and the grey top. So cute. Have a great week!

  2. I'm so happy that the white Barcelona cami is back because I still wear mine often underneath kimonos and little cardigans. Now I can share them and not feel guilty about them being discontinued ;)

  3. I am so glad to hear it is back! I was hoping to get a couple of them before they phased them out, but wasn't able to. Good to know I can get a few now. They are such versatile pieces!

  4. The Barcelona conundrum is real! I am also intrigued in the other version they have without the split open back, if that makes sense. I ordered the yellow version! Also- I love that cold shoulder on you! All are good really!
    Caryl |

  5. That jacket is so cute! I'm glad they brought back the Barcelona cami. I love mine! I hope your week is off to a great start!

    Nicole to the Nines


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